1 Chapter 1 - Bravery And Sacrifice - Part 1




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Saga Japan, December 20, 2024. Current time is 3:30 P.M.

Our Protagonist Yuuya Mitsukuji and his platoon of 30 soldiers are preparing for a surprise attack on the remnants of the terrorist group they fought months earlier.

They call this, "OPERATION WHITE DAWN".

This whole operation consisted of only the 1st strike group company of the military and it's target is to bring the said terrorist group to it's last knees and either completely annihilate them or capture them.

With the support of the air force, they prepare to the incoming battle in the horizon.

Not much are known how the said terrorist group manage to infiltrate the Mainland Japan and what are their ambitions to why they choose to attack Japan.

However, that doesn't matter now as the battle will start shortly.

Yuuya being the leader, he can choose his own weapons not like his troops.

His choice of armory composed of M4A1 which is different from the classic rifle the Japanese soldier uses which is the Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle. Anyways, he fitted it with a suppressor, a red dot sight for better aiming, he goes for the 40 round mag for less reload, a hand grip and his own made hand grip.

For backup, he decided to use a Desert Eagle for a devastating one shot potential. He equiped it with a .50 caliber bullet for maximum effectiveness. He also uses a suppressor too since this is a stealth mission.

Yuuya also bring some funny flash bang with him and some couple of smoke grenades if things get out of hand.

It is reported that the terrorist group uses the classic AK-47 rifle that uses 7.62 x 39mm round. So Yuuya and his platoon uses a Level III Bullet Proof Vest and a Level IV Hard Panels.

Yuuya also requested four of his soldiers to be equipped with a M2 Browning Heavy Machine Incase things really, REALLY get out of hand and they will need extra firepower.

For good measure, all of them carries a funny knife with them.

It's 4:30 P.M now. The sun is setting and it's getting dark and the temperature sharply lowered. After saying goodbye to their love ones, Yuuya and his troops got up and ready their selves for one last time.

Afterall... This is the last battle and after that, they will return home, never to be call back to service again as a promise from the military.

Anyways, when they are all packed up and ready, they enter their designated vehicle and took their trip.

Yuuya and his troops are located in one of the bases on Saga. Their targets are the remnants in Nagasaki that is hiding in the buildings.

The travel is estimated to took 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Some of them decided to sleep, some read novels, other talk to each other and some just completely stay silent and observe the road ahead.


They now arrive at a base in Nagasaki, or a base miles away from Nagasaki. It's 6:00 P.M now and Yuuya's troop and himself get out of the vehicle and stretch themselves from the long ride.

After stretching for quite a bit, the group take their meal. As a famous saying goes, an army marches on it's stomach, or in this case, platoon.


Anyways, after their meal, they took a short break, one last final preparation, and finally head out to take their 2 hour walk to Nagasaki meaning, backup will be hard if they got ambushed. They set out at 6:30 P.M and the surrounding is already quite dark.

They go on foot to Nagasaki since using vehicles will alert the enemies of their presence hence eliminating the element of surprise.

Yuuya led the group, and of course, some laughs at the poor guys who Yuuya assign to carry the heavy machine guns.

Putting that aside, Yuuya and his group finally arrive at the city of Nagasaki. They arrive precisely at 8:00 P.M, 30 minutes faster than they originally thought, and the first thing they see is a bunch of buildings in rubble's which is the result of two non-stop day of precision bombing and artillery bombardment in hopes of weakening the defence of the terrorist group to lift some weights out of Yuuya's platoon.

When they arrive, they took a short break to rest from the long walk. Especially those "guys" if you know what I mean.

"You good? You look like a hammered shit." ask Yuuya to one of his soldiers.

"I'm all good commander. If I'm gonna be honest, at first I'm excited to hear I got to handle the heavy machinery, it crumbles when I found out how heavy it was and I got to carry it for 2 hours." said soldier 1

The other three who also carry a extra machine gun and ammo nods in approvement.

"Let me change that for you guys, 1 and 30 hour lol" said one if the medic

Yuuya snickered in response. He then put that aside for now.

"Anyways attention soldiers. This will be our last battle and after this we will all go home. I want all of you to be at your best condition. If any of those bastards wants to kill you, their bullets gotta go through me first you guys understand?" says Yuuya

"Sir yes sir!" said all of them in a controlled tone to not alert the enemies

"Good! Now do what you gotta do, we will begin to move at 8:15. Hydrate, rest, check your equipments, ammo. Reapers, the four of you guys, go find a spot, since the four of you are snipers, covering us will be your be top priority while keeping yourselves hidden at the enemy sights. Also, when going through building, don't rush yourselves. Walk slowly and feel if there's a wire, if you felt one, leave the building immediately and find another one. I'm pretty sure those bastards have their fair share of traps in place." said Yuuya

The said snipers nod in response.

"Me and the others will try out best to protect the medics and the machine gunners. Leaving the medics and the heavy guns behind will be quite a decision since if we immediately needed them, they will be far and no one will be covering them." said Yuuya

"Don't forget your morphines and pain killers, we don't need adrenaline shots, the sound of bullets will already give some plenty but bring one if you want to get high." add Yuuya

After some minutes, the mission has started.

"This is Yuuya, commencing operation "White Dawn" over." said Yuuya to the radio

"Roger that.This is the HQ speaking, I'm alerting the artillery group to be on full alert. The ground support will be circling the air space shortly." said the guy in the radio as a alarm was heard in the background

"Well, let's go now my soldiers. Take your position Reapers. Stay behind us Angels, and take your time Lead." said Yuuya


Reapers - Snipers

Angels - Medic (a funny suggestion by one of the soldiers lol)

Lead - "Let's drop some Lead to those mother fuc-" a.k.a freedom dispenser M2 Browning machine gun


Anyways, they start to move out. Every step they took is slow as they we're trying their best to stay silently

Despite the objects they carry, their footsteps are quite silent as they have trained for months to do this little but very necessary skill.

They were on full alert as they communicate using hand signs as Yuuya lead the group.

As they reach somewhere quite in the middle of the town, Yuuya felt quite uncomfortable. So he gave a hand sign to his troops to stop for a second.

'Something isn't right... The surrounding is too silent for my liking... I never encountered this kind quietness before, not even in my previous night missions...' think Yuuya

Yuuya then gave his soldiers a hand sign saying "Don't be too close at each other, have a 1 meter gap between each of you and stay at cover as much as possible."

The soldiers nods in response as they begin to move again.

"The moon is bright tonight..." said randomly by a soldier

"Shh! Quiet down" said in a low tone voice by a soldier

'Now that I think about it, the moon is quite bright when we arrive, though it got covered by the clouds-'


Yuuya's thoughts were cut shortly as he heard a sound as he immediately signaled the group behind him to stop.

Ever heard the sound your foot makes when slide it on the floor? What Yuuya heard is something similar to that, as if someone moved from their spot because they felt uncomfortable and make a sound.

How did Yuuya heard that? Well it was because of his sharp hearing. He has a very strong ears making him hear things further more than a human can normally do.

Anyways, he took notice that the light of the moon is coming back again and the surrounding building will be lighten up a bit shortly after.

He immediately signaled to the Angels and Lead to find some cover. After that, he signaled the others to also take cover and ready their guns.

After all of them takes their cover, Yuuya signaled them to aim at the three story buidling ahead of them. As they do, they wait. They watch closely as the light of the moon slowly reaching the building they are aiming at. Their hearts beat fast as they are nervous.

Yuuya gripped his rifle hard as he keep a steady look through his optics as he flick its switch from safety to full auto. His index finger slightly pressed to the gun trigger signifying if a enemy showed up, he will light him up.

Finally, the light of the moon reached the said building, and immediately, Yuuya's eye widened in surprise.

There he sees, 20 enemy soldier in the three story building. Aiming at their direction, he then suddenly heard a running sound behind them, he turned around and looked at the road they walk in to see a group of individuals rushing at their position.

The worst part is Yuuya can hear even more of them coming into their direction.

As if immediately, Yuuya felt a overwhelming feeling. It's not that of fear, nervous or anything.

Yuuya felt it. He definitely felt. He felt the presence of death. Everywhere, in every corner... Even behind one of his soldiers... He felt the presence of death strongly.

Yuuya's heart beat faster than ever before as adrenaline washes over his body like a tidal wave while his Fight or Flight response screams to him to get out of his place. While all of this are happening to him, he came into one conclusion that he never wish to happen before the misson. He gulp as he do so. They are surrounded.

"We got ambushed."


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