The Legend Of Breakfire

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What is The Legend Of Breakfire

Read The Legend Of Breakfire novel written by the author _midnightsunshine_ on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system, genius, ceo, badboy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ashe lived her whole life hiding under the blankets, taking down notes at the back of her class, and secretly mastering coding in the corner of her room. She was never in the spotlight. Until, six boys from a forgotten VR Game somehow come to life. They all had one motive, to finish Systema Games. The shy girl is now forced to come out of her shell and assigned to kill the Death Six so that they won't destroy her father's gaming company forever. Too bad, Adrien unexpectedly gripped Ashe's heart. Will the scientific minded girl fall for him? Or will she face the truth and kill her first love to save her family? Join Ashe and the six boys along with a sassy bully in a game of trust, betrayal and secrets all in the name of love...which eventually turns into war. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adrien saw me looking and turned back, "Oh SHIT." He grabbed my hand, "Trust me okay?" he looked at me seriously. "Why am I supposed to trust- AHHH!" My question was cut short as he pulled me and we both started running in the night city of New York. I looked back and the five boys had broken into a run too, chasing us. And they were closing in, fast. I didn't know this when we were running, but that was the day my entire life changed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ashe, I have to tell you something." My heart tensed and I furrowed my eyebrows. "What is it?" My voice trembled. "You have to kill Adrien, Ashe." Will Ashe kill him for the safety of the world or choose to save him against all odds? Read to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warnings: -System world will start in Volume Two -This is a SLOW-BURN romance book. Romance will be there plenty, but won't be jumping right into love. Maybe at around Chapter 50. -So. The MC is a girl who starts with no belief in love. And if this isn't your cup of tea than thank you for coming till here, hope you find another good book. -Hate comments and Self Promotion will not be tolerated, though you can leave honest reviews and opinions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact me on Discord: _midnightsunshine_#6408 Go follow my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oneandonly_midnightsunshine/

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Diosa Mei · Urban
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39 Chs
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wow !!! Writing Quality is good, Story Development is awesome ! Properly updated and nice character designing ..


Truly amazing. This one is more fast paced and it feels like a roller coaster just three chapters in...super entertaining. Want more of Ashe and Adrien!


oh waw, just the second chaps and it goes BOOM, gotta give it five stars. Keep up the good work author! And goodluck on your WPC!! 💪💪💪💪💪


Amazing!!! A true demonstration of the state of the art with a great imagination and avant-grade skills. Really appreciate the way the author take this as an interesting journey, making it easy to read. A real master work !!!


I like how the story played out. Honestly, I've only read upto the first 2 chapters, but I've got to say, it's worth a read. 🙂 It isn't too descriptive, yet it creates a good image... I highly recommend this


Reveal spoiler


Wow. This book reads like an actual novel, the plot is super interesting well thought out. It definitely has a lot of potential. The author knows how to build scenes and background. And the cover is amazing. Keep up the nice work! :)


This is the new thing. Such a good story! Only two chapters in but it leaves you on your toes wanting for more! I love the MCs... so beautifully written, Author! Definitely worth the votes and adding to library.


Thanks Author for this creative story - liking what i read. 1. Good plot - the shoe flying out from the sky indeed created a whole new dimension and where the boys couldn’t kill Ashe even they slit her throat - good twist to plant in readers mind what works and what doesn’t VR vs reality depending which dimension they came from. 2. Adrien and Ashe - looking forward to see how they will evolve post the second meet at the mansion with Ashe given this mission now to eliminate the characters 3. Kai and the other boys (which name reminds me of Ninjago :) - interesting creativity on how they existed from a faulty game development and created chaos in public 4. Darren - looking to see how he will shoulder the responsibility and fix this - enjoy reading how the character was introduce and the glitch Looking fwd to see how the game would evolve in the story. Leveling up capability or weapon acquisition and collection for them to eliminate the characters and perhaps some of these characters evolve over time - exciting plot. All in all good job in bringing VR and n gamification into the world of writing. Keep up the good work!


l really don't know how the author write such goood stories. its too good that I keep thinking abt the next part of the story.


I LOVE IT SO MUCH ...the well prepared plot...the character designing .the whole theme ..I am so In love with this book..and not to forget the amazing writing quality.. I hope this author publishes more works of her own...a hard-core fan..waiting for more!!!


Reveal spoiler


I think its a good story personally. Straight into the action after a really short start up. This will surely turn into an action packed story and I do hope this book gets more attention.


I can’t say too much since it’s a starting novel, but what I will say is: it is a great start. Definitely action, mystery, and budding romance in just the first 2 chapters!! I am excited to see where it goes!


Wohooo this is amazing novel. I'm reading it currently. It's amazing. I'll like to recommend to readers to spend their time in reading this amazing novel. I would like to read it more. Keep updating. My support is with author. ALL THE BEST.


Love love love it. The chapters are interesting to read, and the characters are amazing and somewhat relatable. I highly recommend this novel for a bit of light reading, and I must admit, it is quite underrated.


wow beautiful written so fascinating to read great hi author keep it up.. so magnificent book I love the 1 chapter it's so cool totally a nice book over-all Great book. and a big fan of yours 😜🙂


Reveal spoiler


I loved it. I am amazed by the previous knowledge and background knowledge you have about the theme you have written about. Definitely something I will never be able to write about. . A gaming novel work with a wonderful explanation always attracts me. Good Job Author!!


I love this book. Wish all the best for the writer of this masterpiece. [img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend]


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