1 Prologue

"I give up," I said as I sighed, seeing the vast lands, the garden of this household occupies.

"I guess the Third Lady has finally, snapped out of it..."

"Thank goodness... I thought she has gone crazy!"

Who wouldn't have gone crazy if you woke up in such a strange place? Where did I get myself into?

The last time I remembered, I was running for my life from a group of assailants. I'm not even sure I was being chased by those people, I have done nothing wrong! I was so sure that I lived my life, kindly!

I'm Frieda Lee, a 22-year-old Political science student who was chased by some murders for some unknown reasons. And if I was right, I died in that process.

Two weeks ago, I woke up in a strange place which seemed to be a sleeping chamber. It seemed like an extravagant medieval mansion, those from the noble blood in the Western continents.

Even my features were different from before. Long golden hair, royal blue eyes, and snow-white skin. Such beauty.

They also regarded this lady as the Third Lady of the Ducal House of Landerborne. Frieda Landerborne, the third daughter of Duke Landerborne who also works as the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Beleriadcrest.

We have the same first name... Such coincidence...

But what's bothering me the most was the names, the settings, the description of this place... All seemed so familiar, that's what I thought. Until I finally realized it.

The Dame and the Black Sheep Prince, a popular web novel about a Dame of noble roots, who met and fell in love with the Royal family of Beleriadcrest's trash, the fourth prince. I was able to read it out of curiosity but I was only able to read it until chapter 25, but I heard that it was still ongoing.

Despite not being able to finish it, I've grasps the plot pretty well.

The heroine, Seilah Landerborne, the most loved second daughter of the chancellor was an exemplary knight who was loved by many. Although she was very stoic that not she doesn't get along with some people who knew her for a long time.

On the other hand, the main lead was the Fourth Prince Jaeger Beleriadcrest of the Kingdom who was regarded as the trash, despite being the Second Queen's son. The second highest wife of the king. The prince was a known troublemaker and was said to have the least chance to become the next king.

The couple first met when Seilah was tasked to stop the havoc the prince has caused in one of the taverns in the capital. It was said that they have known each other, only by name since Seilah was betrothed to the Third Prince. And Jaeger was betrothed to Seilah's younger sister. The Third Lady Freida Landerborne.

See the coincidence? The same name as the owner of this body!

What's worst was that Frieda Landerborne turned into a freaking psychopath after finding out that her fiancé was cheating on her with her sister. She's a freaking villainess who will kill several people who were said to die at the ending!


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