The Law of Attraction

It all started with a stolen kiss on their first encounter. [Warning: Mature content *NO rape and NO major misunderstanding!] Status: COMPLETED ****** “Miss Lana Huang… Expect a notice of harassment on your doorway soon…” That was what Lana got for kissing a stranger to save herself from an unwanted arranged marriage. “As far as I remember, you kissed me back fiercely and even dominated the entire kiss. You clearly had enjoyed your moment with me, so please don’t make it sound like I took undue advantage of you! And I told you, I’m ready to compensate you!” “And how do you plan to do that, huh?” Liam stepped closer, trying to intimidate the proud woman who did not even bat an eyelid under his suffocating pressure. Lana stepped backwards a few steps, raised her hand and growled, “Stop right there Attorney Sy if you don’t wanna taste the pain of getting kicked on your balls after getting kissed!” ***** Meet Lana Huang, a proud woman who climbed the ladder of success in her career. A lawyer and a bold woman, exceptionally beautiful to make men dream and drool for her. Love was the last thing on her schedule because she was a man hater… But fate wanted to play a trick on her as she unintentionally kissed Liam Sy, a wealthy, powerful and arrogant man. A lawyer by profession, fame and success followed wherever he went. A fierce attorney who won every case he put his hands on. Pride ran in his blood and love was not on his agenda because he was a woman hater... What would happen when these two... handsome and beautiful, proud and stubborn, woman-hater and man-hater... come together and get involved into a marriage? Welcome to a whirlwind of romance between these two - a roller coaster ride of love when it got mixed up with pride, jealousy, stubbornness and hate… Face slapping? Why not!  Surely you would love to follow their journey where both took the risk of falling in love… A journey of hate turning into love... ================ Author's Note: Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. This is absolutely a happy ending. Many thanks in advance for your support. With Lots of Love, EUSTOMA_reyna Other Books: The CEO Who Hates Me (completed) The General Who Hates Me (completed) The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed) Kiss Me Not (in writing) The Untamed: Game of Hearts The Crown's Entrapment contact me at: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PNGkTUy twitter: @EUSTOMA_reyna instagram: eustoma_reyna Facebook Page: @eustoma.reyna Book cover is mine... cover art by ava_arts38 (instagram)

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Stir Up A Fight

Lana had a tiring day, but it was worth it. She thoroughly enjoyed studying all the cases and making a summary report for them all. 

She stood up from her chair and came into Liam's room to give him all those reports she had worked on. She then just kept everything on Liam's table as he was not there at that moment.

Liam's office was empty. She heard Liam was in a meeting. She surveyed the office with her keen eyes and walked forward towards the most eye-catching part of the room, the glass wall towards the city, and devoured the overwhelming view of the bustling city through the glass wall.

She inhaled a long breath and smiled with determination to work with all her might and have her own office like Liam's someday. Her smile faded a little because she knew that she still had a long, long way to go to make an established name like Liam. She knew buying an office as grand as this was, was also easy, but building a name for people to look up to you and trust you to handle their cases was not an effortless task to achieve.

She had always dreamt to start her journey of success with no help as a lawyer… She wanted to experience everything from scratch, taking no help from her mother or her wealth.

Lana came out of all her dreams soon and then left the office when secretary Mian told her she needed not to wait for Liam. 

Meanwhile, Miss Tang was still killing time in Atty. Cha's office, baffled with how politely Liam threw her out of his office. She could not help but keep flaring the flames of her anger the more she thought about it all. 

"Attny. Cha, that woman, I forgot what's her name, some Ms. Huang… How come she got the opportunity to sit in the same office, in fact the same room as the CEO? Isn't this a bit much for an intern? I didn't know that the Sy Law Firm plays favorites nowadays. I doubt she is someone with a big backer also to be getting that attention for herself?" Darly heard Miss Tang scoff while he read some articles and the useless case about Miss Tang.

He almost choked on his own saliva when he heard those words from her and timidly looked at Miss Tang, who was eagerly waiting for his answer. 

'She's the woman our CEO has a scandal with so I guess they are close enough to share the same room. She might even be sleeping in his bed very soon if this continued… Haha,' Daryl silently answered but gave Miss Tang a know nothing look instead.

"I can't answer you about it, Miss Tang. Why don't you take time and ask our CEO directly about that, he must be the right one to answer this." Daryl answered with half a smile on his face. 

His eyes scanned Miss Tang from top to bottom and admired her enchanting beauty once again; he must say that he was controlling himself with all his efforts to ask for a selfie with her. She was one of the well-known artists in their country today, although he was still of course, a solid BRIONE fan, his superstar, a selfie wouldn't make him infidel.

Miss Tang twitched her mouth on his answer, because Liam already answered her with a very clear idiom! 'His intern will peel him alive' which clearly meant that the two of them had some kind of relationship. 

Miss Tang gritted her teeth and another bout of anger erupted in her heart. 'Too bad for you lowly b*tch, because I am the woman who always gets what she wants, and Liam, Liam is the man I want!'

She even happily got herself slandered so she could have a way to get close to Liam Sy, her dream man, whom she had first met in a beauty pageant she joined two years ago where Liam was one of the judges. He was the reason she worked so hard to achieve this success and climbed up to where she was now. 

"Is there no way to get Liam to handle my case personally?" Miss Tang insisted, still irritated with the fact that Liam had handed her case to another attorney.

"Hmm, maybe you can try again tomorrow? Or maybe find a way to convince him later. But I'm really hurt by it, Miss Tang. Don't you trust me enough?" Daryl jested.

Miss Tang laughed and apologised, "I didn't mean that Atty. Cha, but my girlish heart is asking for Atty. Sy…"

Finally, Miss Tang got up to leave and Atty. Cha escorted her to the hallway.

Meanwhile, Lana was also on her way out when she unfortunately bumped into Miss Tang at the ground floor of the building.

"Oh, Miss Huang! How was your first day?" Daryl greeted her as soon as he saw her. They had already met and talked for a while with each other during the orientation and Lana found the man very friendly and approachable.

Lana smiled and said, "Good Atty. Cha. Thank you. Looks like you are also going home." 

"Oh no, not yet, Miss Tang here was leaving, and I just wanted to escort her to the elevator." Daryl explained and Lana nodded, not even bothering with a look at the woman who was busy throwing daggers and giving her a scrutinizing gaze.

"Atty. Cha, Isn't she the intern who has seduced Liam and is now taking advantage of him? Look at her cheap clothes… Since when did Sy law firm start recruiting people from such inferior status? I really don't understand how your company accepts interns these days… I guess you guys would have special credentials for someone to be able to sit inside the CEO's room." Miss Tang leered, obviously trying to stir up a fight.

Daryl was caught off guard and he gave Lana with an apologising look and shrugged his shoulders. 'Geez! These love struck, jealous women!' he inwardly cried, but heaved a long sigh of relief seeing Lana was calm and even gave him a comforting look.

"See you tomorrow Atty. Cha." Lana bid her farewell and pushed the button to call the elevator. 

As the elevator came, she went inside and pressed the button to go to the basement parking. She pushed the close button, but the elevator doors did not close. She saw Miss Tang standing with her leg in the door's way. 

Miss Tang was extremely offended and furious after being ignored by Lana like she did not exist! She deliberately went in the same elevator with Lana to teach her a lesson. Darly gulped, watching the elevator doors closed. He wondered what could happen inside.

As soon as the door of the elevator closed she turned towards Lana and barked, "Who do you think you are, bitch? How dare such a nobody like you ignore me? What cheap tricks did you play to make Liam fall for someone lowly like you, huh?" Miss Tang exclaimed, red in anger.

Lana tried her best to stay calm and ignored her. She thanked God that the elevator doors opened up as soon as Miss Tang finished berating her. She calmly stepped out and started walking.

Miss Tang followed her and stood in front of her and blocked her way. "Are you not doing this for fame and money? Tell me how much money you will take to leave Liam alone? And I promise I will get you some good modeling contracts to make you famous as well. Just go the F*ck out of Liam's life." 

Lana stared at her in amusement for a while, then scoffed and grabbed her mobile phone from her bag. She dialed Liam's number and kept the speaker phone on while his phone rang. She met Miss Tang's piercing eyes…

"Yes?" Liam answered her call.

"Love… are you busy?"

Liam was shocked to hear Lana's words and could not reply to her immediately. 'Love... is she serious?'

"Love, please can you come and help me for a bit? Miss Tang is following me and I think she really wants you to handle her case personally…" Lana answered in her sweetest tone.

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