100 Someone She Could Trust

Meanwhile, Lana stared at her sleeping mother. She heaved a long sigh…

She could understand her mother's sentiments. She again exhaled a lot of air out of her lungs. She was in deep thoughts and was contemplating on agreeing to what her mother said, but then she knew how stubborn her mother could be. She would at least try to push her to get the surgery done.

She kept on thinking so many things as she rested her head on the side of the bed while holding her mother's hand. So many memories came and went in her mind, and what moved her the most was the love of her mother, even in her memories.

'Marriage?!' Lana mused with frustration. She had decided to die an old maid because marriage was something she never saw herself getting into. Men for her were all untrustworthy when it came to relationships, and she was not willing to take a risk on them. She would rather live alone by herself rather than suffering for life…


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