26 Chapter 26 The Undying H.Y.D.R.A.

Bucky clenched his mechanical fist while Leo stood in front of him motionless while coldly staring at him.

After some time, Bucky released his fist and sighed. He lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Erwin. Please forgive me, I don't mean it! I just can't accept it all of a sudden, the fact that I personally killed Mr. Stark. I was too agitated."

"You have another choice." Leo did not forgive Bucky because of his apology and coldly said to him, "Right now on the third basement level, Sinthea is there. You can look for her and avenge Stark."

Bucky shooked seemingly a little bit impulsively after he listened to Leo's suggestion. But he remained on his spot in the end and said with a low dejected voice, "Her mind control is too strong, I could not win against her."

Leo saw Bucky regain his rationality and softened his expression. "Since that's the case, let's leave the base first. I have other methods to deal with H.Y.D.R.A. . As long as you follow me, there will be one day you can kill Sinthea yourself, avenging for yourself and Stark."

Leo turned around and walked towards the base outside while Bucky silently followed behind him. Both of them reached the garage not far from the base exit. Leo had prepared a jeep beforehand and the jeep was equipped with his equipment.

He made Bucky sit on the back seat while he slowly drove the car out of the garage.

But just as the car reached the base exit, Leo suddenly found out the base person in charge, Shadan had ordered the base exit to be sealed off.

Base 033 was located deep within a mountain, and there was no store or village in the surrounding area. If someone from the base wanted to buy something, they had to drive the jeep for three to four hours across the forest.

Thus, the base exit usually was not closed. The agents in the base who did not have any mission could go out to enjoy the scenery, forage for some mushrooms or hunt some wild game.

Leo could not have guessed Sinthea would order Shadan temporarily seal off the exit. because of an experiment.

But at this moment, it was too late for Leo to turn around. Shadan had noticed Leo driving a jeep and brought two men to have a look.

"Bucky, lie down."

Leo made Bucky lie on the back seat while he stopped the car and exited it. He walked toward Shadan and said with a friendly smile, "Director Shadan, today's an important day. Why are you not watching in the laboratory instead, looking after the exit?"

Shadan had long recognized it was Leo. Since Leo was brought by Sinthea, Dr. Zola's student, and had a high position in the Super Soldier experiment.

Thus, when he saw inside the jeep was Leo, he revealed a friendly smile, "It was the leader's order, so I must listen to it. Today is an important day, why Mr. Erwin is not in the laboratory? Where are you going?"

Leo simply found an excuse and answered, "These past two days, I was busy making all kinds of instruments and devices and it was finally completed yesterday. I'm a bit tired from these two days, so I was going to have a walk and relax. "

Shadan frowned as he spoke with a slightly ugly expression, "Mr. Erwin, these past few days have been hard on you but today you cannot leave. The leader has ordered that today the base is sealed off, and no one is allowed to leave or enter. I hope Mr. Erwin can be understanding."

"It's fine since it's the leader's order. Today I will not leave, I will return to the laboratory, perhaps I can still catch up with the most exciting moment." After saying that, Leo was about to return to the jeep and was ready to forcefully break through.

However, Shadan stopped Leo and said, "Mr. Erwin, I'm really sorry. Since you have already planned to go out today, according to the rules, I have to check the jeep. After all, I must report to the leader at night."

After saying that, Shadahn walked towards the jeep ahead of Leo. Leo caught up and said, "Director Shadan, you don't have to look. Later I will report back to the leader myself, saving your troubles."

The more Leo did not let him see, the more Shadan suspected. He hastened his footsteps and quickly arrived beside the jeep.

He looked at the front seat of the car and found nothing. Then, he looked at the back seat.

An iron fist broke out of the window behind the jeep out of the blue and landed on Shadan's head who was leaning onto the window.

Followed by the sound of glass cracking, Shadan's head as if a watermelon was smashed as the red and white liquid flowed all over the ground.

Leo who just arrived looked at Shadan's headless corpse which was knocked a few meters away. He helplessly shrugged and said, "I've told you not to look yet you refuse to listen! Sigh…"

The two agents who were following Shadan were shocked by the abrupt change of situation and their minds went blank.

However, Leo was not daydreaming. He turned around as the handgun on his waist floated and was grabbed by Leo.

Relying on his "Basic Firearm Mastery", with two shots, both of the agents' heads exploded

The sound of gunshots alerted the base's other guards, but they did not know what happened. Some of the brighter agents had sounded the alarms.

Leo turned around and jumped into the jeep. As he started the jeep he faced Bucky and said, "Bucky, nice work. You blew the enemy's dog head with one punch."

Bucky was stunned when he heard this. He thought Leo would scold him for acting on his own. Soon he recovered and praised Leo, "Mr. Erwin, you did well too. Headshot after headshot."

Leo stepped on the gas pedal as the jeep's engine roared. The whole car charged forward and knocked off a few agents who had just assembled as it rushed towards the base exit.

After rushing out for a few hundred meters, Leo pulled out a remote control from his pocket and pressed the red button. The next moment, the explosive Leo had set beforehand, exploded one after another.

Due to the time constraint, the amount of explosive Leo set could not destroy the whole base. However, It was enough to cause some death and chaos for the H.Y.D.R.A. agents.

Leo who was sitting in the jeep as the explosion kept happening, rows of system notifications appeared in front of him.

[System Notice: You have triggered a mission——

The Undying H.Y.D.R.A.

Mission summary: H.Y.D.R.A. had been eliminated once, but a new H.Y.D.R.A. was reborn. Just like the H.Y.D.R.A. slogan cut down one head, another two will grow! In some unknown corners, conspiracies led by H.Y.D.R.A. happened one after another. As a H.Y.D.R.A. agent, you defected from the organization in pursuit of freedom. When you chose to stand against it, you also took on the responsibility of destroying it!

Mission notice: This mission is a long-term mission. The current completion rate is 0% when reached 100%, the rewards will be generated.

Mission notice: This mission is a compulsory mission, automatically accepted.]

Leo looked at the newly triggered mission and silently closed the system panel.

This mission for Leo was not something that could be completed immediately and it was uncalled for. Thus Leo was not going to specially prepare to complete it as he was going to let it be.

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