The Last Warlock

CURRENTLY EDITING THE NOVEL "Revenge, he promised me... So, I took the Oath... and The Tower of Chaos, I was allowed to enter. That's how my journey began, from a nobody to what they call me now.... The Mage Slayer, The Devourer of Worlds... The Last Warlock." ---- Warning: This book has explicit content in several ways! Read to chapter 40 to have a better idea about the book. Currently editing the novel. (no new releases until it's done) --- The story has a lot of action, blood, gory, and battles. It's a mix of sci-fi with magic, runes and cultivation and there is a lot of lore from other cultures, like the Nord/Viking culture. It has runes, wizards, shamans, mutations, genes, high technology, guns, spells, and abilities. The MC doesn't get reincarnated, and the novel has a different approach to system, that is very subtle. So, if you don't like system or the typical tropes involving Isekai you are on the right book. Btw: People said the battle scenes and war scenes are awesome. [cover not owned by me, unknown artist]

kommers · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
172 Chs

91. A Normal Day

Mack kept slowly walking as if was another common day, but for the rest of the people, it was their nightmare.

A few steps from Jonh, Mack stopped walking, and could see three other guys using the same kind of clothes as Jonh, after all, in an airport, not many people walked 'in a pack' using black suits. 

Mack snapped his finger and the three guys drop dead with their necks looking to their backs.

With the trash taken care, Mack's gaze went back to the guy with a scar on his face, the killer of his father.

Mack dreamed so much about this day that he could not even decide what to do. All seemed way too surreal for him now.

Mack kept looking at his father's killer without saying a single word as memories of that day came to his mind.

It was a normal day.

They were fishing in a small river in Colombia, the thing his father loved to do more.