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Mc was stupidly retarded and socially inept at beginning of his life, but after living over for more than 1000 years and going through hardship and betrayals, he is ONLY retarded after transmigration. His first reaction after transmigration was screamed in joy even before confirming his surrounding and this dude is supposedly lived over 1k years and has killed countless people.

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this could be a good story if it went off the description but it doesn't . the start is inline , guy goes back before the world goes crazy with a system......but does he spend his time getting ready.. nope. there is very little system stuff or training. it devolves into a cliche filled young master type mc trying to manipulate women into his harem/slave system . an example is he says how after the world changes how there is wide spread starvation from lack of food so what does he do next he becomes part owner in a restaurant and then wants to start a chain of them. mc takes a poisoned ninja as a cooking disciple then gives him a system and talks about giving him his cultivation style since none are for sale in the shop but he doesn't then sends him to Africa to kill rebels . (later they are for sale somehow even though he didn't upgrade the system which he is scared to because he doesn't trust but he has been running around like an idiot trying to get friends/slaves/comrads?.. the story starts in a dark place, betrayed by family and friends and the killed . he is mad, angry and wants revenge , ok a good story start but what we get is a guy that makes drama every day chasing women and it gets so convoluted is silly, there is a kidnapping scheme that goes on for chapters that just makes you skip, read a few lines of each chapter to see if it's still taking place if so just go to next chapter till it was over. this mc should be training and getting xp every day but he doesn't, well he fights a lot but he just knocks them out .. but later finds out he gets more xp if he kills them lol this guy is supposed to me a 1k yr old emperor that has climbed through mountains of corpses but he just knocks people out that attack him... if you are bored and want to read a wannabe Japanese /Chinese cultivation story with chan this and chan that (only from the mc not anyone else) and just want a harem story go for it otherwise it's a waste of time even for toilet reading .


Horny, trashy mc? ✔ 1000 yo retard with brain like sieve ✔ sad past ✔ deserves everything that comes his way? ✔ Might have changed, I couldn't deal with this bs any longer. (11th chapter) 1st ever review, which is equally as bad as this novel. P.S. Author, I suggest reading couple of books about world building and actually thinking before describing characters. You've written about how mc is 1000 yo, yet behaves like a brat. I bet his 79 points in intelligence is probably his iq (His physical stats are like 0.6). He hates his family, even tho he behaves equally as bad towards other human beings.


I like this story so far. Not like your typical cultivation story where you get drug buffed by random ass plants (is that the right way to say it?) and isn’t always cultivating and shit. Also I like the way he’s taking revenge on Tina. Good job


Tbh i enjoy harrm novels but Not novels where the mc just thinks with his dong. Our mc gets betrayed by his closest brothers and actual brother who tells him his harem of wives all cucked him and his First thought in class is to add his fucking Teacher to his harem not even prepare from The Apocalypse thats about to happen. fck this shit man, this mc is worse than a fucking animal at least animals think about survival before trying fck eachother


The story is pretty average and the plot development contradicts the character psychology and development. Its a SMUT disguised as a retarded MC revenge story.


it's bad. The description was interesting and the first chapter was good but the moment he lands back in time, we get the cliche young master wanting women scenario. His focus should be to raise his strength instead of hitting on women right of the bat. Honestly, there are 100s of novels like this one out there. Not original in the slightest. MC is literally a moron which holds true from the first chapter title. all in all, it's bad.


won't beat around the bush mc doesn't seem mature for a guy who build a empire and the fact that hes like any perverted kid suchs I mean the first thing he thought about was girls not to get stronger but girls I can't take this type of harem bruh you need strength before you think about those shit and he should know that I think you need to reread your story now like how it's at 100+ chapters and see even though you have your view point it's just like every bad harem we see now a days shameless and perverted mc won't give this a bad review but wont give it 5 stars for a revenge story it started way too wrong your back in the past and you think with your dick first without the system constant mock that the mc is weak for a 10000 year old dude it's kinda sa


smh you shouldn't went premium you need to fix up your story and get better reviews in the comments section before making people have to pay to read you already have one story on that you should have used this one to grow that's all I had to say I saw improvement in the last couple chapters but now i wont know if your going to improve anymore


Okay. It had a nice start but it went downhill from there. The writing flow, thought process and actions of the mc and others just don't make no sense in addition to being cringey. The flow is just haphazard although there are some good bits and pieces here and there. Dropping.


tried really hard to make it past the first chapter. really, I did. the grammar made my eyes bleed and bled, due to inability to stick to present or past tense, and the blonde man with the katana and many wives made me cringe so hard that my father felt it. along with mc's inability to draw even the simplest only conclusions and the never ending train if tropes running their own train on my eyes, I couldn't make it. OP, please download grammar.ly or MS word with spell check, please. your product would be infinitely better even without proof reading.


mossssst stupid mossssst idiot arrogant MC i have ever seen **** you author [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


This is so bad and very cringe to read and every one in this novel is a scum and the biggest of them all is MC. Well it's my opinion of this novel and some people might enjoy it.


The overall story was alright. Just alright. Nothing really notable. The path of revenge, but it makes you feel rather, made me feel not satisfying at all. Even with 1000 years of life experience going through blood shed, betrayal, and feeling the intent of death during the MC years, you really can tell he does not act like his true age at all, so rather than a thousand years the age would make more sense of his true age being about 30, maybe even less. Rather weird to be honest as I read, granted I stopped at chapter 80 I believe as I just left it at that, getting some of his revenge was not satisfying towards the reader. Don't get me wrong I am not attacking the author, he writes well, grammer is good, but the ultimate premise of the story as a whole just feels like an empty shell that does not give you any reward on to reading any further. When getting the so called "slaves" for his revenge, the writing makes you feel bland, if you came for r-18 there is hardly any in the beginning as the author just skips the scenes but puts other character scenes in? Weird right? Anyway later at the end it starts to be picked up in the category for the MC, if your coming for revenge its Fine. I recommend reading a couple chapters first to get your views on this book. These are my thoughts and opinions on this book, not the worst I read but will easily be blotted out in time...


You really always make me excited to look forward to the next chapter, whatever it is, thank you for your efforts and hard work, keep your passion for work and hopefully you will always be given health to keep writing


Reveal spoiler


I am not sure what the mc has to do once he returns according to the author but i read all the chapters and seem to understand that even though mc keeps saying that he wants become stronger and making plans for that he never seems to be in a hurry he is more bent on small revenge and money making... i maybe wrong with how the story would be after this but he is more sadistic than an mc needs to be even though he said he would be demon if need be...


My review after six chapters: Good author tone. The book has kept me captivated already. I already like Eric and waiting to see how the plot develops. Will write another review after reading 20 more chapters [img=update][img=update]


The start of the story may be off putting to some people but the development is good. you gotta keep on reading if you wanna get to the good parts that'll keep you hooked.


The MC is like: "What a pathetic way to die, after getting this second chance at life. It was just super-duper lame, dying in a motel, drawn into a heart-shaped bath." So i dropped chapter 20.