the legendary warrior with a system

Takuya in his previous life suffered a strange and horrible death, he is reborn as a normal human in a universe where there are beings that can destroy planets. now resigned to his new life as a normal human he wants to enjoy it as much as he can... but, the arrival of a system and the call of a god that will give him a very important mission changed the plans a bit. all worlds are UA since in some worlds the protagonist may not exist. some characters may have slightly different personalities than the original since it is difficult to recreate it the same... I hope you understand. [The characters and worlds that you will visit and meet in the novel do not belong to me, all credits are to their respective authors]

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the moment has come.

[Takuya's POV]

'System... tell me what's new in your update' - I thought as the system screen appeared along with the new stuff.

[System: There are 3 important things for the host.

1) The system can now help the host not to be controlled by a type 1 will of the world, it can still be controlled by a type 2 will of the world.

2) World Travel: Now when the host leaves a world, that world's time will slow down. (1 minute of the world, it would be 1 day for him)

3) Mission generator: the system can generate a mission for the host to complete, depending on the danger of the mission, the reward will increase.

Completed missions: 3

Various malfunctions have also been fixed, but the host need not worry about that]

"..." - I stared at the screen and I don't know how to feel, I think, I think I was expecting more the truth.

'System those missions will have punishment if I don't complete them?' - I asked a little nervous for the answer, I saw many systems that placed excessive punishments if a mission was not completed.

[System: No, the only thing that will happen is that if you don't complete the quest you won't get the reward...]

'Well I know that, thanks...' - I sighed as I tried to calm down, my heart even sped up from nerves.

'By the way are those three missions complete? I don't remember completing any missions?' - I asked the system.

[Mission: Make Seto-san Fall in Love: Complete... Reward: 1 Lottery Ticket]

[Mission: Make Edomae Luna Fall in Love: Complete... Reward: 1 Lottery Ticket]

[Mission: Make Iin Chiyo Fall in Love: Complete... Reward: 1 Lottery Ticket]

'...' - I stared at the screen not knowing what to think... and why inchou?.

'Can you tell me about that?' - I asked, I know, but I want to check.

[System: It is a quest that is triggered by the internal desire of the host.

It won't activate with just anyone, it has to be a girl that the host likes, to complete the mission the host has to make the girl fall in love after that he will be rewarded with a special ticket.

The ticket when used will give an item, power, ability, etc related to the girl. you also have a 10% chance to receive something random that has nothing to do with the girl.]

"Mmmmm..." - I was silent as I thought about how Inchou got there... oh, of course.

'Inchou hides her appearance well and seeing her normally with her glasses and tied hair, I forgot what she looks like without glasses and with her hair down.' - I thought, a long time ago I saw Inchou without glasses and with her hair down and I can't deny that I would try to have a relationship with her if it wasn't that I was more interested in training and becoming stronger than in having a girlfriend.

'But, I didn't know that Inchou was in love with me, is she very good at hiding it or was it that I didn't notice?' - I thought to then shake my head and focus on what's important.

'Well, the reward appeared, I can't miss this chance to get stronger. Inchou one day I'll thank you' - I thought as I made a mental note to do something to Inchou for the indirect help.

'System... use the lottery ticket I won from san's mission' - I thought as the screen with the roulette wheel appeared in front of me and started to spin.

he turned his eyes so as not to make me dizzy and then I heard the 'DING' of the warning that it's ready and I won...

[Congratulations you have received [Water Breathing (kimetsu no yaiba)] ... do you want to pass it on to his memory? ... [yes or no].]

"..." - I was momentarily not knowing what to say... I don't know how to feel.

'I just won a breathing style from the anime kimetsu no yaiba...I think this is one of the best things I could have won from a lottery ticket so far.' - I thought, all the things I win are good and I can't deny it, but they all have a very big drawback.

'My body can't reach the necessary level to be able to use it'-I thought as i sighed.

Not counting the [psychic shield] which is supportive.

[Red aura] and [full contact karate] my body can't keep up with it.

Unlike the kings of the K project world. where the kings transfer their aura to the next king, I have to train practically from scratch, increase my aura reserves, learn to control the aura, it will take me a long time to reach the level of the kings of k:project.

And the most powerful thing I have [full contact karate], my body doesn't come from a world where bodies are stronger or one with some energy that allows me to be able to do the moves easier.

But now with the breathing technique, my normal human body will be much stronger which will allow me to train better.

In kimetsu no yaiba the demon slayers are normal humans who trained a breathing technique and became very powerful to the level that they can destroy a city block or multiple city blocks.

'I can't wait' - I thought while having a happy smile on my face, I will get stronger and now I can't blame my human body anymore if I don't.

[The next morning]

I was walking towards the kitchen, I can hear the voice of san and luna.

"Good morning san-chan and luna-chan" - I greeted as I approached and it seems that my mother left.

"..." - san was going to speak, but stopped after looking at me.

"What's wrong... takuya, why do you have lenses and why are you..." - Luna, seeing that San didn't speak, also turned to see me, a little red, she asked, but when she was going to continue asking, the words didn't come out.

"Charming?...somehow takuya-san became very charming"-said san as he had his cheeks pink... oh come on it's not that big of a deal.

"A few things happened and well, I won some rewards... and one of the rewards was these lenses and the other one, I prefer not to talk about it... I'm going to make breakfast, bye." - I said trying to avoid talking about the second thing I won last night.

Well, after that great technique, I continued with the other two tickets and well... they were not what I expected.

Well with the moon mission lottery ticket, I won [Charm: C+(fate)], in a nutshell now I'm more charming than usual, much more. but, I prefer not to go into the subject, I did not want this ability even if it was very useful to me.

Then there was the inchou lottery ticket I got [perception glasses] it gives me limited control in the perception of people looking at me, this will help me a lot to lessen my charm on people. but, it only works on normal humans, it doesn't work on supernatural beings and strong humans, that's why san and luna noticed my change.

"Come on we have to go to school" - I said while sighing, another boring day at school.

[After school]

'I'm tired.' - I thought while I was getting home with san.

Today was a tiring day, thanks to the glasses people didn't stare at me as much, but Maki, Mrs. Ren, my father-in-law, Masa-san and everyone else did and it was annoying.

Maki couldn't stop looking at me while she sometimes blushed or sometimes gave me a murderous look, I don't know what goes through her head.

Ms. Ren kept flirting with me, even if it's just for fun. i'm a healthy 13 year old, she's indirectly making her want to speed up my advances with san.

And well, my father-in-law, masa-san and my other father-in-law, didn't stop seeing me and it was strange one that saw me with a face full of anger and bruises, the other I don't trust him, and the terminator looked at me without emotions with his broken nose .

After finishing school the terminator approached me and I thought that he would try something, but what he told me was.

"(Take care of my daughter)" - That's what she said before leaving through the window... I could hear the pain and suffering in her expressionless voice.

While thinking I heard a scream.

"Huh? That wasn't maki-chan's voice?" San asked as he looked back.

I did the same and what I saw was maki being eaten by a cat... I don't know, but I already like the cat.

As I got closer to maki and the cat I realized I was alone. When I look for where san is, he had gone far away.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of cats?" - I said as I grabbed the cat and started petting it, somehow I was always good at dealing with cats and I like them a lot, but since most of my time goes away while I train, I can't have one.

"I'm a mermaid, cats don't see as food" - san said after approaching the cat and trying to grab it, but it bit her... I don't like the cat anymore.

[The next day]

After the event of the cat nothing else happened, he had released him to go away, the bastard bit san, I should be grateful that he didn't burn him with my aura.

At school more of the same, apart from a trio of idiots nothing too important happened.

The trio of idiots are from the seto group, they had come to bother me to try to separate me from san, but mrs.ren took care of them.

But after school I went straight to my room.

"the moment has come." - I said quietly as I looked at the system screen.

'"the moment has come to go to another world' - I thought while I had already made up my mind.

Taking advantage of the fact that tomorrow will be a day off, I will go to another world today and when I return it will be at night and tomorrow a day off and so I can rest after returning.

"Then which one should I choose..." - I said as I looked at the pile of names of worlds I can go to.

"Well... I think this will be a good start..." - I said to then go and check if I have everything I need for the world I will go... and if I have it, at least the essentials.

"Then time to go" - I said as I gave the order to the system to send me to the world I chose.

In that the world turned black and white and everything stopped moving while I disappeared from the place.


I decided to skip that chapter, since takuya already took revenge on his father-in-law and also because the cat bit san.

The two rewards of the San and Luna tickets, themselves, were chosen randomly.

San's was a breathing technique, but since I didn't know which one to decide if it was the sun, sound, fire or water, I did it on a page for raffles and... it won water... fate wanted it that way.

Luna's... I didn't know which one to put as a reward, so it was between sonic attack(pokemon) or charm(fate)... it gained charm. And also the rank, first rank B had come out, but I thought it would be too much so I did another one and it came out C+.

I hope you liked the rewards.

Don't expect him to use the breathing technique directly, at least it will pass until the next world where he will use it more frequently... if you saw kimetsu no yaiba you must know how long it takes to learn to use it.

Inchou's was my choice, I think it's ok... so I left it, even though I don't know if the name is ok.

I hope you liked the chapter.