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The Legend of Trickster


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(Note: The events haven't occurred in the real universe but an alternate one so there "might" be some things that really don't make a least bit of sense) Have you ever felt that everyone's out to get you? Are you blameless in the eyes of the world but everyone in the world has also pointed their fingers at you at the same time? Have you ever pretended all your life? Have you ever fought a faceless enemy? Is the only thing you are left with in life a piece of a meaningless theory? Have you ever resorted to murder? Maybe. There was once a man who had gone through all that. The world was in utter chaos because of the calamities they were facing. Why? Nothing much. Just some alien species attacked. And obviously, the planet earth was losing quite badly because of the difference in technology, firepower, ability users, and well, the planet was also in panic because of the sudden attack. To top it off, the aliens came well prepared. One of the authoritarian countries that was one of the largest out there had surrendered because of the fear of death. They built large walls around the borders of the country to block everyone out. Be it aliens or their fellow humans. But, there was no way that with the quantity of manpower, supplies and the materials they had would be enough to finish not only building the walls but also keeping most of the citizens well fed. This led the king of that country to neglect almost all of the citizens, taking control of the army and making everyone else that didn't agree to his decision and wasn't important for the kingdom the slave of the ones he thought of as worthy. Rebellions were being planned in secret but subsequently they were silenced before they could get in the king's way. He was trying to become the god of that land in a sense. Nobody knew the reason for the kind and benevolent king's change in behavior all of a sudden. Many small sectors were made in the kingdom that declared themselves independent and planned the overthrowing of the kingdom in open. The king didn't even bat an eye on them because of their numbers. Until one fateful day when a gaming match and a magician's performance, not the real one but just an entertainer, was scheduled live across mostly the whole kingdom including the king of course, at the same time. Two people gave death threats to the king on that very same day. Voicing it across the whole kingdom inside the walls. The player who won the competition and the magician who was giving his performance. Both of them were performing at two different stages that were at different corners of the country but the threat was issued at the same time. The people were shocked at the straightforwardness of the two. Before anyone could react, more than thirty buildings were blasted away. Panic arose in the kingdom. People who hated the king were having a hard time deciding whether or not were the two were on the side of the rebels or just another duo trying to walk the same path their king had walked. Armies searched cities and streets in search of those two in two different corners of the kingdom but little did they know, Both the gamer and the magician were none other than a single man. --------------------------- English isn't my first language so obviously my english isn't perfect but I will improve overtime.....probably. And if you find any grammatical error then I apologize for that beforehand. Also, the cover belongs to me.


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