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What is The Lone Guardian

Read ‘The Lone Guardian’ Online for Free, written by the author Marth_Llovido, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: One guardian named aldous was all left alone at the maze of Minos. All of his comrades have been killed and he is the on...


One guardian named aldous was all left alone at the maze of Minos. All of his comrades have been killed and he is the only one left. Horrified, he went in the maze searching for answers. suddenly, an energy burst generated by an outburst of power coming from a god hit him. Strange rocks have grown in him. He hast turned into a monster. Suddenly, Minotaur burst out of the maze. He was confused. then he saw aldous. He asked for answers while aldous was still overwhelmed of what happened. Out of instinct, Aldous used his powers to fight Minotaur. He emerged victorious, but a dark figure approaches Aldous, fights him, and Aldous unleahes his power in different varieties, but the figure escaped. As he continues his journey, countless foes try to kill him, but Aldous still continues on his journey to the land of dawn and aim to become the strongest being in the land. So, Aldous seeks worthy foes for him to battle for him to become stronger. Follow Aldous’ Journey to discovering the land of dawn and being the strongest being.

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" The world is on chaos and despair " ...... ... " The world is turning into hell " ...... ... Tahun 2028 , bumi terserang sebuah penyakit misterius yang membuat manusia menjadi monster , bahkan virus tersebut membuat efek yang sama kepada hewan yang terjangkit dengan virus ini sama seperti manusia , terjangkit dengan virus ini sama dengan keputus asaan , tidak ada yang bisa menyembuhkan virus ini , siapa pun tidak bisa membantu mu , dikucilkan di jauhi , dan terisolasi dan pada akhirnya kamu berakhir mati dan berubah menjadi mutant . Dengan terjadi nya outbreak , dunia perlahan perlahan mulai runtuh , gedung gedung hancur akibat kerusakan yang di buat oleh para monster , yaitu para infected dan juga reated , dua kategori mutant atau monster yang terjangkit virus yang sama , di tahun 2036 manusia telah hidup bertahun tahun di dunia yang sudah jadi neraka ini , peraturan sudah berubah , yang kuat yang akan bertahan sementara yang lemah akan mati terlahap waktu dan mutant . Manusia mulai membuat faksi serta group mereka masing masing , bahkan pemerintah pun mulai kembali bangkit dan memonopoli semuanya. The Government , Black beast , nomads , striker , freedom , the orders dan bahkan faksi militer seperti ghost vulture , gray skull unit dan strider knight pun mulai bangkit dan berjalan kembali . " Perang masih terjadi , meskipun dunia ini berubah " Plague , seorang profesor ahli dalam tubuh manusia bahkan sebelum jadi profesor ia dulu adalah seorang dokter , nama asli dia adalah Dr. Plague , nama ini belum sepenuhnya nama dia yang sebenarnya , dengan tekad dan niat nya ia ingin mengembalikan dunia seperti semula , dengan begitu dia bisa membayar dosa dosanya di masa lalu Tapi , dibalik dunia yang seperti ini , perang masih berjalan dan mutant bahkan radioaktif dimana mana , ada misteri yang menyelimuti mengapa ini semua terjadi .

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Synopsis of “Ismarus” “Ismarus” is a historical fiction named after the protagonist, and the context of the novel is the ancient Thrace, around 300 BC. From the very beginning, the clash between the protagonist and the antagonist has been portrayed with a clear understanding of the mechanics behind this clash of interest. Tegrios is a despotic king who has a son named Ismarus and a nephew named Eumoplus. Tegrios loves both of them, however, because of his poor judgment, he ends up favoring his beloved nephew against his own son. Though Tegrios was short sighted, the same cannot be attributed to his queen Calysto. In this novel, Calysto has been portrayed as the voice of reason and benevolence. In the protagonist’s life, his father’s despotic and uncaring attitude was balanced by his mother’s deep wisdom and motherly tenderness. The despotic nature of Tegrios made him view his son’s humanity as insolence, eventually disowning him, and depriving him of his birthright. Eumoplus saw this as an opportunity to fulfill his secret ambition. He conspired, and successfully had Tegrios assassinated. The evidence contrived by Eumoplus suggested that Ismarus was the perpetrator of the heinous crime. Hence, Ismarus had not only been deprived of the throne, after the assassination of his father, he found himself running from the law of the land as well. When Ismarus was banished, Calysto abandoned her husband and chose self exile with his unfortunate son. They found shelter in Dacia, the neighboring kingdom. The events culminated in a classic military showdown between Ismarus, aided by his allies, and Eumoplus who was being aided by his huge army. During the battles that followed, Ismarus was given the news of his son’s birth. This led to the climax of the story with Ismarus, Eumoplus, and Phyllis, all losing their lives under different circumstances.

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