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The lighted lantern (Arelins)


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Thus is the first time of mine to write a review. Actually I love the concept. A whole new concept. Like making the chemistry elements its character ....I am surely excited for it. Author you should continue this. How about others.? Agreed right.? It was just written yesterday only. A new one. So waiting for its chapters more. Thank you.[img=update][img=recommend][img=coins][img=exp]

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I liked the idea and the author's approach to writing a different kind of story..... I mean after reading the chapters, i felt a new kind of joy because I really got tired of the same concept. The characters are well-built, but you have just upload 2 chapters, I want you to introduce more characters with upcoming chapters, and overall it was a good work, keep writing


it's a new and different concept. I'm really interested in the storyline.


This is the first novel of this genre that I have ever read, and this actually made me interested in the storyline of this novel. Overall, I think this novel is good, but your writing technique should be improved. Keep it up! Good Luck!


I am the second one to review ur story?? Wow... Liked the concept and how the author thought about creating a new kind of story... Really got bored of this same concept and so reading this one will surely give me a new type of joy... This story is nice although there is not many chapters but l can see the potential of this book... It gave me kind of avatar types of vibes... All the best author... Hope this novel will bring you great success..


Interesting premise indeed. Since the world is different. I hope there would be more descriptions about about how do the elemental characters and the world look like, so we can conceive a better picture of them. I wish the author the best in navigating and writing with this new concept.


I really loved your story.Outstanding novel with good character developmentI love . going further I got hooked by the characters and steady story development. Keep up the good work


I really like this concept, the family and sibling dynamic is my kind of thing. Shame there isn't many chapters! Do continue working on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. There are ways to check this online or find a beta reader. Keep up the great work author! (Part of review swap)


I liked this whole new concept of yours. Your writing reeks if confidence. I loved the story, the world development and of course the characters. Dying to know what will happen next. Keep updating author. 💓💓


This story is sweet, I love it. It has potentials and it's a fun to read, I'm looking forward to how the story evolves. I’d gladly do as many 5* reviews as needed. Leave one under mine novel, I’ll track you down and help you with yours 😉


This is a well-made novel and I'd like to say welcome back to your writing journey! The story is very original and not many books I've read where like this before. Keep up the work author!


This story offers a refreshing take on familiar concepts, delivering a unique adventure with fresh ideas. It breaks away from typical clichés, providing a breath of fresh air for readers seeking something new and exciting in the world of novels.


This book is good, the interactions between each character is beautiful and well done, but my only problem is how short the chapters are Thanks for the good read Author San!


WOW! Cool Amazing! This book is so awesome and outstanding. It made me have fun from the start and I got hooked to it. The plot is very interesting, so is the pacing. The writing style is clear and easy flowing and gives you quite clear image and eady understanding while reading. Good book loved it.


Wow! Brilliant writing so far. Your technique's also refreshing to read. From the few chapters I've read so far I can say you're deserving of five stars at the least. Just keep improving dear author!


A whole new kind of concepts, I like where out Author is going with this, it is well fleshed out, the characters are okay, good job[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


First of all I want to say thank you for the authour introducing us to the world outline for the readers to understand. I love that the author has decided to do something new, though I havent read all the chapters, I only have one word for this story and that's 'Wow'


Its unique I must say, so it will capture lots of readers, currently lot of copy books are made so this might will do well. don't forget to review my book to


A captivating story. A good plot with a nice and steady pacing that makes it easy to flow with the story. The descriptions are well done and the characters are interesting to follow. Worth reading.


The dialogues need some work. But overall the concept is GREAT!! Can't say much since only three chapters are there, but I am pretty sure author has a pretty solid plan on what to do and how to take this story to next phases. I am adding this one to the library. will be looking forward for your updates✌️