The Law of Attraction

It all started with a stolen kiss on their first encounter. [Warning: Mature content *NO rape and NO major misunderstanding!] Status: COMPLETED ****** “Miss Lana Huang… Expect a notice of harassment on your doorway soon…” That was what Lana got for kissing a stranger to save herself from an unwanted arranged marriage. “As far as I remember, you kissed me back fiercely and even dominated the entire kiss. You clearly had enjoyed your moment with me, so please don’t make it sound like I took undue advantage of you! And I told you, I’m ready to compensate you!” “And how do you plan to do that, huh?” Liam stepped closer, trying to intimidate the proud woman who did not even bat an eyelid under his suffocating pressure. Lana stepped backwards a few steps, raised her hand and growled, “Stop right there Attorney Sy if you don’t wanna taste the pain of getting kicked on your balls after getting kissed!” ***** Meet Lana Huang, a proud woman who climbed the ladder of success in her career. A lawyer and a bold woman, exceptionally beautiful to make men dream and drool for her. Love was the last thing on her schedule because she was a man hater… But fate wanted to play a trick on her as she unintentionally kissed Liam Sy, a wealthy, powerful and arrogant man. A lawyer by profession, fame and success followed wherever he went. A fierce attorney who won every case he put his hands on. Pride ran in his blood and love was not on his agenda because he was a woman hater... What would happen when these two... handsome and beautiful, proud and stubborn, woman-hater and man-hater... come together and get involved into a marriage? Welcome to a whirlwind of romance between these two - a roller coaster ride of love when it got mixed up with pride, jealousy, stubbornness and hate… Face slapping? Why not!  Surely you would love to follow their journey where both took the risk of falling in love… A journey of hate turning into love... ================ Author's Note: Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. This is absolutely a happy ending. Many thanks in advance for your support. With Lots of Love, EUSTOMA_reyna Other Books: The CEO Who Hates Me (completed) The General Who Hates Me (completed) The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed) Kiss Me Not (in writing) The Untamed: Game of Hearts The Crown's Entrapment contact me at: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PNGkTUy twitter: @EUSTOMA_reyna instagram: eustoma_reyna Facebook Page: @eustoma.reyna Book cover is mine... cover art by ava_arts38 (instagram)

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Spare Room

The next morning, Lana woke up early to get ready and report at Liam's office well in time. After giving careful thought and analysing things at hand, she decided to proceed and accept Liam's offer.

She did a thorough research on Liam the night before and came to a conclusion that Liam was a man of ethics and he was the type of person who would never back down from his words. If he took a person for his enemy he would relax only after completely destroying that person. So she decided that for her own advantage and safety, it would be best not to make him her nemesis, act according to his proposal and keep calm as much as possible.

As usual, it only took Lana less than an hour to get ready. She took a while to decide on what to wear, standing in front of her wardrobe. Until finally, she selected a piece that Keira gifted her. She loved every one of those because she received a lot from her. Keira had a great taste in fashion and she must say that everything did fit her perfectly and looked good on her.

Lana picked an elegant business formal, v-neck, bodycon sheath split, knee length blue dress. She looked like a classic, graceful professional who seemed poised to take on the entire world in her stride.

She inhaled a lot of air after parking her car in the basement and tried to calm down her racing heart. Then exhaled loudly before going out of her car. She went inside the building and was surprised that the guard did not question her and instead greeted her politely.

Bemused, Lana proceeded to the private elevator secretary Mian said that was usually used to go straight to Liam's office.

Her eyebrows raised with amazement when the guard posted at the elevator seemed to be expecting her.

"Good morning Miss Huang," he greeted and pressed the thirtieth floor without even waiting for her to ask for it. Lana greeted him back with a timid smile.

'Was he expecting me already?' she mused inside the elevator. Seemed Liam already endorsed her enough, or probably it was his secretary or assistant who did that.

As soon as the elevator stopped, Lana stepped out and was greeted and escorted by the receptionist to secretary Mian's area. Soon after she saw assistant Jorge coming out from his office.

"Hello Miss Huang. Let me formally introduce myself to you. I'm Jorge Grey, Liam's executive assistant." Jorge extended his hand and Lana accepted it with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you Sir." she answered, showing respect to her superior.

Jorge laughed and said, "You can call us with our names Lana. That's really fine. I feel like an old hag if I'm called sir."

'Besides I believe we'll be getting close enough very soon,' he mused sensing the positivity he felt about Lana entering their firm and into Liam's life.

Lana nodded in understanding.

"Mian, I will brief Lana while Liam is still in the meeting…" Jorge informed Mian who answered him with a nod.

"Lana, please follow me��" Jorge instructed and Lana did. He guided her to the room adjacent to Liam's office and said, "This will be your sitting area."

"You mean… I will sit inside his office?" she gasped in shock because in order to reach the adjacent room, she had to pass by Liam's office and there was no other way.

Jorge laughed and said, "Yes you will. It's a spare room in Liam's office. You will be trained under his strict supervision. You're lucky you know, because you're the first intern that Liam had ever considered to get trained directly under him."

Lana was shocked but was too overwhelmed with that. She felt too excited at the thought that the best lawyer in their country would be her mentor.

"Well maybe not that lucky also, since Liam can be tough most of the time. But he's a good guy though at times you may feel that he's a difficult man to get along with… It's all because he has…"

"Jorge!" Lana and Jorge were both startled by that yell, loud enough to echo in the entire office.

Jorge's face cringed hearing that voice, because Liam hated it whenever his past was brought in front of others, explaining the reasons of his aloofness.

Jorge quickly lifted his lips up and defended, "Oh I was just briefing Lana in here. I will quickly take my leave now…"

He immediately rushed through the doorway before he choked with Liam's deadly glare.

Liam looked at Lana and plainly said, "I hope you have already settled in. If you need anything just ask Mian or Jorge. From now on you will follow wherever I go if you want to learn well. You are free not to if you don't want though…"

Liam turned around and was about to leave when Lana called, "Excuse me sir…"

His ears enlarged at that and Liam immediately turned and said, "Call me Liam when we are not with other employees except those on this floor."

"Oh okay, noted. Can I just ask if there are also blinds here?" Lana directly asked because she was too uncomfortable with the transparent glass wall where Liam could see her every move.

Liam kneaded his brows and simply answered, "Unfortunately my office is the only one with blinds."

He quickly turned around, leaving Lana alone, with a smirk on his face.

"Seriously?" Lana mumbled as she settled her bag and sat on the chair. Her table was equipped with a laptop, printer, tablet and other things she could need and use in her work. She looked around and was impressed by how spacious her area was.

'Well it's a spare room in his office.' she thought. She was startled when the intercom buzzed and heard Liam's voice from his office.

"Come here and take these files from my table."

Lana stood up quickly to go to Liam's. She gulped seeing a pile of paper-works on his table.

'It was not there a while ago! When did he manage to get all those papers here.' Lana thought.

"Write an analysis on how we can win the case in each file… Give me five case within the day that will give me a hundred percent win." Liam instructed without looking at her.

Lana picked half of the files but paused when Liam said, "Get your own trolley from Mian so you can use it and get the files in one go."

"Alright," Lana murmured and put the files back.

'Own trolley?' she thought as she went outside.

When she went back inside Liam's office she was smiling already while pushing the trolley. She was too excited that she did not notice how Liam stared at her while she picked all the files from his table and put them on the trolley to go to her area directly.

Liam's gaze followed Lana until she was inside and mumbled, "Why was she smiling like that?"

He looked to his left and saw Jorge staring at him from his office. Jorge had a teasing smile on his face while signaling Liam to look at his phone.

Liam crinkled his face and pressed the remote to close his blinds from Jorge's office.

He felt his mobile phone vibrate.

[Wipe your mouth bro… You're drooling!]

Liam unconsciously touched his lips. "Darn!" he sulked upon realizing Jorge had played him again.

[Why close the blinds in my direction. You should close the ones on Lana's side or else she will catch you staring at her…]