568 Chapter 568


What should I do...? I stretched out my hand and touched his pale hand. Pressing his valley point between the thumb and forefinger, I wondered if he had an upset stomach after eating something in the living room earlier.

<Black Rain> was indeed groundbreaking but too suspenseful to watch while eating something. It was also PG15. Therefore, he might be feeling a little sick eating and watching the show at the same time.

Yeo Dan oppa shook his head wordlessly, then leaned his forehead on my shoulder. What's really wrong with him today? He's acting like a baby. Sweeping his hair back with my fingers, I tossed him a question.

"Were you stressed out today at school? Is that why you skipped the evening self-study session?"

He shook his head from side to side.

"Did something happen at school?"

Again, he shook his head no.


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