109 She Chose To Leave

Finally, the hour of Mrs. Huang's surgery arrived, and they wheeled her into the operation theatre. Mrs. Huang was clearly scared, but seeing Liam standing alongside Lana, she felt a lot relieved and kept her fears at bay. 

Liam accompanied Lana at the waiting area of the operating room. They sat beside each other. Lana was very nervous, and she kept on scratching her hands out of nervousness. 

Though she looked calm from outside, her heart was in total turmoil. Cancer was such a deadly name that the horror of this disease lingers in the mind of the patient and the family. Lana was no different in this regard.

Liam noticed Lana's nervousness and saw her hurting herself while she tried to keep herself composed on the outside. He shook his head and exhaled loudly, then extended his hand, taking away her one hand in his own. He clasped his fingers tightly around her palm. .


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