The Legendary Janitor

Most people don't choose reincarnation. Reincarnation finds their way to them. Perhaps they did something great in their life. Or maybe truck-sama wasn't looking where it was going. But without fail, those who reincarnate are destined for something great. A new life where everything changes for the better. But... Reincarnation isn't always the greatest thing. Sometimes you just draw the short end of the stick. Di Tou just happens to have drawn the shortest stick. Pulled out of his life randomly. Taken by a crazy old eccentric man not as a disciple, but as a body double?! And a janitor body double no less?! Grasping a system to find... It's a JANITOR SYSTEM!? Truly, how unlucky can one get?

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My life is so mundane.

Perhaps it's because I'm a boring person. There's nothing special about me at all.

It's been this way since I was born. My parents are the classic wage earners, they were at work 90% of the time, and sleeping the remaining 10%. I had no siblings, no meaningful friends, and no exciting events happen to me.

I don't suppose I can complain, however, it's not like my life is horrible or particularly stressful. It's just so... mundane.

The only thing about me that's perhaps a bit special is my name. My parents named me Di Tou, as in lowered head. It's pretty sad if you think about it, but it was in good wishes... I think?

Their justification was they had co-worker once upon a time, he was a good fellow, nice, charismatic, talented, a real prodigy. But he was a bit of a prideful fellow, and attracted the attention and hatred of their boss for being 'too good' at their job. They said that he had been fired because the boss felt like the co-worker was trying to outshine them and make them look bad. My parents never hoped much of me, just that I'd live a safe life, a life where I'd get by, and nothing more.

And so far, their vision has worked out pretty well. I graduated from high school middle of the class, went to an average college for a couple of years, and moved on to do what they did. When I finished college, my parents helped me rent a place, a small apartment in the shoddier parts of town, it's nothing special, but it's enough for one or two people to live comfortably. I work at a factory as a manager, and I earn a passable amount. I've been seeing a girl lately that my parents introduced, and things are going okay. I can't say I particularly 'love' her or anything. It isn't really a relationship lead by passion. But I suppose love can be nurtured and will gradually develop. We have some similar hobbies, and for the most part we get along okay.

So everything in my life is normal.

Well... there is one exception.

Recently I've been hearing a voice. The voice won't stop asking me if I'm content with a mundane life. I ignore it for the most part, but it's been there for quite a while now. I haven't told anyone because I figure they'll look at me like I'm crazy. No. I'm sure they'll look at me like I'm crazy. Heck, even I think I am. I suppose it's just the stress getting to me. I'd see a psychiatrist, but I don't want to waste the money on it. On that note, I'm not quite sure what I'm saving money for. Maybe a car? Or maybe I'm already preparing for children I might have in a few years, and the schooling fees that will inevitably come with. Anyways, the voice wouldn't stop bothering me. Asking me if I wanted change. If I wasn't content.

I don't know if I was bored, crazy, or if I had some subconscious grievance against my current life, but for some reason I answered the voice.

"Content? No. I don't think I can call myself content. I don't think I'd want to change though. I'll just keep my head low and move forward through life."

Oddly enough, the voices stopped then.

And then I went on with my life.

My mundane life.

The story will mainly be in third person. The first person only occasionally be used to set a mood.

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