The Legacy System

What would happen if someday, someone gave humans the opportunity to have the power of the legends? Total Chaos! That's the answer to that, people started killing, r*ping, extorting and torturing, to become the strongest. In such a world, a nerd like Eric became one of the strongest. With the resolve of a better life for his family, his loved ones, he managed to flip his destiny around, and become the strongest, and built his Empire. He went so far, that he was close to ascending to the Immortal World, that world of dreams. His story looks like one of a fairytale, but a fairytale it's not. Just as he was about to ascend, he was betrayed and killed, by his closest friends, and his half-brother. At the death's door, he learned about his brother's atrocities, but his time had finished. If only he had another chance! If only he could have another shot at life! He would definitely live differently! But could he!? . . . At that moment his soul was transferred into a black space!

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Chapter 1: Prologue of a dying Moron

In the middle of the Amazon forest, in one of the ancient towers of the Maya tribes, there is a blonde man looking around 23 years old, but with an age close to a millennium, staying out in the rain.

The sky is gloomy and rain is falling down as if wanting to flood the whole forest.

Everything seems to have stopped moving, time itself seemed to have stopped for a moment.

The blonde man is staying in front of the temple, with his wet hair flowing with the wind, hearing, and feeling every drop fall down and make contact with his skin.

In front of him, there are standing 4 people with malicious looks.

3 of those people were supposed to be his friends, and the last one was his one and true blood brother.

Even those friends, were supposed to be his life or die brothers, which had fought beside him many times since that fortunate and cursed day.

But even at this moment, seeing them ready to butcher him, and at the same time feeling the cold steel of the knife stabbed on his back, the blonde young man didn't lose his courage or focus.

Pulling out the dagger from his ribs, he looked at it and could see the shining poison on its blade.

Seeing that knife in his ribs and the poison on it, infuriated him and gave him more strength and fury, to face this supposed to be brothers of his and kill them.

He would never allow these traitors to leave this place alive.

The only thing he regretted was leaving his family alone in this cruel world, his wives and kids that were living in this world under his shadow.

If he left this world, then their future was sure to be really dark. It was sure to be a life where death would be the better option.

Their life would become misery, not only from his enemies but also from all the idiots that lusted after them.

He regretted.

He regretted not training them.

He regretted not giving them something to protect themselves when he was not there. But, there was nothing he could do about it now.

The only thing he could do was take the cheap lives of these traitors in front of him.

Grabbing the katana on his waist, he jumped forward with blinking steps like a madman, towards his supposed to be 'brothers'.

Not expecting such an outcome after stabbing him in the back, and also with the poison on his system, they had no time to protect themselves.

Furthermore, that insane burst of speed at the last moments before death was something that no one expected.

This was the reason, that in just one swing of the katana three heads rolled down as if cutting apples, and not three beings close to becoming Gods.

His brother in front of him looked at him with a startled look. He looked at him as if he was a monster.

He never expected such a burst of power from his little brother. But this situation was still in his favor.

His little brother had no more strength left and the three people he would kill later were already dead.

Thinking like this he was happy and with a contemptuous and hateful look. And then said full of hatred,

Michael:" You know 'little brother'.."

Making a vomiting sound, 'blew' he continued with his speech,

Michael:" Actually more like a little bastard, I and my mother have never liked you. You were a burden for us.

Just like that useless father of ours."

Then with a smirking look, he continued,

Michael:" Should I tell you a secret little bastard?

The one who killed our useless father was me and my mother. He trembled until his last breath and asked her to take care of you.

The only reason we kept you after his death, was because to us you were just a free servant."

Then he started laughing like a madman. He was laughing like a psycho, but still continued to say,

Michael:" We enjoyed how much you tried to be part of our family, seeing you do everything so you could keep that stupid connection you thought you had.

It happened for more than 5 years and you never seemed to give up. I got to say it little sh*t you were truly resilient and stubborn.

I got to give it to you for that."

Then with an even psychotic laugh, he continued,

Michael:" And then after that day, after S-day you worked so hard to build our dynasty, you worked so hard for us thinking us as your family.

So we thought we had just stricken gold, and we just enjoyed the fruits of your hard work. But, we never liked you. We couldn't stand the sight of you.

But we needed you as a servant to live a comfortable life.

Your presence was truly a hateful blessing. You were like a puppy that would do anything for us."

Then his psychotic laugh took a lusty undertone and he said,

Michael:" But, but, you know what the best part was?

Your wives were truly fiery in bed, they tried so hard to resist my approaches, but you would never listen to them. Isn't that fun?"

At this moment he stopped for a moment to look at the blood-red angry face of his brother, who was screaming,

Eric:" You motherfu*keeeerrrrr… I will kill you…"

But Michael didn't seem to mind his words he just continued saying with his psychotic lusty laugh,

Michael:" Well I don't know if I can deny being one, but anyway, what's truly pumping me right now, is having all that was yours to be mine, everything.

Wouldn't that be a fantastic view?

Ahhh, I am getting so turned on just by thinking over it."

Saying that he continued to laugh like a madman like this was the best moment of his all life.

On the other hand, Eric's voice had become hoarse after all that screaming. He didn't expect this to be the bitter truth of all his life.

He had done so much for this half-brother of his, and for that woman that married his father, after his mother's death.

He had never loved her or been close to her. But at least they had to respect all his work and all his sacrifice to keep together their family.

That was his father's last wish. He had done so much for them, and this family. He had also left the throne to his brother just to keep this family together.

But now in the end he discovered the bitter truth that that family had never existed.

He had worked like a donkey and sacrificed like a Buddha for people who never considered him family.

But not there was no way to resolve all this, he had to surrender in front of this cruel fate.

Just as he was still thinking about this cruel fate and destiny, he suffered a stabbing pain in his stomach. It was truly painful, not only physically but also spiritually and mentally.

At this moment he couldn't even say that his life had a meaning.

In front of him, his brother was turning the knife he stabbed with and laughed like a madman. While he heard messages,

'Host is stabbed with a poisonous knife, Host is losing 1100hp for a second, Estimated time of host dying 1 min 30 sec.'

It was truly cruel, his half-brother was trying to kill him slowly and painfully, enjoying his torture.

Coughing a bit of bad blood, Eric looked towards his half-brother deep in the eyes and said with a whisper, because he couldn't talk properly,

Eric:" You seem to have forgotten dear brother, but they say that 'the body of a starved camel is still bigger than a horse'.

As soon as he finished his words, he didn't even allow his half brother to get stunned at his words, and activated his hidden unique skill, Devil heal.

This skill healed him of any alignment, no matter how grave it was for a period of 30 seconds, but in exchange caused him 50.000hp damage and terrible pain.

Activating his skill, his katana just sliced through the wind and rain, but now there was another head on the ground.

He had killed his hateful half-brother in just one move of his katana.

Feeling as if his task had been accomplished, the blonde man couldn't stay on his feet anymore. He fell down with his head was on the ground.

Down there, on the ground, he could smell the fresh smell of the moist ground, the rage of the wind, and rain trying to make this situation even more dramatic.

Smelling this, he started to remember his life before that cursed day, when the whole world started to change, and human beings turned into the apocalypse of their own self, and their own world.

He remembered the smiling faces of his family members. Even though he had a huge harem of wives, he had been able to have only one son, and that was only recently.

Who would want to give birth in this destroyed world after all? Especially after they could live for thousands of years.

He remembered the face of those beautiful angels he had fallen in love with and were his resolve to fight against this new world, and his wish to become a God in order to protect them.

But everything seemed useless now, everything seemed just an illusion.

To make matters worse at that moment he heard that accursed sound of his system…


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