120 He’s My Man

A few days passed in a jiffy and Liam kept giving all his evenings to Lana and her mother in the hospital as a routine. Mrs. Huang was already back to her old self, not paying attention to her health that made Lana even more worried about her since she always wanted to walk around the room, sometimes even overexerting herself by too much walking.

Dr. Wang was though very happy with the progress of her recovery but had warned her several times to take good proper rest. After almost 10 days, Mrs. Huang was given the discharge slip and instructed to rest properly at home for another month at least. 

She still needed to be taken care of and seeing all the circumstances. Liam assigned a private nurse and an in-house doctor exclusively for Mrs. Huang to assure her treatment would go well even at home. And Mrs. Huang was truly touched with that thoughtful action from her very dear son-in-law.


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