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"My password?! My birthday?!" Lana was shocked hearing this from him and she almost lashed out on him with rounded eyes.

"How do you know about it but? Did you stalk me, Mr. Liam Sy?"

"Do I really need to stalk you? Why would I even do that? And about knowing your password, Mrs. Liam Sy, do you even realise how loud you are when you're drunk, you even shout the password while pressing the numbers in the biometrics. Are you not aware how crazy you get when you are drunk?" Liam nonchalantly commented.

"That day when I brought you back after dinner at my place, since then I know your password. But, being the gentleman I am, I have never misused that knowledge. You can trust me, Lana"

Lana was completely taken by surprise and felt anger as well as embarrassed when she came to know about her drunken stupor. She was left speechless and couldn't say anything back to Liam.


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