The Legendary Pseudo-villain Book

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The Legendary Pseudo-villain


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Over-confidence can get you killed or in Hecathe’s case, it can get you transmigrated into a parallel universe that is trying to kill you. It all started with a simple, “Mom! I want to be a villain!” Years later, Hecathe stood at the top of the economy with his Zuex company squeezing out every last penny from the pockets of the helpless consumers. One day he looked over at his secretary and confidently questioned, “When the country runs on your money, do you really think it matters if I’m driving legally or not?” The heaven’s laughed as they heard this. To think that a mere human was this arrogant?! The heavens: “Let’s pull a UNO reverse card on him!” Hecathe’s eyes were glued to his phone as he heard the loud screeching of tires that made him look up and... Ha. Ha. Ha. The heavens probably had the last laugh... Or did they? Hecathe remembered getting hit by a car but instead of waking up in a hospital, he woke up in a stinky jail with heavy chunks of metal chains wrapped around his whole body as if it were a straitjacket. An expensive custom-made straitjacket. Fantasy || God-complex || Sci-fi || Villain protagonist || Politics || Mystery || Adventure || Suspense || Parallel universe || Bromance || Rich and Arrogant protagonist || Elements and magic || MechaXMagic || Story by: Cherlyswan Cover art by: Cherlyswan


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