102 Treasure Me Love

Lana and Liam returned to the hospital as soon as they received their marriage certificate.

"Are you staying in the hospital tonight?" Liam asked while they walked in the hallway.

"Probably, but I have to get some things from my house before that..." Lana informed him.

When they entered the room, Mrs. Huang was watching the television.

Mrs. Huang's face brightened, seeing Liam was still with Lana. He had a distinct air of happiness around him and his eyes sparkled. 

"Dear, later take Liam for dinner and go home to rest. I really can manage. You can come back tomorrow once you have properly rested." Mrs. Huang commented, seeing Lana grabbing some apples to peel and cut for her. 

But she saw Liam immediately approached Lana and took the fruits from her, then signaled to Lana to go to her. The two looked so adorable that she could not help but giggle.


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