Chen Yu opened his eyes in the familiar white system space and silently patted his chest and hips to confirm that he had once again returned to his original male form. No matter how many times he was transported into a female role, he always felt somewhat anxious that the disorienting weight on his upper half would not shift back down to his lower body when he finished his assignment.

Relievedly gazing at his restored male anatomy, Chen Yu reviewed his last life as the female lead's wet nurse, who eventually died miserably in the hands of a jealous female rival and thereby encouraged the male lead's protective feelings for the female lead. "En," he sighed, "wasn't even buried this time, what an unfilial brat ah."

When he finally shook off the memories and looked up, the system's toneless voice rang out. [Congratulations, host. With the completion of your thousandth mission, you have now reached the end of the introductory phase.]

Hearing this, Chen Yu's face sank, as he recalled how the 'introductory phase' included being pierced by countless stray bullets, coincidentally being crushed, rolled over, melted down in various substances, and mistakenly sliced into human deli meat, not to mention having to perform as all kinds of randomly outspoken mob characters and cannon fodder there to buy soy sauce. These events then served to move the plot forward for the so-called children of God.

The worst thing was that as he fulfilled all these painful duties, he wasn't even allowed to take up some partners to relieve himself. The more he thought of it, the more he missed his former glory days as a gay man who took full advantage of his popularity. Lamenting, he suddenly felt that he didn't even want to listen to what else the system had to say.

Never mind, can't help it. Resigned to be hit with bad news, he flung himself down and carelessly waved his hand to change his clothes from the bloodstained nanny's clothes to comfortable loungewear.

[Host, please be reassured. You have now unlocked the advanced phase, which is comprised of only ten missions. Once the host passes this phase, you will have completely finished and will receive the promised remuneration.]

In fact, Chen Yu remembered that he had been a wealthy independent investor living in the early 2800s, but he couldn't pinpoint why he was trapped in this system. He only sensed that he had entered voluntarily. Perhaps it had been an extension of his thrill-seeking tendencies?

After all, in his original life, Chen Yu had enjoyed widespread praise as an angel investor, but behind the scenes, he was always chasing new extreme hobbies and simply viewed his projects as gambles.

Regardless of why he'd agreed to be bound to this system, the thousand lives he'd passed through had been utterly unsatisfactory, and now Chen Yu just wanted to leave this boring and sexless cycle.

But before Chen Yu could fully relish the knowledge that the end was near, the system continued, [These ten missions must be successfully accomplished consecutively. For each failure, the host will be awarded two additional missions. Should the host fail two substitute missions, you will be deemed to require retraining and will have to pass through the introductory phase again.]

Not for the first time, Chen Yu felt that the system was only pretending to be emotionless while thoroughly taking delight in his suffering. In response, he could only hold up two middle fingers. Of course, the system didn't react at all and finished its speech.

[Additionally, these missions are now selected from the advanced course list and will require the host to play more central characters. Therefore, the system issues a friendly reminder that the host's behavior will naturally have greater consequences. As in the introductory phase missions, the host must act in such a way as to generate enough emotional response either from the world's inhabitants or the host himself to meet the quota. However, unlike before, when the host was only responsible for inducing his minor character's quota of emotions, the host is now responsible for ensuring that the total emotional experience extracted from the world as a whole is equal to or greater than the original plot's. Should this quota not be met within 24 hours following the host's departure from that world, the mission will be deemed a failure. To help the host, the system will generously enable you to utilize all of the skills you have learned during the introductory missions.]

Listening to the system's ridiculous interpretation of helpfulness, Chen Yu simply rolled his eyes and halfheartedly muttered, "Generous your mother!"

[Host, please be reminded that the system has no familial relations. You will now be transported to your first advanced mission in ten seconds. The system wishes the host happy travels.]

Chen Yu shot up to his feet, cursing, "Cao, if you want to retaliate, do it with words, ah, words! What kind of small-hearted system doesn't even give its host a break between missions?"

As the space around him dimmed into the complete darkness that Chen Yu knew preceded landing in a new world, he heard the fading sound of the system calmly retorting, [Host, please be reminded that the system has no internal organs. Furthermore, please accept that your character evaluation showed that you are most compatible to an aloof system model, rather than the abusive or cute models.]

Chen Yu snorted, mumbling, "You're plenty abusive, ah. I bet you're shoving me into some abused body right now! You wait..."

He blinked, surveyed his new form, and found that in fact, this time the system hadn't sent him into a broken body. Sighing, he accepted that he had entered the first of his last missions.

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