The Little Ancestor Teaches You How To Live

The ancient Divine Beast Susu descended to endure trials and became the youngest daughter of the Qin Family, who were nearing eighty years old; young in age but high in seniority, even the men in their twenties had to call her auntie. Susu was also the only girl in three generations of the Qin Family, cherished by her parents, doted on by her brothers, and her nephews would fight over holding their auntie and protecting her. Protect her? Susu said she didn't need it, for she was a mighty and ferocious Divine Beast! With her around, no one would dare to bully the Qin Family members! Those who bullied her family got sent flying; those who coveted their fortune got sent flying; those who tried to kidnap her got sent flying. The kidnappers who captured Susu were frightened by her and willingly handed over their cell phones for her to call the police. "How do I unlock the cell phone?" Susu asked. "It requires fingerprint unlocking, you can use my finger," explained the kidnapper. "How do I use your finger? Chop it off?" Susu asked again. "No! No need to chop, it can be used while still attached to my hand!" the kidnapper wailed. Chop off a finger! What kind of thought process was that? Way too scary! Ever since the lucky-buff-carrying Susu had come to their home, the family's luck had improved, their business prospered more each day, and the previously naughty young masters had become much better behaved, truly a little lucky star. It was just that boy from the neighbor's house, who kept thinking about kidnapping Little Susu, causing the Qin Family men quite a bit of concern. Maybe they should just break his leg again?

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Chapter 190 Susu Saves Someone on the Street_1

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"Nephew, open the door! We need to save them!"

The car door was locked and couldn't be opened.

"Wait, it's not safe," Qin Yuhuai refused to open it.

"We can't wait when saving people!" Susu was very anxious.

"Just open the door, I'll go with Susu! Susu would definitely rush out in this situation, don't stop her," Sangzi urged.

Having experienced it personally, Sangzi was very clear about Susu's character.

Qin Yuhuai frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before pressing the car door unlock button.

As soon as the lock was released, Susu and Sangzi opened the car doors at the first opportunity, rushed out of the car, and headed towards the crowded area ahead.

Qin Yuhuai watched these two figures rushing into the crowd without hesitation, his heart touched in one corner.

In the center of the crowd were two severely damaged sedans.

The vehicles had been severely deformed due to the collision, and a person in the back seat was trapped and couldn't get out.