The Link

Author: salakes
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What is The Link

Read ‘The Link’ Online for Free, written by the author salakes, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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It's a story from long before Human and non-human worlds were forever divided. It's a story about the person who killed All Mighty GOD for his selfish desires called The GOD Killer and about the nine legendary war maidens who were graced with holy power and with the task to eliminate the GOD Killer. But destiny had something else planned. The nine legendary war maidens joined the God killer. They betrayed the trust and the protection of the four Ark Lords also known as God's representative and hence earned the nick name Holy Darkness. The God killer and the Holy Darkness had only one goal and that was to destroy the whole world and create a new one and become it's God. And to do so they had to eliminate the four Ark Lords. They brutally destroyed any and everyone who came in their way and at last they faced the Ark Lords. It was a fearsome battle but everyone knows that at the end evil always losses and that time was no exception. The God killer was eliminated. The Holy Darkness were cursed for their betrayal towards the Ark Lords. All beings of evil darkness were sealed in the purgatory for all eternity. And then the four Ark Lord were crowned as the new Gods of this world. And then everyone lived happily ever after. Wait was that it? The story ended ? No! Because everyone forgot about the last ability of the God killer and that was.............The Revenge. It was a fearsome ability which allows the user to reincarnate only one time with all his/her memories of the previous lifeforms the sake of revenge. And that being said the return of the God killer was unavoidable. He will return once again with the goal to destroy the world. A prophecy was made which stated that, a hero will be born to destroy the God killer and to aid him in this battle a new group of war maidens will arise. Together they will defeat the God killer for good and this is bound to happen. So let's just hope that the prophecy will come true and when the time comes out hero will come to help us and our world will be saved once again.

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Political crop circle

political crop circle of politics only one real story in world history intelligence of lady politician based on real story of lady politician who sacrifice her life for the poetry of her country and how to control world politics (1)the first step to be successful to become a priminister of a country on basis of political family background and married a poor greedy of money man then they both start to continue the mission first she put her husband in prison to make relationship with criminal thieves all over the province then he transferred from one to other cities prisons to make more criminals to control still her wife was making relationships with other countries priministers and presidents she was busy to make them convains to invest in their country and there province she give them satisfaction the that their investment will be safer because the NATO was using a path from their country so your military is also available there the plan become successful and day by day investment stars come in several projects banks like ports and many more after 25 years they perform the real mission when country and desired province was filled with business of banking they make themselves prepare for the desired mission the lady politician was so powerful in their province and before 10 years she shows that his country doesn't accept her politics so she was out of country it's 25 years of survival she announced to come back the country and she come back and she arranged a open public speech in other major province and here the mission was on completion in end of speech they planned a fake boom blast in which she survived then civil agencies Allert her your life is in danger do not go in public but she was not listening them bcoz she was the key then after few days she decided to came in public and give a speech this time was final to accomplish plan she came on a cloudy stage in her own province between the million of people as planned she complet her speech and sitted in her bulletproof car than she stand up to by crowd to send them by signs she was outside of sunroof at the moment a bullet fired from the crowd and her party members announced that bullet hits her head in evening they announced that she is no more as planned millions of people show anger that their leader dies cause of security falioure they make the province hell fire they burn 7000 cars trains they robbed 450 banks as her husband work it for 11.years in prison this is the end of the real story and the party became rich and start finance the powerful countries politicians to control them the lady is still alive end of part one

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Undefeated Champion: Rebirth of the Retired Immortal

Demons, angels, beasts, and gods. Otherworldly creatures were no match for him. Crowned as the undefeated champion, Ike never understood the struggles of the weak. He was born a legend, an exceptional one at that. However, all the glory that came along with it quickly became naught as, at the peak of his immortality, he realized that immortality wasn't a gift, but a curse. An endless curse. With that in mind, he utilized every bit of power in his body to grant himself one wish. The wish... to die. Though, rather than dying, he instead woke up in the body of a high school student who, surprisingly, had the same name as him. Unlike the fear and awe his name inspired in the past, it now screamed out something else. Irrelevant. Pathetic. Prey. With only two paths in front of him, would he choose to live a normal life, the life he had desired at the height of his immortality, or would he choose the path he had trekked in the past, only to end up regretting it once more? With otherworldly creatures lurking in every corner and the sudden reappearance of this mysterious Colosseum, Ike knew he was going to be in for a wild ride. A wild ride that might see the rebirth of the undefeated champion. _______ Disclaimer: The cover is not mine. Credits to the artist. Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: https://discord.gg/tbS4rKec3e

alienfrommars · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
50 Chs


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nice one I liked so much and looking forward for the next one try to make it fast so I can get to read it looking forward your next update and filled with exitment


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