116 Dark Spell

"Gracy… I will only say it today, once, so please keep this in your mind. No one, I repeat… No one may touch my wife. Not even you. If someday I find out you have taken even a single step towards bullying my wife, you will be answerable to me directly." Liam grunted. 

"And also remember that gone are the days when we were kids, we are all grown-up and mature people now. We have our own lives and we have all changed from those naive, reckless youths to mature, sensible adults. 

And yes, my taste has changed quite a lot in these past years, my favourite coffee has actually also changed and this I just can still drink this one, but my favourite one now is the cappuccino, same as Lana's drink."

Gracy gulped but in a meek tone grumbled, "Are you perhaps threatening me, Liam? I was just concerned about you and your family and so I did all this, and why would you think I will bully Lana? Of course not! I'm not that kind of woman to stoop so low."


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