The Kryptonian of a Certain American Comic Book

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The Kryptonian of a Certain American Comic


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Rorschach traveled to a Marvel world with a System that grants him the power of "Man of Steel". With this System, not only could he access the power of a Kryptonian, but also several products provided by the System itself. The super soldier serum? The whole collection of Mark 1 to 85 iron suits? Blueprint for the cure of Green Goblin's multipersonality disorder? Everything was there available for him to use. He crossed to the world where Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and other characters exist. He felt a bit of similarity in how the world envelopes, perhaps, he could alter how the Marvel world goes by intervening in some of the vital points of the storyline. But can he actually do that? Cover Art is done by @noxart Novel will be updated daily at 22:30 GMT+7 You can read up to 40 chapters and beyond at [p][a][t][r][e][o][n].com/pokapoka !


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