110 Ugly And Stinky

The Sy's headed back to the mansion after the warm lunch with Lana and Liam to celebrate their wedding. Jorge dropped their father first back at the mansion, then he dismissed Andrew to drive the car directly to the cinema with Miley.

"Today is the premiere of the zombie movie you were waiting for, so let's watch that. I don't understand why you love such types of movies. It's too harsh and gross…" Jorge commented while his eyes were fixed on the road.

"I love thrills, you know that. I love it when my hair goes up and my heart would almost jump out of my chest with horror." Miley lazily mumbled. She remembered how Jorge often turned down her request to accompany her in such kinds of movies, complaining about how gruesome those movies were. 

He hated those kinds of movies. Miley had a lopsided grin when she imagined how terrified Jorge would be later on during the movie. 

"Whatever it is that makes you happy Miley," she heard Jorge say that energetically. 


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