118 Boyfriend

Jorge was furious and was cursing himself for not taking any bold step towards courting Miley and wasting his time in his own dilemma. He again read her social media message while he drove the car to the restaurant where Miley would have her dinner date.

"She even posted it on her SM account for me to see it, knowing very well that I will burn in rage!" Jorge grunted and sped up his car to reach as soon as possible and intercept her. 

He was too irritated with Miley's excited looking photos that she posted before leaving her office, in a flashy dress and exquisite makeup, making her look really beautiful. Obviously, he was upset looking at those pictures. 

First, he had clearly denied her to date anyone else and discuss with him about any man she wished to meet, he could fend off the suitors at that stage itself, but she would not listen to him at all, how unruly this girl has behaved lately.


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