1 Broken Memories.

Chapter 1: Broken Memories.

The ground shook as the battle raged on with the sounds of swords clashing and gunshots cracking through the sky. With each exchange of violence; dust and chunks of dirt shot up into the sky causing them all to be blinded. A horn called out through the air like a Divine trumpet descending from the heavens. Demanding everyone to stop fighting and return to their bases.

"We're all going to die at this rate. We can't keep up with their sheer amount of soldiers! Somebody call for back up right away!"A muscular looking man with light blue hair that reflected the sunlight like a sheet of ice asked one of the many smaller soldiers. This man was a behemoth in comparison.

"Yes, Captain Tachibana! I will get on it right away!" One of the soldiers under the command of the behemoth shouted as he ran off into one of the many tents that lined their base camp.

The man then walked up to the entrance of his camp and looked out to the sight before him. The ground was littered with the bodies of his comrades. This sight would forever remain in his heart until the day he died.

"Brothers and Sisters I swear your sacrifices won't be in vain! I will make sure their whole army is wiped out today!" A flash of blue light appeared from his hand as a sword formed into existence in front of his face.

"Sir! We got word back from headquarters! There has been an air raid in Tokyo city. The enemy dropped hundreds of bombs across the whole country. All the remaining soldiers have already been deployed to deal with that situation." The smaller soldier from earlier said as he came running back.

The behemoth of a man dropped to his knees. "Is it over just like that? How could this happen!?" Upon hearing the news many of the soldiers all gathered together with their friends. They knew they had lost the war. The only thing awaiting them was the execution from their enemies.

The roar of thunder echoed throughout the mountain range. [World Magic: Smite.] A gigantic bolt of lightning pierced the sky above the camp on the opposite side of the battlefield. Screams of terror and pain could be heard for miles as the scent of Iron drifted in the breeze. A red mist filled the air as a black silhouette emerged from over the horizon.

"W-What is that!?" The behemoth of a man said as the figure grew closer and closer. It came closer and closer before suddenly stopping at the gate.

The darkness fluttered in the wind. It was a man. Dressed in all black. He had a long dark robe that was now stained red. There were drops of blood scattered across his clothes. But his facial expressions were hidden by the white mask he was wearing. It was all white but was now stained red as blood dripped down it. The only distinguishing feature was the number one written on the centre of his head.

"Wait you are…" The smaller soldier looked up at the dark figure in front of him.

"Yeah, I'm tired. Now if you would be ever so kind. Please take this to be cleaned. He took off the mask and handed it to the soldier. Long black hair fell out from underneath his mask. It was shoulder length and it looked like he hadn't slept for a few days with the dark circles beneath his eyes.

"The Great Mage. Long time no see." An old man came out of one of the tents. Suddenly all the soldiers rose to their feet. "Sir!" They saluted as the man walked over.

"General Torus. I wish it was longer…" said the man dressed in black as he walked over to the old man. He held out his hand as he approached him.

"I didn't think you would make it this long. What are you doing out in the field? Don't they usually have you back home in your nice cosy office?" The man dressed in black said as he shook his hand.

"Yeah, This was a bit different though. As you could see we couldn't spare any man at all. I'm guessing you already finished your tasks?"

The old man asked him "Yes sir. The Whitehouse is in ruins. We don't have to worry about a counter-attack anytime soon. I also took care of the senate whilst I was there." He explained.

"You know. This is why I like you Haru. You always overachieve. How about we all head back now? The enemy here is gone. Everyone get your asses back to Tokyo right now! The fight isn't over yet!" The old man praised him. And then shouted to the men. They all looked at each other confused but decided not to question it as one by one small purple gateways opened up and they vanished.

It was just Haru and the old man remaining on the battlefield now. "How about you come back to my office? We will have a celebratory drink. I have some of that honey mead that you like so much." General Torus said and then opened up a gate of his own [Spatial Rift]

"I can't really refuse that can I?" Haru said and then followed him inside. They instantly appeared inside a small room with an oak desk in the centre of the room.

on one side of the room was a glass cabinet containing hundreds of bottles of alcohol and on the other side, there was a fireplace that was already flaming.

"Here." General Torus handed a glass to Haru.

"Thanks." He took a sip and then sat down at the front of the desk. General Torus sat down at the other side and put his feet up.

"Oh, I just remembered. You filed a resignation letter, didn't you? Are you sure you want to go through with this? There is no coming back once it is signed." He asked Haru who was still sipping his mead.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I have been waiting for this day for the past ten years. But I couldn't just walk out on you during the middle of a war. I'm guessing this should all be wrapped up soon. I will have no regrets. I can finally live a normal life." Haru said as he finished his glass.

"I guess there is no convincing you then. I was hoping that you would stay with us even if it was just a role as an officer but I guess you have made up your mind. I have your paperwork right here. Let me grab it." General Torus turned around and picked up a single sheet of paper.

"I will sign it right now for you." He said as he pulled out a pen and signed the document.

Haru felt relief wash over his body as he saw him finish the signature and then stand up from his chair. "Sergeant Haru Coriel. It is an honour to be the one to say this to you. You are relieved of your duty." It was like being hit by a truck. Haru felt happiness, unlike anything he had felt before. His living hell was finally over. He held out his hand to General Torus.

"It's been a pleasure serving with you Sir," Haru said as General Torus shook his hand this time. "The feeling is mutual. Now get your ass out of my office civilian!" He shouted. They both started laughing as Haru walked to the door.

"Till we meet again old friend!" Were Haru's final words as he closed the door behind him. He walked down through the corridor and then out to the front door.

Loud bangs and pops sounded out as flashes of lights appeared in the sky. There were so many that it illuminated the sky for miles. "Fireworks huh? I guess they just announced it is over." Haru said to himself as he walked through the car park. But as he began to walk toward the exit he stumbled.

"What is that?" His head began to spin. His vision was becoming blurry and he could barely stand upright. Did I drink too much? He thought to himself as he was plunged into darkness.

Muffled voices could be heard as he began to feel his body once again. He felt two enormous hands grab a hold of him and then cold air ran across his whole body. Then just as soon as the cold air ran across his body he felt warmth as he was wrapped in something warm and soft.

"You did a great job, Krista. Congratulations. It's a boy." An unfamiliar voice called out. He felt warmth around him as his body moved through the air. He squinted his eyes to see what was happening. He was shocked to see a woman's face above his.

She had long brown hair and eyes that matched. She then suddenly gasped. "He just opened his eyes!" She seemed overjoyed.

"Really? let me see." Another face came into view he also had brown hair but it was slightly darker. He also had a scruffy beard and blue eyes.

Who are these people? He thought as he looked down at his own body.

What the fuck?! Haru began to cry uncontrollably.

"Look what you did Luke. You scared him." She shot him a disapproving look but started to laugh as the man known as Luke looked upset.

Some time had passed and Haru was now alone in a bed back at their house. He had come to understand the situation he was in. He just couldn't believe it. What was he supposed to do now? He had been reincarnated. And these people were now his parents.

Haru never met his parents in his last life. He was anxious with the whole situation so he decided to do the only thing he knew how to do. He began to build up his mana from scratch. He lay down in bed and began to feel for his mana. It was weak but he felt it. He then began to exhaust it from his body.

When children under the age of sixteen exhausted their mana it had a weird effect on their body. Each time they were completely empty, their supply of mana would double in size. He didn't know the reason for this but it didn't stop him from doing it.

After fifteen minutes of forcing out every last drop of mana, Haru's body fell limp. Luckily his parents were sleeping. The last thing they would want to see is their newborn baby lying lifelessly in bed. So he decided to get some sleep to pass the time for his mana to return.

He awoke with his Father's face looking down at him. "Good morning little guy." He put his finger on Haru's head and patted him. It's not like he could say anything back to him. so he just blinked at him instead.

His father then picked him up and then held him out at arm's length. "You stink boy. Let's get you out of that filthy thing first, and then we will go and wake up your mom." He then carried him over to a mat on a table and began to take his clothes off.

Get off me!! Was all Haru could think as he tried to pronounce words but they all came out as the same sound with different endings. "Ahh, Ahg Ahf Ahg Ahn" His father looked back at him as he began to kick his legs around.

"Come on buddy someone has to do it... The sooner you stop kicking around the sooner it will be over." Haru thought it over for a moment and decided to let him do it just to get it over with as soon as possible. He didn't want to live through the embarrassment for a prolonged amount of time. 

"There we go. Now let's go wake your mother up." He picked Haru up into his arms again and carried him out of his room and into another room. It was bigger than the previous one and had plain white walls, a bed and a dresser on either side.

There was a human shaped bulge underneath the bed sheets and two legs sticking out of the bottom as he carried Haru over and placed him down on the bed. "Hey watch this." He whispered as he backed up to the foot of the bed.

A faint glow formed in his hand as he began to cast a spell. The room dropped a few degrees as a block of ice formed on his mother's legs. She groaned as she slowly woke up. Haru looked back over to the block of ice that now had steam rising from it. He then looked back at his mothers face. Her eyes then met his.

"Good morning Haru, my sweetheart." She gave him a kiss on the head and then sat up and smiled at Haru before turning around to see the puddle of water dripping on to the floor.

She moved closer to Haru and whispered in his ear. "I'm going to kill that father of yours." She had a terrifying look in her eyes as she looked over the man who was backed up against the wall out of fear.

"Wait a minute darling, please think about this!" He exclaimed in a last-ditch attempt to make her reconsider her actions. "Please think!? You're the one who should think! What if you froze Haru instead of me!?"

He backed up as Haru's mom got up from the bed. An orange glow formed around her body as she was surrounded by flames.

"Nooo!!!" His father then ran out of the room and jumped down the stairs before she could do anything else to him. She walked to the bedroom door and shouted downstairs.

"And make breakfast whilst you reflect on your actions!" She shouted to him from the doorway.

Haru started laughing as her flames dispersed. His mom walked over and sat back down on the bed facing him. "What a silly man. Listen Haru, I don't want you to grow up to be a man like him you hear me?" She said sternly but still in a soft tone. She then looked down to her new born child and poked him on the nose.

"Don't mind your silly father, I will make sure to get him back for that." She smiled and picked him up into her arms before making her way downstairs to eat breakfast.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Haru sat in the living room and watched TV with his parents all day. It was already dark before he knew it and it was time for him to be put to bed. Luke looked outside before looking at his watch.

"Six o'clock already? Come on its bedtime little guy." He picked Haru up and carried him back to his room. Krista followed close behind and knelt beside him before kissing him on the head again.

"Good night Haru," She said as she pulled the door closed but left a gap for a sliver of light to bounce off the wall.

'Ok time to build my mana once again!' He thought. It was a bit strange though this time. A full hour went by and there wasn't any sign of his mana depleting. About two more hours went by before he finally passed out.

The next year or so was relatively the same. Haru would continue to grow his mana pool each night when his parents put him to bed. And by the time he was one, it would take two whole weeks for all of his mana to be drained. in comparison a four hour recovery time was nothing too unbearable.

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