1 Through the water element

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Jon opened his eyes. Blue water swirled around him, and in the distance there was an endless sea.

He was a little dazed. "Where is this?"

He turned his body and looked around. It was only when he turned that he realized something was wrong.

He quickly looked at his own body.

A ball of water the size of a basketball appeared in his eyes.

This was his body.

"Ah..." Jon exclaimed, "It's turned into water element!"

Wasn't this body the water element that he had seen in countless games, movies, and TV series!

"Did I... Transmigrate?"


In the distance, it was unknown where it came from, and it was unknown how far it had traveled before it reached here. A powerful elemental storm attracted Jon's attention.

Countless things, living and lifeless, were swept in this direction by the storm.

After the storm, heavily injured and dying lives lay on the ground.

Fortunately, Jon was only slightly injured due to the protection of the blue water mass that he was born with.

Unfortunately, the water mass that he was born with was also destroyed by the storm.

"This place is too dangerous. If I don't grow up quickly, I could easily die from a random accident!"

Jon could not help but feel a strong desire to become stronger.

[ Ding! The system has been successfully activated. The first mission is to collect an undersea algae. ]

Jon was ecstatic. The system was activated just as he was about to become stronger. However, it made sense. The system was the standard for transmigrators. There was no reason for him not to have it.

Seaweed at the bottom of the sea?

After the elemental storm, there was that thing everywhere. Now, there was one hanging on Jon's body.

Damn it, he got what he wanted again.

'ding, mission completed. Obtained level fragment + 1. Activating virtual screen, please check for yourself!'

The virtual screen automatically opened. There were three options on it. One was "Data panel", one was "Mission", and the other was "Current publicly available information".

Jon first opened the data panel:

[ Host: Jon ]

[ race: water element ]

[ rank: Mortal ]

[ rank: 1(level fragment 1/1, upgradable)]

[ advanced fragment: 0/10]

[ talent: body of water element ]

[ description: water affinity, movement speed in water increased by 10% , water-type skill effect increased by 5% ]

[ talent: advanced fragment ]

Description: able to extract advanced fragments from various things that affect the direction of advancement.

Skills: None. ]

An ordinary panel.

Jon noticed that the level column now showed that the level fragment was 1/1 and could be upgraded.

This was to remind him that he did not need to stay at Level 1 anymore.

"Level Up!"

"Ding, level fragment 1 consumed, successfully upgraded to level 2. Level Up, you have received a chance to draw a skill. Do you want to draw it immediately?"

[ description. The chance can only be kept for 24 hours. Please use it as soon as possible. ]

Jon was stunned. There was a chance to draw a skill once for free after leveling up? There was such a good thing?

"Draw it immediately."

Jon chose to use this chance immediately.

The virtual screen opened. It showed an image of a horse-racing machine that could be seen everywhere on the street. However, the slots on the horse-racing machine that represented the prizes were all blank. Yellow dots of light swam across the screen and finally stopped on one of the slots.

The horse-racing machine disappeared from the virtual screen,

then, a line of words popped up on the screen:

The lottery has been completed. Congratulations on drawing the skill [ elemental sword ] .

[ elemental sword ] : The Sword is formed from the power of the elements. It can be used in battle. It is very sharp.

It looked like a state-type close-combat skill. Jon felt that it was not bad. When he was a human on Earth, he loved sword cultivators the most!

"Ding! Congratulations on learning elemental sword."

In the Sweet Sound of the system notification, on the skill pane, there were four beautiful song characters: Elemental Sword.

After learning the skill, Jon first looked at the information that could now be made public.

The place Jon had transmigrated to was a strange world known as the pluralistic continent. There were many intelligent races standing side by side. There were elves, humans, demons, and angels, beyond the sky, there were countless planes coveting the beliefs of the mortal world.

The gods relied on the beliefs of the mortal world to maintain their own existence and maintain their own extraordinary powers. As a result, the power of the mortal world was complicated. Any unusual movement could affect the entire body, killing the mortal world until it was dark and blood flowed like a river.

And the place Jon was currently in was an elemental plane that was outside the pluralistic continent.

He was a newly born water elemental.

Every elemental life form had an elemental core that stored elemental power and maintained its own existence. As long as the core was not harmed, it would not matter what kind of injuries one's body suffered.

However, if the core was damaged, it would be as easy to cause fatal injuries as if a human had injured the heart and brain.

"A pretty good world,"Jon praised. "But now it has nothing to do with me. The main task now is to become stronger. The right way is to gain some self-protection."

As he spoke, he opened the mission interface.

There was only one mission on it: kill some water elementals.

Water Elementals?

Jon looked around and saw three heavily injured and dying water elementals lying on the ground, slowly healing their bodies.

Jon floated next to one of the water elementals and used his elemental sword to pierce through its elemental crystal core.

Elemental creatures could only be killed by shattering the elemental crystal core. Any injuries on the body could be repaired by using elemental power.

'ding. Mission completed. Level fragment + 2 obtained.'

'ding. Successfully extracted an advanced water attribute fragment from the target's body + 1.'

Jon glanced at the data panel. The level column was now Level 2(level Shard 3/2) , while the Advancement Shard column was now 1/20.

This was another level shard that he had collected to level up.

However, Jon did not choose to level up. Based on his previous experience as a human on earth, if he leveled up, the experience gained from killing another level 1 water elemental would decrease.

He first swept the surroundings with his elemental sword, killing all the heavily injured creatures that he could defeat.

'ding, mission completed. Level fragment + 2 obtained.'

'ding, successfully extracted advanced water fragment from the target's body. + 1.'

'ding, mission completed. Level fragment + 2 obtained.'


A total of 32 level 1 water elementals were killed. Level Fragment + 32 obtained. Advanced Water Fragment + 32 obtained.

Unfortunately, this area was the birthplace of water elementals. Only Level 1 water elementals were alive. There was not even a level 2 water elemental.

There was not much point in wasting time in this place. Jon intended to leave this place to search for stronger prey.

But before he left, it was better for him to become stronger.

"Use water attribute advancement shard to advance once."

Jon conveyed his intention to the system.

"Ding, use 20 advancement shard to advance. Please choose the direction of advancement."

The virtual screen unfolded in front of him. There were three directions on it:

1. Water Charm, speed specialty. When combined with the surrounding water, movement speed will be increased by 30% .

2. Water Demon, close combat mastery. When transformed into a half-elemental, half-flesh combat body, it will possess powerful physical damage and extremely strong regenerative abilities.

3. High-level water element, spell mastery, enhanced casting. It will have a stronger control over the water element. The effects of water-type skills will be increased by 30% .

Water Charm's evolution direction was more suitable for long-range mages to use kiting tactics to tease their enemies. The evolution direction of high-level water elements was also not quite compatible with Jon's current fighting style...

"Evolve into a water demon!"

Jon chose the evolution direction of a water demon.

'ding, confirming that the host has chosen the evolution direction of a water demon, beginning evolution...'

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