125 Are You Kissing Your Brother?

"More Kiss…" Liam repeated.

Lana smiled like a child before she happily replied, "Okay."

Right then, she again hurriedly raised her head to give Liam another smack kiss on his lips.

"There. Now give me my wine," Lana muttered.

"Did you already kiss me? I didn't feel it, but are you kissing your brother?" Liam murmured with a grin in his hoarse voice. 

He somehow liked Lana when she was drunk. She was definitely more tamed and obedient in this state, ready to kiss him as he demanded and obey him without using her rational brain.

Lana's face crumpled since she was becoming more impatient for the wine now. All she could think of was to drink more wine and about tricks of getting it from Liam, as he had confiscated all the bottles.

Liam's other hand caressed Lana's blushing cheeks. Then he gently lowered his head while he whispered, "My Tigress, let me show you the way you should kiss your husband…"


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