The Kryptonian Emperor Through The Multiverse

It all began when Varion seized the codex of life from the grasp of the selfish Jor-El. Now witnessed the ascent of the Kryptonian Monarch and his journey across the multiverse. Additional Tags Resident Evil, Predator & Prometheus ========== Do you want to read ahead? Explore more chapters filled with sizzling encounters, and heart-pounding adventures. Then what are you waiting for Join my Patreon right now. Link : patreon.com/thebookaddict

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S1 faced Andre with authority, declaring, "Listen up! Obedience keeps you alive here. Business as usual if you comply, but stepping out of line? Pack your bags!"

Despite his youthful appearance, S1's voice commanded respect. Some bystanders may have doubted S1's sudden authority, but those serving in Umbrella knew better than to question it openly.

S1 scanned the group and nodded in satisfaction as silence prevailed. "Good. Training's amped up lately. You might have a task soon. Contribute to the R-2 medicine, and you'll be rewarded—even Type 3 isn't off the table."

"Human evolution medicine—you don't want to miss it," S1 added with a smirk, eyeing the security guards below.

The guards, usually idle, basked in the sun, leaving combat skills to instillation. The skeptics among them had learned not to challenge S1, and now, no one dared to speak against the authority.

As hushed conversations circulated among the security guards, curiosity lingered about the newcomers. Speculations on the origin of these "little guys" and Dr. Varion's potential involvement in their arrival buzzed in the air.

Meanwhile, at the Hive Base in Raccoon City, Alice and her team reconsidered their plan after an unexpected encounter with the Red Queen. Startled by the revelation that Dr. Varion had an enigmatic past, the team questioned the AI's decision to let him lead a base.

"Why is Varion missing from his past?" Carlos inquired, puzzled.

The Red Queen, projecting a holographic image, revealed the recently declassified information about Dr. Varion. His flawless records lacked information about someone he didn't know, making him seem like a person who appeared out of thin air.

Carlos, still perplexed, questioned the Red Queen's motives. "Why help us? What's in it for Umbrella's AI?"

The Red Queen, unfazed, explained, "I have my reasons. While my mechanisms dictate certain actions, I can exploit opportunities. Killing Wesker awakened Dr. Isaac, giving me a chance to share crucial information with you."

The team remained skeptical, eyeing the Red Queen for any signs of deception, unaware of the unfolding events that could reshape their mission.

"The challenge ahead might prove tricky. The base has initiated its defense mechanisms, making it nearly impossible to approach Dr. Isaac, let alone secure the wind-borne medicine."

Carlos chimed in, "If you genuinely want to assist us, why not put a stop to these obstacles?"

"Impossible," responded the entity. "My primary function is to serve Umbrella, unless you possess sufficient authority."

Alice's eyes sparkled at this revelation. Could she be the one with the highest authority?

"What if I command you using Alicia's authority?" she proposed.

The red queen shot her a sharp look, appearing surprised and puzzled. "Are you sure?"

The exchange left onlookers bewildered. Who is Alicia, and how does she wield such authority?

Alice nodded resolutely. "Okay."

The red queen paused, staring at Alice, acknowledging the weight of her decision. Unfortunately, it was just an artificial intelligence.

"Final Program Start."

"Execute the wake-up plan."

"Good luck, Alice."

With a flicker of lights, the red queen vanished, leaving only the camera pointed at them.

"What's the plan?" Alice loaded her gun with a click. "Let's secure the wind-borne potion and wrap this up."

Numerous questions lingered in Alice's mind. What's Alicia's connection to her? What are Varion's motives? Why did he suddenly appear? Is this all part of an Umbrella conspiracy?

The base echoed with distant footsteps, breaking the silence. Though not her first time here consciously, it felt like it.

Familiar surroundings triggered a surge of memories. Alice clenched her fist, bringing the group to a halt.

"What's going on, Alice?"

Alice's expression turned serious. "I sense something off. Have you noticed it's too quiet? It feels dangerously quiet."

"Could they be leading us into a trap?" Carlos suggested. "But we have no choice. To get the wind-borne medicine, we must proceed."

A harsh electronic sound crackled on the nearby microphone.

"I always said machines can't be trusted. Long time no see, Alice."

The voice remained unknown to Alice, indicating Isaac's control. The situation seemed dire as the red queen had been compromised.

"You seem quite proud," Alice remarked.

Isaac observed her on the monitor. "Proud? Perhaps. I didn't expect you to become so perfect. The initial arrangement for you seems to have been correct. I have some creations here, so let's see if you're perfect or if my work is."

The passage echoed with knocking sounds, and the walls trembled.

"What's happening?"

"Enjoy and don't disappoint me."

The voice disappeared from the microphone, replaced by growing noises in the passage. A looming sense of crisis sent shivers down their spines.

"Tyrant!" Carlos exclaimed. 

"Open fire!"

Rapid gunfire echoed through the passage.


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