124 Ask Nicely

"More!" Lana screamed as soon as she gulped the last drop of wine in the bottle. Liam washed his face while he stared at the drunken state of Lana. They had already finished three bottles of wine. He himself was feeling a little drunk.

"Shh. That's enough, Lana. We have had enough for tonight. Look at your face, it's so red." Liam commented, snatching the bottle away from Lana's hand.

"It's still early, Liam and I'm not sleepy yet." Lana grumbled and grabbed another bottle from the basket. Liam looked at the wall clock. It was already nine in the evening. Then he looked at the bottles his mother-in-law put in their room. There were five bottles.

Liam wondered if his mother-in-law was aware that Lana, whenever she started drinking, had the tendency not to stop till she dropped?! Liam suspected about her drinking craze at that party he attended with Lana, but now he was confirmed about it.


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