4 Chapter 4: Nostalgia and status

It was truly a peculiar sight if we might call it like that.

Just imagine being in the first lesson in university, in the middle of the lesson, you stand up from your sleeping position, and scream 'YEEEESSSSSSS, I DID IT, I AM BACK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!'

Besides peculiar what can you say to describe such a situation?

Everyone in the class was stunned for some time. The guts it took to scream like that in the middle of the class, while the teacher explains the lesson.

After that weird eerie silence moment, nobody knew who, but someone started to laugh, and the whole class followed his example.

Eric was a new student in the faculty of economics at Tokyo University. He had come from a small country to developed Japan, with his family in the search of a better life.

Doing something like this, in the first lesson in his new university, he truly was starting this on a bad foot. But there was nothing he could do about it now.

The only thing he could do was turn towards the blackboard and look towards the class teacher. He had really missed looking at her.

While the teacher looked at him with an angry look on her face, as if she would start devouring this kid, who had the guts to scream like that in her lesson, Eric was looking at her with nostalgia.

The best, and most beautiful woman professor in his university, Tatsuya Minami.

Tatsuya Minami was a beautiful black-haired woman, in her late twenties. She had finished her bachelor's degree, masters, and Ph.D. at a record age of 26, a true genius.

She had oceanic blue eyes and a beautiful oval-shaped face. Her eyes were a magnet for any man's look, which was strange considering her hourglass figure.

She was a true piece of art, with that thin waist of hers and those bountiful assets.

Today she was wearing a tight black skirt, alongside a white shirt, buttoned all over to her neck, with black stocking and comfortable shoes.

Truly worthy of her title, 'The Goddess of Tokyo University'.

Looking at her, Eric was lost for a few moments, it had been a long time since he saw her for the last time.

He woke up from his reverie state only when the person behind him pulled his shirt, and said,

Random guy:" Oy, don't stare at her like that. She is talking to you."

It was clear that he wasn't a friendly fellow, but Eric didn't care about this guy's attitude. He was just a side character in his new life. He didn't even turn his head behind to know who it was.

Thinking about what happened only a few moments ago, he immediately said in a sorry look,

Eric:" I am really sorry Professor, I made such a scene and caused a ruckus in your lesson. I am really sorry and apologize for my rude actions."

In this apologizing, he didn't say the reason why or how it happened he just apologized in a masterful way. He didn't even bow to her like the custom was.

But who could blame him, he was a foreigner in this class, he didn't necessarily know their customs.

You could say that it was a perfect example of apologizing without mentioning the fault.

The Professor Tatsuya Minami seeing his sorry look, and hearing his apology, decided to not bother much about it, and said calmly,

Tatsuya Minami:" Don't worry since this is our first lesson, I am going to pretend like it didn't happen, but I do expect to see you in my office later."

After all, even though what he said wasn't directed to her, she still had to reprimand him a bit about his conduct.

Saying that she turned once again to explain the lesson.

Eric had a face as he had just avoided a missile! To him, it was truly a close call.

In his previous life, this Goddess teacher was really strict with her students, and nobody could bear her anger.

It could be said that this was a special case for him in both of his lives if we can say like that.

In the previous future he had lived through, her life had been a misery after that S-day.

When her normal people and especially her students were given power, they started revealing their dark wishes, and dark sides.

It was precisely one of her students, or more correctly the as*hole behind him, that using that strength and power, had kidnapped her and r*ped her for more than 20 days in a row.

Probably it would have continued for much longer, if on that day she hadn't found a sharp object in the darkroom she had been living in, and kill the unprepared guy.

But after all her suffering in his hands, and the psychological trauma of killing a person, especially this person being her own student, she also killed herself a little time later.

If he could in this life he wouldn't let that happen. He would save this goddess from her misery, and why not make her, his woman.

After all with her body and looks, what man wouldn't try to make a move on her? But of course, he wouldn't force her to anything, she would have to accept first.

Which meant, that he had to make use of his experience of around 1000 years with women. But, right now was a stupid thing to try and make a hit on her.

Thinking like this he remembered the first true love he had in the university, in his past future, and slowly turned his head to his right to see her.

She was the one who gave him the courage and strength to fight in that accursed world, after the S-day.

But, he hadn't been able to turn back her favor when she so much needed it, he couldn't save her from death.

He had felt responsible for her death all his life, in his previous life, but he wouldn't do the same mistake ever again. This time he would not only save her but make her the happiest woman on earth.

She would be his first Lady, Yoshida Gina.

She was a beautiful girl with blackish-brown hair and brown eyes that could bewitch every man on the face of the earth.

With a beautiful face and a perfect body, a little too perfect for her age with really nice curves that she hid under her saggy clothes, and those ugly glasses that make her almost invisible to the others.

In his previous future, he had been able to see that beautiful, hot body of hers because she was the first woman for him.

She had given her first time, to the idiot kid he was back then.

She was a perfect combination of gentleness, shyness on the outside, and the fiery, strong, and tough girl on the inside.

She had been his pillar of hope when he was in his lowest moments. Just looking into her big eyes, he could find the courage to fight this filthy world.

It was truly a wonder of nature and psychology, how that girl found her strength and helped him get stronger too, in that environment.

But that didn't matter anymore, now he finally had an opportunity to be even with her. Now he had an opportunity to gift her, the happiness she deserved.

That didn't mean he would just keep her in a crystal box, no he wouldn't do that mistake anymore. This time he would train all his women, and family to be overlords beside him.

In this way, even in the unfortunate way he died, at least they could still continue living their lives in peace.

Of course, at the same time, if someone was rude to them, or tried anything funny… Well, the worms and bacteria would have some extra company underground.

He had already suffered once the thought of someone hurting and doing bad stuff to women, he would never let that thought pass over again.

He had already made the determination, that in this life, he would become the strongest and wouldn't allow anyone to touch his women of his family.

Of course, his filthy stepmother and that worm he had for a half-big-brother weren't part of his family.

Anyway now it was not the time to think about this.

Now it was the time for him to start from the start, and the first thing to do was look at his stats.

Even though he was prepared for the worst, seeing his status he had the wish to scream again but this time cursing at himself for being such a weak, useless fool.

Saying status in front of him opened the status page with his stats in it,

Eric:" Status!"

Name: Eric Jade

Race: High human (blocked-5%)

Level: 0

Exp: 0/10

Strength: 0.6

Dexterity: 0.5

Vitality: 0.8

Agility: 0.4

Intelligence: 73

Luck: 92

Skills: None

Equipments: None

Cultivation Techniques: None

He was truly weak, weaker than any of the boys his age that was for sure. That was truly a letdown, but there was no choice for it.

Even in the previous life, he had to work so hard, just to get in shape to get started.

That was why now was not the time to complain he had to find more about his system.

Thinking about the interface of his system in front of him showed a window with three possibilities to select.




The system in his previous life, had two roles to chose from, Adventurer and Lord, but this one didn't have anything of that.

He had no occupation at the moment in this system, but that didn't matter much, probably this meant he was a free-lancer which was a better idea.

Thinking like that he opened the Mission window…


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