The Lightning Dragon In Harry Potter

A young man named Luke found himself in a peculiar situation, transported to a world far removed from his own. Surprisingly, an unexpected invitation landed in his hands, beckoning him to Hogwarts, the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry. Unbeknownst to him, his life was on the brink of a profound transformation. Accompanied by a unique and otherworldly traveling companion, a frog with the uncanny ability to traverse the multiverse and procure one-of-a-kind treasures, Luke's odyssey into the realm of magic was just commencing. However, the cascade of surprises did not conclude with his acceptance into the institution. As he unveiled the enigmatic package delivered by his amphibious companion, he stumbled upon a remarkable artifact known as the "Thunder Dragon Slayer Crystal." This enchanted gem possessed unimaginable power, capable of subduing the most tempestuous storms and harnessing the very lightning coursing through the skies. The astonishments persisted as Luke's frog presented an array of astounding treasures, including the mysterious "Eternal Mangekyo Sharinggan," a relic cloaked in legend, believed to bestow its bearer with unparalleled insight into the secrets of the universe. Yet, the most remarkable revelation of all unfolded when Luke's frog introduced an unexpected guest to the hallowed halls of Hogwarts – none other than the renowned "Erza from Fairy Tail."

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As the start date for Hogwarts loomed closer, excitement filled the air.

Luke made a decision to temporarily close the potion shop, opting instead to spend quality time with Hermione, delving into the world of magic spells and alchemy.

"It's so frustrating..."

Hermione let out a sigh of exasperation as yet another character met their demise in the book she was reading.

Pausing his own work, Luke turned to her, intrigued.

Hermione lay sprawled on the sofa, draped in a flowing beige dress, her dainty feet swinging playfully off the edge, adding to her charm.

"Enough with the games, let's focus on learning!" Luke urged, a hint of amusement in his tone.

Ever since their last gaming session together, Hermione had become quite the enthusiast, but her addiction was nowhere near as severe as Malfoy's.

"Alchemy is proving to be quite the challenge!"

Hermione's gaze shifted to Luke, her brown eyes narrowing in contemplation.

"Let's put alchemy aside for now and delve into Professor McGonagall's Transfiguration Spells," Luke suggested, gesturing to the array of materials on the table. "Perhaps we could even attempt Animagus transformation together."

"But Professor McGonagall warned us about the risks involved," Hermione reminded him, a hint of concern in her voice.

"Don't worry, with my guidance, we'll succeed. Although we might have to take a vow of silence for a month," Luke replied, picking up an emerald green mandrake.

"Let's save that idea for later..." Hermione quickly interjected, shaking her head at the thought of being unable to speak for a month.

With the school year fast approaching, they couldn't afford to stay silent for too long. Luke pondered for a moment before conceding to Hermione's concerns, deciding to shelve the idea for now.

"Let's save it for our next vacation adventure," he suggested with a mischievous grin.

But the thought of Professor McGonagall catching wind of their secret practice sessions of Af*ck Gus made Hermione shudder. Losing house points was not on her agenda.

"Games, you say?" Hermione leaned in close to Luke, her voice laced with a hint of seduction. "Our two houses haven't settled anything yet..."

After some playful banter, they settled into their daily studies. Though Hermione struggled with alchemy, her curiosity in other subjects never waned.

Yet, it seemed she asked more questions than she answered, leaving Luke to take charge.

Was the gap between them really that vast? Hermione pondered, her lips pursed in thought.

Little did she know, Luke had been diligently learning from Tom, mastering a wealth of knowledge.

Even Tom had to admit, this young wizard was a rare genius.

As the start of the school year approached, Hermione made several trips home at her parents' insistence. And on their final journey back, Luke would accompany her, sparing the Grangers the trouble of seeing them off.

Upon hearing his daughter's words, Mr. Granger cast a glance at Luke, his eyes reflecting a myriad of emotions.

Sensing Mr. Granger's scrutinizing gaze, Luke responded with a reassuring smile.


During this month and a half, Luke's culinary skills had soared, presenting a daily array of exquisite dishes.

He experimented with both English and Chinese breakfasts, intriguing Miss Hermione with unfamiliar Chinese flavors.

Yet, despite the variety, hot pot was still their go-to in winter, albeit missing the essential spices!

Luke couldn't help but feel regretful.

Nonetheless, he spent a few pounds to source some directly from China, eagerly awaiting their arrival.

The days crawled by.

The day before school commenced, London was blanketed in snow, infusing a chill into the next morning. The windows rattled against the biting wind.

Luke rose early to prepare breakfast, and shortly after, Hermione descended, still yawning.

"Good morning, Miss Beaver!"

Luke greeted her with a chuckle, beckoning her to join him at the table.

Approaching, she placed a glass of chocolate milk in front of Luke and exchanged it with her black tea.

"This is your punishment, Mr. Chocolate!"

"Can't black tea be sweetened..."

Luke asked, a hint of helplessness in his voice.

Hermione, mindful of his health, staunchly refused, "Absolutely not!"


Luke lifted the black tea, taking a sip. Surprisingly, the absence of sugar wasn't unbearable.

After breakfast, they readied themselves to pack up and head to the train station.


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