11 Chapter 11


His name was Eun Kyum for real? Wait, he literally had the name that appeared so commonly in web novels?

Then I realized he would not remain as an extra. He would take a bigger role sooner or later. Eun Kyum! His name alone proved this hypothesis to be a fact! It seemed he would be the villain. The worst of them all! The final villain ever.

I looked at him from head to toe. I was shedding tears and biting my lips tightly. They looked so confused as I cried out. I couldn't blame them. He gave his name after a girl asked it, then she suddenly began crying. I was, however, very serious.

I, of course, knew this would happen someday. The day when I would drearily walk off the limelight as my body perished by the villain's blade…

Disregarding Ban Yeo Ryung as she held my hands disconcertedly, I kept crying and asked, "Will I be beaten up to death?"



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