The Last Rising Sun

Alek Goosev is a high-level scientific researcher who created one of mankind's greatest inventions. However, as fate would have it, this very creation destroyed everything he knew, killing him in the process. Now he has been reincarnated in Shinobi World without his memories. What will happen in the new life of our protagonist? Vol. 1-3 : The whole story of Naruto. Vol. 4 : Fate/Zero Vol. 5 : Fate Stay Night (Coming Soon)

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Chapter 154: Surprise attack.

-A few hours ago-

The Six Paths were gathered in front of him. Konan looked at him with that typical relaxed expression while he only wondered what he was called for.

The Deva Path took care of answering that. "We have caught most of the Bijūs. We only have the Kyūbi left, due to the fact that the Hachibi is already in Madara's hands. You know what that means, don't you?"

The answer is clear, he knew. "We have to hurry and capture the Kyūbi. And for that..."

Konan interrupted. "We must go to Konoha ourselves."

Toru heard those words. He closed his eyes and sighed. 'Are they seriously asking me this?' That was what he thought. Long ago he had decided to cut ties with Konoha except for certain people. Konoha, to Toru, I didn't matter. There was nothing there that he cared about with that small exception.

Is this all because Pain thinks Toru still has an appreciation for his homeland? That is indeed something that not only Nagato thinks, but Konan as well.

"¿Y? If what they want is my help in finding Naruto, then I'll be there. Besides, it was about my time to return to Konoha, I have unfinished business there."

Pain nodded his head at that answer. Now, with Toru's confirmation, they were to begin preparations.


All that lead to the present, where all the Pain Paths were gathered together with Konan and Toru.

"We will split into two groups. Distraction and reconnaissance" Deva Path stepped forward and then looked at everyone. "Preta Path, Asura Path, Animal Path and Toru, are part of the distraction group. While Human Path, Naraka Path, Deva Path and Konan, we will be in the reconnaissance group."

Toru looked up at the sky, seeing the large chakra barrier covering the village. "If anyone breaks through the barrier, they will be detected by the shinobi of Konoha" He took a leap and looked at the barrier with the Kodō Shigan, which was now always active, allowing him to see even if he was going blind. "You said you were going to cast the Animal Path to summon them inside the barrier so the enemy would miscalculate our number. Can I do that myself? I'll summon them all inside the barrier, but there's something I need to do, so I need time."

Deva Road rebutted. "Time is something we don't have right now. The instant you break through the barrier, they will send shinobi after you. We can't risk that advantage. If you still need to do something, I'll give you ten seconds to finish your business in this village. After that, the invasion will begin."

Seeing that he couldn't change Pain's point of view, Toru shook his head and accepted the proposal. Well, it was better than nothing, for the time had come to finish and cut those ties that kept him tied to this place.

"Then I need a drop of blood from each of you. I will prepare a scroll for the invocation."

-Inside Konoha-

At this time, Konoha's investigators were doing their best to discover the secret behind the corpse left by one of Pain's path and the message left by Jiraiya. Not only that, Ino's father was summoned to use his ninjutsu to discover more about Pain using the shinobi that Jiraiya captured before he died. Everyone was busy except for a few who were taking a break.

Through it all, Tsunade could not keep calm. She kept thinking over and over again about the words Fukasaku said to her.

[Asahi Toru was the one who cut Jiraiya's throat to stop him from talking. What are you going to do about it, Tsunade-chan? So much that you protected that child and now he became what he shouldn't have been in the first place...]

Those words hurt her. Again and again she thought that, if she hadn't allowed Toru to run away, none of this would be happening. She wanted to choose to deceive herself, for this was her mistake. She realized everything too late and, more than anyone else, the guilt would not leave her alone.

"This is getting more annoying."

-Out of Konoha-

Toru looked at the giant sphere-shaped barrier and closed his eyes. He spent 12 years of his life in this place, long enough to feel attached to this village. He knew very few people, but those few people perhaps managed to accept him as they never would have in his past life. However, now Toru had nothing to do with this place. But there were things he had yet to finish... So, as the Six Paths and Konan looked on. Toru took leap after leap into the air and quickly positioned himself over the central area of Konohagakure. Once there, he looked around and quickly descended.

When his feet touched the ground, his hands moved at great speeds as he performed the seals for a jutsu.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two clones appeared instantly, both of which ran off in different directions. This made Toru watch everything silently waiting for the ten seconds to expire.

'5, 4..., 3..., 2..., 1...'

He took out a long scroll from his sleeve and spread it on the floor in less than a second. Then he placed his hand on the parchment and his eyes glowed blue and red.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Puff! A cloud of smoke manifested in the middle of the place. Six people with monochromatic eyes in a wave pattern looked at the place.

"Spread out!"

Everyone heard the order, then Toru was also compelled to comply. He dashed out at an overwhelming speed analyzing everything with his eyes and then took a leap as his hands worked out a jutsu.

-Somewhere in Konoha-

Sitting in front of a large sphere of chakra, a man whose hat was quite ridiculous for the work he wielded, opened his eyes and frowned.

"Intruder!" He raised his hand and his guards, who were playing cards, instantly noticed and sprang into action. "We have an intruder located at the west gate, near sector 1-B."

"Roger that!"

-Out -

"Shakuton: Netsu Hōkai-zai! [Burning Style: Thermal Disintegrator]" Raising his arm, a glowing sphere formed in the palm of his hand. He threw it against the ground with great force, causing a small chain of buildings to be completely destroyed.

After that, he looked at the surroundings and frowned.

The ground was shaking. Explosions began to make their presence felt throughout Konoha and a giant centipede appeared, which began to destroy everything. Toru appreciated the destruction and closed his eyes.

He slowly began to walk down the street as the shinobi approached.

His eyes opened. Although it was very little, he could see the sign of that old bakery. Although he was supposed to be in the group that would form the distraction, he walked calmly into the bakery and smelled a familiar sweet aroma.

"Excuse me..." Toru called out. To which a young man rushed out after feeling the earth shake.

"...!" His eyes widened in fear at the sight of Akatsuki's robe, but he immediately noticed that boy's face. "I didn't think this day would come..."

"...uh? You're not..."

"My father, aren't you? He told me that someday his favorite customer would be back. Here you go, this is on the house" The young man handed a paper bag to Toru, the contents of which he had taken out of the oven a few minutes ago. "I don't understand why you're doing this, but I'm sure you have your reasons."


"He died two years ago. He trusted you, so I guess he had his reasons too."

With nothing more to say, the boy grabbed some pictures that were taped near the counter. Then he started running for his life as everything was filled with chaos.

Toru looked at the paper bag and closed his eyes. The paper bag gave off a sweet, cloying scent. This scent was quite nostalgic, that aroma that brought back a small memory. That memory... that of a mother sharing her bread with fruit filling to her son.

The silence that lingered as he remembered lingered for a second, as he sensed that there were people waiting for him outside. They were ninja from Konoha, who were here to stop him.

"One down...two to go..." Pocketing what he had received in one of the scrolls hidden in his wrists, Toru pulled the daggers from his sleeves and looked at the door. "Let's continue like this..."


As all the destruction began, one of Toru's clones ran as fast as he could to the place where he felt the chakra of those three people. He quickly arrived. This was the house of the main branch of the Hyūga clan. So, as soon as he set foot in the house, he appeared in front of them.




These three girls, who until a second ago were preparing to go help the injured people, froze when they saw that boy in front of them.


"Toru...." x2

The clone just looked at them silently. His vision was already very impaired, he could hardly see anything. He could barely make out silhouettes, but he still looked at them seriously and raised his guard.

They realized that he came with hostile intentions, so they put aside the sentimental thoughts of a while ago and the three of them confronted Toru.

'I'm not sure I can do this...' Remembering how strong these two girls are, he seriously thought that he couldn't stand up to them, for the last time he saw them he had split his power in half and, now that he saw them again, his power was divided into three equal parts.


'The chakra of that elders... I can feel it. They're close, but there's Tsunade there too...' The second clone, with the Kodō Shigan active, frowned. It had only been a few seconds since it was summoned, but it had already encountered difficulties. In front of him stood 4 ANBU ninja in the way. Though still this was not going to stop him, as that resentment was still simmering in his heart, and if he did not get rid of those negative feelings, he would not be able to move on.

Clang! Click! He raised the daggers as he saw the shurikens and kunais approaching his face. He narrowed his eyes and adopted his fighting stance.

Almost instantly, 2 of the 4 ninja appeared at his sides swinging strange scythes. This was not a problem, as, with broken dagger and full dagger, he repelled the attack with ease, cutting the kill lines of the two in the process.

"How did you...?"

"We have to report this to the Hokage-sama. Go, I'll stay and distract him."


The two ninja interacted quickly, but it was too late. Toru threw a kunai imbued with Shakuton at the ninja who intended to go with Tsunade, piercing his head, while the remaining one clenched his fists tightly.

Toru could only sigh tiredly at this. In a single second he grabbed the guy by the neck and lifted him up.

"I don't feel Uzumaki Naruto's chakra in the village, where is it?"

"You think I'm going to reveal information about my comrades to you? Dream on, you criminal scum."

"I see. Then die."


That man opened his eyes, blood spilled from his chest when he felt something pierce his flesh. It was the hand of that guy, which had pierced him with ease.

He dropped it to the ground and continued his search.

"Those old men... they are close..."


"It's been a while, Toru-kun. You've grown up. For better or worse, we must stop you" That man, with eyes as white as the moon, sighed as he saw that boy become a man in front of him.

The Hyūga clan went into action after 20 seconds after the attack began. Although they mistook the enemy's number, they recalculated it quickly when they came in contact with the enemy.

"Hiashi-san..." Toru recognized Hinata and Hanabi's father. It had been a long time since he last saw him. He sighed wearily just as his clones did when involved in different situations. "Where is Uzumaki Naruto? He's not in the village, where is he? If you reveal that information we will leave this village alone" He was cold with his words, with the calm expression he always had on his face, but Hiashi just shook his head in disappointment.

There were about 20 people from the Hyūga clan here, and reinforcements from the Yamanaka clan would be arriving shortly. So the distraction was working very well.

"We don't reveal information about our comrades. That's something you failed at..." He raised his palms and the veins around his eyes swelled.

"So be it, then."

-Hokage's office-

The great explosions shook the village. She watched through the window as smoke billowed into the sky as the desperate screams of people filled the streets. She frowned and bit her lip hard.

'They... are here, surely he came with them too...' She felt stressed just thinking that right now Akatsuki has come for Naruto and among them is Asahi Toru. However, she remembered that Jiraiya had left the future of Konohagakure to Naruto, so she desisted from those negative emotions and the expression on her face became serious. "Alert the entire village. This is an extreme emergency situation. And also... call Naruto."

"Understood, I will call Naruto" A small red toad, who was sitting on the desk, nodded his head and raised his thumb in approval.

"Absolutely no. Naruto must remain in Myōbokuzan" Two elders burst into the office.

-House of the main family of the Hyūga clan-

Dodging Ino's powerful blows, Toru tried to use ninjutsu to push her away, but Hinata appeared behind him. His eyes widened when this girl, who had the Byakugan activated, hit him hard in the back with the palms of her hands.

He felt his body weaken instantly and felt that he almost disappeared without a trace, but after being thrown against the wooden rails he stood up with a strange mark on his face. His eyes were crimson and his hair was slightly bristling.

"Why are you doing all this Toru, please say it, let us understand you!" Hinata raised her guard again. She didn't understand, and so did Ino and Hanabi.

Toru, however, did not respond. He just adopted his fighting stance and scowled at her.

"Nii-san! Why did you decide to be with the bad guys!!! Didn't you have a choice, were you threatened? Nii-san..."

Ino listened to these two sisters silently as she waited for any attack from Toru. She understands them, she understands why these girls are asking these questions, but....

"I do what I do because I want to. Nobody's holding me on a leash like I'm a dog. Everything I've done, everything I do... all of that is my own decision" Toru stepped forward. "That's why this time, as I said before, I will show no mercy."


Little Toru visited the Hyūga's every time. He accompanied Hinata whenever she left the house without permission. He played with Hanabi whenever he could. He was a strange boy, but kind and understanding of others.

Hanabi frowned and raised her palms. Her older sister was surprised by this, but somehow allowed it to happen.

Three against one. Toru disappeared from the sight of these three girls and reappeared behind Hinata's back, who Toru considers the most dangerous. However, just before he managed to hit her in the neck, Hanabi appeared in front of him and then....

"Omoiken: Hageshī Hendō! [Heavy Fist: Heavy Fluctuation]" Hanabi's palm turned into a fist, which struck hard at Toru's heart.

He opened his eyes because despite having the Sennin Mōdo active, he felt an indescribable pain run through his entire body. After that he shot out and went through two walls until he was buried in the third one.

"Hanabi... When did you-?"

"Onee-san, I've been training too. I like your taijutsu, so I took it and modified it a bit."

Hinata was indecisive for a second. She didn't know whether to let Hanabi fight, but after seeing that she could defend herself, she shook her head and the three of them together went to confront Toru again.

"Not this..." The hole was empty, Toru wasn't there, but then Ino opened her eyes when she felt a large amount of chakra behind her back.

"Here I am."

Toru charged a punch at Ino, who in response frowned and resisted the punch with her forehead. She looked at Toru and smiled. "Yeah, I saw you" Quickly, she punched back. "Pray!" Boom! Toru was lifted off the ground by Ino's punch.

Hinata and Hanabi took advantage of this and together they lunged at Toru.

"Omoiken!" x2

Together, their fists were enveloped in the strange, mystical blue color of chakra.

"Hageshī Hendo!"


BOOM! Toru crashed to the ground. Being just a clone with only a third of the original Toru's power, he couldn't do anything against shinobi that strong. Besides, he had all his chakra conduits destroyed, he couldn't move while stuck on the ground either.

He just sighed and looked at the sky, which... was already almost completely dark.

'I didn't make it...' The reason why he attacked them, why he came looking for them after such a long time....

Boom! The ground shook, more explosions destroyed different places in the village. Desperate screams were heard, gigantic centipedes broke through the buildings and a strange three-headed dog devoured the ninjas that confronted it.

The three girls looked at each other. There was no time to talk to Toru. So they were going to take him to the hospital and then help the wounded, but....

"I guess I'll leave it to my original."

*Puff* He disappeared enveloped in a cloud of smoke.


"I know..."

Hinata clenched her fists. They knew very well, in the end, that this was a clone due to the fact that he didn't care about his injuries and attacked without fear of dying.

"We don't have time. Let's go help and look for the original Toru while we're at it."


-Near the Hokage's office-

'I feel the counselors' chakra near Tsunade, but I also feel Danzo's chakra. Still, that one's just a clone. I need to find the original, but it seems to be a little farther away from the elders. I'll take care of them first...'

His eyes were gazing intently at a specific place. As soon as he finished his mission, he would disappear to make his original regain the lost chakra. After all, at any moment Kakashi or Might Guy could appear and that would be very problematic.

-Hokage's office-

"And why is that?" Tsunade looked at the old advisors with annoyance.

The old woman replied, "According to Danzo, the enemy currently attacking us is the leader of Akatsuki. Furthermore, his target is the Jinchūriki, Naruto."

The elderly man sighed wearily. "We already overlooked him many times in the past. But now things have changed. Naruto is still a child and the leader of Akatsuki is someone who was able to defeat Jiraiya."

"If Naruto falls into the hands of Akatsuki, that would be-" The old woman couldn't finish what she was going to say, because Tsunade abruptly walked up to them and grabbed them by their robes, lifting them off the ground a little. "What are you doing, Tsunade?"

She looked down at the ground and squeezed the advisors' robes tightly. She remembered how much Naruto had sacrificed to protect his friends, just as Jiraiya had.

"What are you two playing at!!!" she glared angrily at the elders. "How long are you two going to treat Naruto like a child!!!!! He has the Will of Fire. He has grown up! Even now he's trying to surpass Jiraiya! He is not a tool that we can put away whenever we please! He is a ninja sworn to protect our village!!!" She let go of the elders and dropped them to the ground.

They looked at her a little disappointed and worried.

"There is something that Naruto has that Jiraiya and Sarutobi-sensei had. And that's something you guys are missing, do you know what it is?"

The elders stood up and remained silent.

"The power to believe!" However, what Tsunade told them proved somewhat convincing.

"Ha~ do whatever you want to- ¡?!"

Tsunade's eyes widened in shock. Blood splattered in front of her, and the elders had the same reaction.

Tsunade's advisors were lifted off the ground by a strange force. Blood spilled on the ground and the voice of a young man echoed in front of her.

"The power to believe, huh..." His eyes showed the pigmentation of the Kodō Shigan, his arms had pierced the elders' backs completely. "I hope in death that power will also work. Shimikomaseru..." His arms glowed fiery red and then the elders fell on the ground.


"Two down...missing Danzo..."

To be continued...


One more to go