108 Lovesick?

*Thud *thud *thud

Lana's heartbeat throbbed. She could hear everyone around cheering at them, "Kiss! Sweet!"

Liam's lips were still pressed on hers, and a warm sensation ran in her body. It was not a deep kiss, but a lingering peck that he repeated three times, and somehow she felt that there was something more to it than a peck on the lips.

She had always liked when they kissed, she never detested the idea of kissing him, neither did she feel shy. Then what happened today? Why was she feeling so shy and so different from what she usually felt? His soft lips felt like burning pieces of ice that made her feel hot, yet the cool feeling from them was still there, comforting her heart.

She forced a smile when Liam let her go. Her face turned deep red, especially her cheeks. She saw Miley giggle as she said, "Oh gosh… You two look so adorable and I'm going to send these photos to you both. Love is in the air. So cute."


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