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The legal loli office worker Huang Luan has died. Given the miraculous chance to reincarnate in another world with some wishes, she goes about her life as she pleases. ------ So this is a chat group fanfic, but it will work differently than most other chat groups on this site. The world our protagonist lives in will be a crossover world featuring a mix of whatever I want, I haven't actually thought that far ahead. As a standard though it will be series based in the modern era, the current series in the mix as of writing this are: Majikoi, DxD, GTO, xxxHolic and its related series. There is some timeline fuckery to make things work, but deal with it, I do what I want. The main purpose of writing this is for me to have some fun and also to experiment with ideas I might use in my original stories. As such, don't expect consistent updates, as this isn't my main focus. And the usual disclaimer, all works and characters that appear belong to their proper owners and whatnot. Of course, the characters from my original novels belong to me, but I don't know if they'll even show up. Also, I got the cover art from the LOTM fandom pages for the Black Emperor and Justiciar.

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The situation calms down as Satsuki deactivates her Reality Marble. Sakura's complexion begins to look better on the surface, but the danger of the worms is still inside her.

Looking at the extra person in the room, Satsuki asks, "Lulu, if you were here then why didn't you help me?"

"Why should the Emperor move when the retains are perfectly capable of dealing with the situation themselves."

Satsuki sighs, 'Aren't the Master?' but she quickly throws this thought out of her mind and turns her attention to Sakura, "How is she?"

"Huang Luan shrugs, "Don't ask me, I'm not a doctor."

Great Teacher Onizuka: "Do we even have any doctors in the group?"

Advocate of Gender Equality: "Forgot doctors, do we even have anyone with any medical knowledge?"

Konakona: "I don't think a regular medical doctor can help with Sakura's condition. Someone familiar with magic, or rather, magecraft should be more capable here."

Black Star: "For what it's worth, the Emperor of Man should have a very good understanding of human physiology well. When it comes to understanding human genetics, there should be few with his level of expertise."

Advocate of Gender Equality: "Now that I think about it, he hasn't said anything for a while now."

[Retired Loli Sovereign has unmuted God-Emperor of Mankind]

Retired Loli Sovereign: "Anything to say about this?"

God-Emperor of Mankind: "Fuck you."

[Retired Loli Sovereign has muted God-Emperor of Mankind for 1 day]

Retired Loli Sovereign: "Looks like he can't help."

Black Star: "Isn't that because of you?"

[Retired Loli Sovereign has muted Black Star for 6 hours]

Retired Loli Sovereign: "So the main concern should be the removal of the worms inside her. Where are they located?"

Advocate of Gender Equality: "..."

Advocate of Gender Equality: "Konata, you take this one."

Konakona: "You're supposed to be an advocate of gender equality, so you should have any problems saying this."

Advocate of Gender Equality: "I, Satou Kazuma, hereby declare that I will temporarily step down from my position as an exposition man to give the young lady Konata her chance to shine."

[Retired Loli Sovereign has muted Advocate of Gender Equality for 1 hour]

Mr Fool: "..."

Teriri: "..."

Witch of the Void: "..."

Konakona: "..."

Lightning Archpriestess: "..."

Yokai Supreme Commander: "..."

Retired Loli Sovereign: "What? He was being weird. Now, where are the worms? @Konakona @Konakona @Konakona @Konakona @Konakona @Konakona"

Konakona: "I'll explain, so stop pinging me! It's giving me a headache! The worms should be in her womb if everything is the same as the original story."

Retired Loli Sovereign: "Originally, rip open the girl's body and take them out by hand. But I think I'll wait for a better solution."

Sacchin: "Why would you do that in front of me!"

Retired Loli Sovereign: "I fail to see the problem."

Sacchin: "There are so many problems I don't even know where to begin!"

Lightning Archpriestess: "Aren't you two standing right next to each other? We can all see you two in the same room, why talk through the Chat?"

To Mitsuha's words, neither Huang Luan nor Satsuki had anything to say. The two of them had forgotten entirely.

"Ahem, Satsuki, carry the girl, lets go back and meet up with the S-rank Valkyrie waiting for us, Judah."

Teriri: "Hey!"

[Retired Loli Sovereign has muted Teriri for 1 hour]

Closing the stream Huang Luan gets ready to leave through the hole in the wall but is stopped by Satsuki.

"Wait, the sun is still out. I can't carry her and hold up the umbrella at the same time."

But Huang Luan doesn't say anything and gives Satsuki a blank stare before turning around and leaving her.

Being left behind, Satsuki slumps to the group, hugging her knees and drawing circles on the floor with her finger as she mumbles, "I'll just wait for Sakura to wake up…"

Today, Satsuki is once again in an unfortunate situation. Isn't it sad, Sacchin?

Meanwhile at the Fuyuki Church.

Kirei and his father Risei are communicating with Tokiomi.

"The self-proclaimed Caster Servant is a problem. With their blatant use of magic, it's impossible to cover this up," Kirei says.

"If it was merely the attack on the hotel we could use a gas leak or terrorist attack as a cover. But how do we cover up that floating hotel everyone can see…" Risei says, rubbing his forehead. "This Servant cannot be ignored. The actions of the self-proclaimed Caster are in clear violation of the rules."

"Of course. As one responsible for guarding the secrets of magic, I cannot allow their actions," Tokiomi says.

The magi over the past few centuries have taken great lengths to conceal the existence of magecraft and other things related to it. With the increasing decline of mystery, the effectiveness of magecraft also dwindles with it. In the past, people could make a living with magecraft in front of the eyes of all and be recognised by society so long as the core secrets of their magecraft were kept, but since the end of the age of gods and the decline of mystery, it has become a rule that the knowledge of the moonlit world to be known to outsiders. A Magecraft that has had its nature revealed can't become a mystery, no matter what kind of supernatural methods it uses, it's now nothing more than another mundane method. But paradoxically, despite losing its power when propagated, a mystery becomes more stable as knowledge about them spreads. But the spread of magecraft is still restricted to those born to families that already practice it and true newcomers are relatively rare.

The concealment of mystery was once a simple unwritten law, but over time, it has become something that is heavily enforced. Breaking this by publicly showing supernatural feats and spreading magecraft openly to the uninitiated is considered a grave crime. And Huang Luan's actions have clearly broken this rule. For a proper magus such as Tokiomi, this is unforgivable and must be dealt with. If not for the swift actions Tokiomi took, the entire world would have seen Huang Luan's current base.

"I was able to set up a bounded field a few kilometres around the vicinity of the floating hotel. To outsiders, it will appear as if the hotel has collapsed under a bomb attack. I've made arrangements to prevent anyone from entering as well," Tokiomi sighs, "I had to call in nearly all the favours I had with the city council and the police."

"You did a good job Tokiomi. Although there are still several witnesses, they are still a number that can be dealt with. But the main issue is how long can the bounded field last?" Risei asks.

"It likely won't last much more than two days at most. It requires a lot of energy to maintain, on this end, I'm using the leylines to supplement the magical energy required for its operation. Still, maintaining such a large bounded field isn't easy and I suspect that the enemy Servant, the one calling themself Caster, can take down the bounded field at any time they wish," Tokiomi says.

"What is Archer's opinion on the matter?" Risei asks.

"I was just about to get to that. Upon returning last night he was unsurprisingly quite angry. Whether it be in a fit of rage or some other reason I do not know, but he let up his restraint on his other Noble Phantasm, Sha Naqba Imuru, his clairvoyance which allows him to discern truths. Immediately after… he was laughing. Although what he said was rather vague, I did learn a few things from his mouth. As expected, the opponent's class isn't Caster, but an extra class called Foreigner and their identity is not the Jade Emperor. This is unfortunately all the King told me, as when I tried to press for more information he scoffed and left. But from the looks of it, he is still keen on taking revenge for last night."

Tokiomi sighed once more. Gilgamesh is most certainly a top-tier Servant. But his personality is incredibly difficult to work with, often giving Tokiomi a headache.

For a moment the call between Tokiomi and the Kotomine father-son duo is silent.

But it doesn't take long for Risei to come to a conclusion.

"... Under my authority as the overseer of the Holy Grail War, I will make the arrangements for all other Masters and Servants to work together to defeat the Foreigner. By nightfall, there will be a coalition against Foreigner and her Master."

This took way longer to get done than I hoped. In actuality, this chapter is like only half of what I wanted to write but it's been too long as is since the last chapter so I ended it here so there would be something put out. As for when the next chapter is coming, who knows, because I don't. At the very least, I hope it doesn't take as long as this did.

Have a nice day everyone.

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