1 The World of Beast Taming

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Alice City, Louis State.

In a classroom at California High School.

Instructor Lilian looked down at the lesson plan in her hands and spoke with some hesitation.

"Andrew Seuss, the first beast in your contract is... a lizard?"

As soon as she said this, all the students in the classroom went silent for a second.

The next moment.




The classroom burst into loud laughter.

A few students were laughing so hard that they were slamming the table, and the table and chairs made crackling sounds.

"Lizard? I knew that the creature that Andrew contracted would definitely be trash, but I didn't expect it to be so trashy. He should be the weakest one among the one-star beasts."

"Then he should be the worst beast tamer in our class, right? No! He should be the worst beast tamer in the entire school!"

"This kid shouldn't be in school. He should go back to the slums and play with those mud people!"

The usually arrogant and thorny students laughed without restraint.

The atmosphere in the class instantly became lively.

Everyone turned their gazes to a blond youth in the corner.



Lilian's pretty face darkened, and the textbook in her hand fell on the table.

The students in the class instantly quieted down.

But their eyes were still filled with gloat.

"Andrew, what's going on?"

Lillian's face relaxed a little, and she asked the youth in the corner.

"Teacher, I did contract the lizard."

Andrew stood up and said helplessly.

Although he was angry at being ridiculed by the students in the class, he couldn't do anything about it.

That was the truth.

Andrew wasn't originally from this world. In his previous life, he was a small employee on Blue Planet.

It was a chance encounter that allowed him to come to this world.

At first, he wasn't quite used to it.

Fortunately, this world wasn't much different from his previous life. The progress of history was similar.

However, there was a big difference between this world and his previous life.

Ten years ago, this world suddenly opened up numerous alternative space, and vast amount of spiritual energy surged out from the space.

The spiritual energy also turned the animals in this world into ferocious beasts.

However, fortunately the humans also awakened the beast tamers.

They could sign contracts with beasts to subdue those ferocious beasts.

From then on, this world entered the era of beast taming.

As long as a person reached the age of eighteen, they would be able to activate their beast taming talent.

There were strong and weak talent.

Some people were very talented, and could sign contracts with abyss demons. Some people were very weak, and could only sign contracts with some ordinary beasts.

It was obvious that Andrew was the latter.

He had thought that as a space traveller, he would be talented in beast taming. He didn't expect that he would be the weakest loser.

The first subdued beast he sign a contract with was actually the lowest grade lizard.

The lizard was only the size of a palm. Not to mention fighting with other subdued beasts, even a beast tamer could crush him to death with one hand!

In this world, the strong reigned supreme. Strength was everything.

Being able to contract a powerful creature was an important criteria to determine a beast tamer's ability.

If one couldn't have powerful strength, one would only be bullied in this world.

"Andrew, you better throw away that trash you've contracted. The twin-headed snake I've contracted happens to have a batch of small serpents. You can contract the vassals of my subdued beast."

At this moment, the freckled youth sitting in the middle of the classroom said with a smile.

His words sounded like he was being kind, but there was a clear hint of sarcasm in his words.

His name was Bill, and he was the leader of the gangsters in this class. He was used to being arrogant and domineering in school, and he also has a group of underlings in the class.

As soon as he finished speaking, his underlings followed suit.

"This proposal is not bad. Bill's beast is the owner of Andrew's beast, which means that Andrew is Bill's slave!"

"The word slave isn't very accurate. It should be said that Andrew is a dog. In the future, he will do whatever Bill asks him to do."


Andrew's eyes turned cold.

Although he wasn't from this world, he felt humiliated when he was mocked in public.

However, as a person who had lived two lives, he still endured this humiliation.

He knew that no matter what he said now, he would be looked down upon by others.

Strength was everything!


Lillian reprimanded.

She glanced at Andrew, then at Bill.

"Bill has contracted a two-headed snake with three-star aptitude. Not bad!"


The class instantly became noisy again.

"3-star aptitude! I didn't expect Bill to contract a 3-star creature!"

"I wonder who's stronger, the two-headed snake or Amy's holy unicorn!"

"Of course it's Amy's holy unicorn, it's a 4-star creature! They're not on the same level. But a 4-star creature isn't something we can compare to!"


Hearing the praise from his classmates and Lillian.

Bill raised his head with some pride.

He looked at the whole class arrogantly and said proudly.

"Don't worry, everyone. With my beast's talent, I can quickly nurture him and mature him into a true 3-star beast"

"When the time comes, I'll definitely be able to get a place in the school competition in a month's time!"

Seeing this, the surrounding students offered all kinds of flattery, making Bill raise his head even higher. He was so proud that he almost floated up.

Andrew, who was in the corner, saw this scene and shook his head.

This kid was too self-righteous.

However, he also had the right to be proud.

The poisonous snake, with the highest 3-star aptitude, could grow into a level 30 beast. It had already surpassed 90% of the students in the school.

The beasts' aptitude was divided into 1-star to 10-star, and the beast' grades were ranked level 1 to 100.

Most of the ordinary students' first beasts were 1-star beasts, and there was also a small group of 2-star beasts.

Their aptitudes were very limited.

It was rare for students' first contracted beast to be 3-star, just as Bill did.

After all, a fully grown 3-star beast could easily face dozens of ferocious tigers!

A beast with such strength could completely dominate the school.

And when the students graduated, the school would also conduct an assessment, which is a school-wide competition.

The competition will be among the beast.

One could only graduate if they receive a certain ranking, thereby going to a better school.

Of course, the top few who obtained a ranking could also receive generous rewards.

It was equivalent to getting a scholarship.

Thinking of this, Andrew secretly sighed.

Was he destined to be mediocre in this world?

If he couldn't get a rank in a month's time, he wouldn't be able to graduate.

By that time, aside from going to school, even survival would be a problem.

Just as he felt helpless in his heart.

A voice suddenly sounded in his head.

"Ding! The Beast Atavism System has been successfully bounded!"

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