130 You Look Ugly

At Sy mansion, the head of the family released a heavy deep sigh while he looked at all the empty seats on the dining table.

"It feels so lonely eating dinner alone in such a gigantic house despite having three children and a daughter-in-law as well! How dare the two of them work till late at the same time! Are they trying to ignore this old man together?" Senior Sy mumbled pertaining to Jorge and Miley. Gracy was not back as well, saying she would have dinner with her uncle.

*Cough *Cough *Cough

Jorge suddenly started coughing, and then Miley followed. 

"Father must be complaining for being left alone," Miley muttered as she drank water to ease the sudden itchiness of her throat.

"Next time let's avoid going out for dinner like this while Liam is not at home. Or maybe we can eat dinner with father, then sneak out later for a cup of coffee together." Jorge commented while he gently stroked Miley's back.


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