122 Owner Of The Room

"Pervert! Hurry up and get dressed or I'll just kick you out of the room immediately." Lana grumbled and stomped her feet, walking on the side of her bed to sit.

She crossed her arms and with flaring nostrils looked at Liam and added, "I will have only one rule inside my room and that is you should never cross my bed… You are off limits in here or else I will kick you out. Wait… You should leave on your own accord."

Lana almost forgot that she could not kick Liam because of her mother, so Liam must volunteer to leave if he happened not to follow her rules.

Lana heard Liam chuckled and said, "Let me get dressed first love and then let's talk."

Lana's face crumpled seeing Liam even had the guts to wink at her before going inside the restroom.

"What the heck is wrong with him," Lana complained and touched her chest afterwards before adding in a whisper, "What is wrong with me too?"


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