1 1-Dawn

"Master, I have the scout's reports!" A gruff, deep and metallically muffled voice spoke, shocking August awake in a daze of shock and confusion. 

"Scouts discovered little in terms of locations of strategic import within a two-hundred-meter radius around our current location. Have you any orders for them or our Legionnaires?" The voice spoke with Augustus only then looking up at the towering figure of metal and muscle before him.

All he could remember was breaking the window and impacting the ground with his foster father Frank hitting just before he did, with the both of them meeting their quick ends. The figure who now stood before him was unmistakable, for he was none other than Legate Lanius, one of his favorite characters from one of his favorite games ever, Fallout New Vegas. As the giant offered a hand to the teenager, he hesitantly accepted his assistance, not knowing if he was about to be helped up or have his arm torn off. As he was brought to his feet, the realization that he had been wearing some kind of suit of armor this whole time presented itself, with it having flown over his head with all that had happened. 

Removing his helmet, he looked down at the marvel of craftsmanship, with it also embracing the Roman theme that presented itself with Lanius and his mention of Legionnaires. 

In the attempt to sit on the side of a bed to catch his breath, he noticed the bed's occupant, the man who'd bring him to the realization of a lifetime.

As he quickly rose back to his feet, August slowly approached the sleeping man, realizing the situation he was likely in, with this man and the room he was slumbering in bearing a striking resemblance to the one in the first episode of The Walking Dead.

"Dead or dying, useless!" Lanius said.

"You're exactly right. You mentioned scouts...how many others are there?" August asked as he pushed past his shock and confusion for the moment.

"Ten scouts, twenty Legionnaires, your ten Praetorian guard, four Arcanus, two Fabri and one Centurion with his Optio. With us, that equals Fifty" Lanius replied as a holographic panel then appeared before August, displaying the same information. 

Scrolling through the menu that was labelled 'Party', August became intrigued at the level of detail it gave. Every soldier under his command had their own back stories, with two names in particular catching his eye, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus. Pressing on their descriptions and reading them, they were indeed the same individuals from the 'Rome' tv show, only placed in a modern setting. Looking through other sections such as Inventory, Quests, Map and Market, he exited with renewed confidence about his situation. Whether this was all a dream or his new reality, he'd make the most of it.

"Kill him, make it quick and clean," August said as he made his way out of the room with a swift snapping sound following only a few seconds later, causing August to pause with a brief second of aftershock. 

"The conditions to the hidden Quest 'Officer Down' have been met. Five-Thousand points have been awarded" A system notification read, surprising August. If these points were how he'd come to survive, then all regrets for his actions just now were gone. 

Going to walk once more, August was spooked by a collective thudding sound as he was met with five silver-armored individuals on each side of the hall who'd been stationed just outside the room, standing there like statues, but ever vigilant, gifting the recipient of those pilum spears have one hell of a bad day. 

The Praetorian guard was his guess, a handy troupe to help in the effort of not being devoured. Lanius quickly joined his Lord in his venture back out into the broken world. The resources of the Hospital had long since been plundered by the scouts, whatever remained anyway. A small number of resources, the greatest being many dozens of liters of water gathered from taps and toilet cisterns were collected and placed within the 'Inventory' section of the system, leaving only the now purged dead to litter the halls. 

Making their way down a pitch-black stairwell and out a very bright door, they found themselves standing upon a ledge that overlooked a loading dock that the rest of his men had assembled in. 

"IMPERATOR PRESENT!" A obscurely familiar face yelled, causing all present men to stand to attention. 

Slowly making his way down the steps and into his numbers, he slowly made his way through, inspecting his scouts, and the women who were likely the mysterious 'Arcanus' order. 

Opening the 'Party' section of the system, August scrolled down until he reached the 'Arcanus' section. The order of the Arcanus are the battle mages of the Legion. Extremely capable in all fields from offensive, defensive and supportive roles in both battle and in camp, these mystic women can bend the elements of nature to their will, controlling Earth, Air, Water, Fire and more to aid the Legion in more ways than just killing it's enemies, often with impunity. The current Mistress of their order is Aurelia Benedictus, who wields the Helm of Fate.

"A-Auralia Benedictus?" August spoke as she stepped forward from amongst her three other sisters.

"Lord!" She addressed with a salute. 

"I have an inquiry that I hope won't come off as offensive or intrusive..." August said placing his hands together.

"Never Lord, I live to serve, and if to serve is to give you the deepest secrets of my knowledge, then It shall be done!" She replied without hesitation.

"Yeah...how do you see with that helmet on?" He asked

"Lord, I have never possessed the sight in the fashion that all from plebs to the Emperor himself possess, for I have something far greater, the winds of change forever blow, giving me sight unparalleled!" She replied before pointing her finger and letting off a small arc of electricity that disintegrated a horde of flies that hovered around a corpse. 

"So you see through the air...Interesting. As you were" August replied with intrigued and a bow from Auralia. 

"Centurion Lucius Vorenus and Opito Titus Pullo! I expect great things from you " August said as the two soldiers nodded and saluted in return. "Well then, let us move. I have more than a few things in mind" August said with a smile as he walked down the center of his formation who all turned to begin marching.

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