The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

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106 Chs

8 Years Later.

Once Azazel delivered him the Time Chamber, Romonus was able to speed up his plans. By spending a year inside training, he could not only experiment with his abilities but also create new ones. 

He didn't just use the time in the Chamber effectively, as he also had three years in the real world to use. Using the Dark Magics that he had improved, he searched for the locations of all the sealed Evil Dragons in case he ever needed to or wanted to resurrect them. 

He had even done the same to other Legendary Monsters that had been slayed or sealed, which he considered a secret Trump Card in case he needed an army of monsters. He didn't just track down sealed or dead monsters, but he had done the same for mythical heroes of the past. 

He hadn't resurrected them all because it was just an option for the future. He also had other things to do, like searching for the Khaos Bridge's future leaders to recruit or slay them. 

One of the first he prioritized was Kuroka since she was Shirone's sister. The two of them quickly found Kuroka by using her relationship with Shirone to track her down. When they found her, Kuroka was shocked that her baby sister was now older than her. She was also not expecting Shirone to come to her as a six-tailed Nekushou, something that had never been seen in history. 

Shirone took the time to recount to her sister what happened after she escaped and what Shirone had been doing with Romonus. Kuroka didn't hesitate to believe her since, all this time, she wanted to be reunited with her sister. 

Being given the chance was more than she could ask for. However, the benefits of that action were more than she could dream of. Not only could their mother be brought back, but the damage done to her through the experimentation could also be undone. 

When she moved into his house to be with Shirone, she received treatment from Valerie. Ajuka also had her Evil Pieces cut the link to her dead Master and was forgiven for her crimes because of Romonus' political pull. 

She was the primary individual who was important to him because of Shirone, but he also tracked down Bikou. It had been just after he received the title of Monkey King, but knowing that Bikou hated being responsible, Romonus came to him when he was going to leave on his journey. 

Romonus told him that if he became his student, Romonus would give him all the fights and fun he could dream of. Bikou had found this amusing but wanted Romonus to prove his strength. 

Romonus had agreed, and he had not lifted a finger to battle. He uttered a single word in Unencia, meaning 'Blast,' and defeated Bikou, leaving him staggered and deaf. After healing him, Bikou laughed and submitted himself to the terms of the wager.

He was not the only member of the Vali team that Romonus tracked down, as he also came to Arthur Pendragon and Morgan Le Fay. He had challenged Arthur to a duel, and the loser would become the winner's Knight.

Arthur had accepted the conditions of the duel, and to make the conditions more fair, Romonus had sealed most of his Demonic Strength. He had fought with his old Magisteel blade that he had not touched in years.

Arthur had noticed this, but Romonus had said he was unworthy of using his true might or sword, which had stung Arthur's pride. He had used Caliburn to its full potential, but Romonus, using only his sword skills, utterly defeated Arthur. 

As a man of his word, Arthur had agreed to the conditions of the duel, but Romonus didn't add him to his peerage. That honor had gone to Silvana, who had more than proven her might in recent years. 

 She has studied the method for crafting Ruin Maker, Archaon, and the Cursed Shield. She has also had Tobio help by creating several weapons made from his Sacred Gear, which she had studied.

Romonus and Azazel had even tracked down Connla, who had inherited the Spirit of the Original Connla and would have joined Cao Cao. They killed him, took his Sacred Gear, and took the Spirit of Connla. 

This was a good chance, so Valerie took the Spirit, and through the Sephiroth Graal, she brought Connla back to life. The side effects had been quite severe, but Romonus had been ready and fed her his blood right after. 

The side effects were reduced, but it took her almost a month to recover fully. She even took another two weeks to heal herself entirely, but Connla, the son of Cú Chulainn, was back in the world. 

Connla was quite stunned to find himself back in the land of the living, but he was more than grateful. He had chosen to become a Knight for knight, which the Dhampir rejected. She begged that he become a knight for Romonus instead, but Connla insisted. 

Saying that he would defend the one who brought him back to life and her chosen husband with his second life. Finding this amusing, Romonus allowed it, and he took Connla as another of his students. 

As for Silvana, she had been given the Night Reflection Sacred Gear, which she used as an material in her forever Scythe and Armor. Since Latia and Ajuka had returned to help her, her gear could be called the younger siblings of Archaon. 

Her armor had been named Ernaline, which in Celtic meant Battle to the Death. As for her Scythe, it had been Agrona, which in Celtic meant "Battle" or "Slaughter." Unlike her mother, who had been forging for centuries to find her 'True Gear,' she had found hers in a few short decades. 

There were many reasons why she was the best Knight candidate besides Tobio. She had come from two Pure Blood Lines and had been blessed by a god at birth. As a result, she was already strong when he met her. 

After meeting him, she found her True Gear and received modifications from Valerie. Now, having his Demon Knight Piece, her skill and Power had been rising without limit through the years.

Even her parents had not expected their daughter to exceed them in power so soon. When she had gone back to visit them, they had been beyond shocked that their daughter had surpassed the Satan Class. 

Most of Romonus' lovers had taken the leap because Valerie had modified them all to improve their bloodlines and improve their talent. Every year that passed, her mastery of the Sephiroth Graal improved, and she could draw out latent talent in anyone. 

All of them were effectively Immortal, immune to Holy and Light Magic, and their bloodlines had been purified. Serafall's dormant Gremory Clan trait in her bloodline awakened and even purified her Sitri blood to match the Sitri Ancestor. This had caused her Demonic Energy, which was already powerful, to receive a massive upgrade. 

She had even gained a Water Affinity on the same level as her Ice Magic, which, when used along with her new Gremory Trait, could drown entire countries in water and then freeze it. This, alongside training inside the Time Chamber with Romonus, had made her finally join her two friends, Sirzechs and Ajuka, at the Super Devil level. She was not the only one, as Venelana had recovered her old strength and exceeded it once Valerie modified her.

Her Power of Destruction, though, could not match Sirzechs or Romonus since she lacked the Gremory Clan Trait. She also had no other Clan trait because her bloodline was highly pure. 

Regardless, her latent talent made her advance to the Super Devil rank by relying on her talent, pure bloodline, and sheer effort. Several elixirs from Romonus also sped up the process, which was another skill he had improved in. 

 Rias, on the other hand, who was a natural talent, had reached the peak of the Satan Class after the five years spent in the Time Chamber. However, she was closer to a Pseudo-Super Devil since she lacked a unique skill set. 

Rather than feel annoyed at the wall she faced, she took the time to reflect and find her path. She had three examples to learn from in Romonus, Venelana, and Sirzechs. If even Grayfia, after all the centuries alive, was not at the level of a Super Devil, what hope did she?

She also didn't have Romonus's Demon Bloodline, Demon Piece, or Venelana's experiences in the Great War or Civil War. This was a time of self-reflection to find her way forward. She was not the only one stuck, as Seekvaira and Shirone had also gotten stuck at the Pseudo-Super Devi level even after the modifications, elixirs, training they had. 

Shirone still had more tails to grow, while Seekvaira needed more time to find herself much like Rias. On the other hand, Latia had her path, and she had advanced to the Super Devil Class with her Uncle's aid. 

He, Romonus, and Valerie used a serum made of Ajuka's blood to give Latia his Super Devil genes, making her future even easier. Akeno was also not stuck because of her Divine Nephalem Blood. When she grew her sixth pair of wings, she expected to be done, but after training in the time chamber, she had grown a seventh pair, much to the shock of everyone. 

Azazel had studied this to ensure nothing was wrong, but he attributed it to a fusion of the blood of the Fallen Angel, Devil, Demon, and Shinto god bloodlines. Knowing that she had become the first 'Super' Fallen Angel was surprising, but she enjoyed it. 

As for Itsuki, Ddraig and Romonus had coporated to get her to convert her heart into a Demonic Dragon Heart. It had been relatively easy, but Itsuki could now be considered a Demon Dragon in human form. 

Valerie had even made a second modification, which caused Itsuki to become a true Demon Dragon. Rather than becoming a Super Devil, it was more accurate that she was on her way to becoming a Heavenly Dragon like Ddraig. 

She just had to develop her abilities like the Boost and Divide. Another powerhouse was Miria, who had been curious as to why she had such a reaction to alcohol. She dived into any remaining Clan records and found one of her ancestors had made a deal with Shuten Douji. 

She had drunk the Oni's blood to gain power in exchange for granting the Oni an ample supply of Devil Alcohols. It just turned out that Miria had awakened the Oni's dormant genes, which had not been seen because of how diluted they were. 

Valerie had made sure to use her gear to awaken the Oni Genes, which had caused Miria to grow a set of purple horns similar to Roygun. With the way she fought, it made perfect sense why she had always been so damn intense, violent, and had a propensity for drunken rages. 

It had been because she had been part of Oni the entire time, which no one had noticed. That, combined with her already powerful abilities, had also allowed her to advance to the level of the Super Devil. To celebrate, she drank a bottle of Bael Apple Wine and dragged Romonus to the bedroom, where he let her do what she wanted. 

That had been a wild night as she had not held back, and if not for the formations and reinforcements, his room would have caused an earthquake. Following that night, Romonus had made it his goal to only have drunken sex with her because she was extra passionate. 

As for Roygun, when she had her King Piece, she had been a Satan Class Devil. To her, this training was not about getting stronger but recovering her old strength. That was easy to achieve as she had used her King Piece for years. 

She already had the training and experience of using Satan Class strength. She had reached her old level in a short amount of time. Thanks to modifications done by Valerie, her Crack ability had become even stronger than when she had her King Piece. 

She had pushed her mastery even further to advance to the rank of a Super Devil. It was almost unfair at the speed at which Romonus could strengthen those around him. Mostly, all thanks to Valerie for her mastery of the Sephiroth Graal. 

Like Venelana and Miria, Vespera already knew her path and had advanced to the same rank as them. She had used the past eight years to master her bloodline abilities fully. 

Most of her life had been inside Blood Drinker, but it had trained her mind and soul through the torture. Drinking Romonus' Demon blood had caused her strength to begin to reach the level it should be. 

Since she had already been modified, she drew the strength of her Ancestors, the Carmila Pure Blood Ancestor and Zekram. Through that, she became another Super Devil class fighter. 

The most important thing about all this is that Valerie also improved. Romonus' Demon Bishop Piece had fused with the Sephiroth Graal in a way he could not explain. The result caused Valerie, already drinking Romonus' blood daily, to become a true Demon Vampire hybrid. 

She had modified herself and fully learned about the Life Code. In theory, she could kill her opponents at a distance by editing their Life Code, which had removed the side effects of her Longinus. This meant she could resurrect anyone she desired, and her fully converted Sephiroth Graal would have no side effects. 

This was one of the most important abilities that Romonus wanted to use. This is why Romonus, Valerie, and Connla were currently in Iran. Romonus had tracked down the exact location where Azi Dahaka had been sealed, which was out in the deserts of Iran. 


The three rode on a giant Griffin covered in black, purple, and red feathers. Kharn and Grimladus were sitting on the griffin's head because even now, eight years later, they still considered themselves the most powerful in the world. 

These two had their own set of upgrades due to their master. As for Romonus himself, he looked pretty different than eight years ago. He wore an intricate black and suit with a trench coat. His hair was still black, and the front half was dyed dark purple. 

He still wore the Cocytus Earing, which was now a much darker purple shade than before. He also had a few new features that he did not have before on his head: a pair of large black Werewolf ears with dark purple tips. Behind him were nine black werewolf tails with purple tips swaying lazily. 

One of the skills he had gained was drawing out bloodline abilities from the ones his Sparda Bloodline devoured. In this state, they allowed him to use the skills of a nine-tail to improve his sense of mana. 

His eyes were as sharp, and if anything, they were more cold than ever. At 21, he had grown out his facial hair as he always wanted. Even his height had grown as he was 6'10, causing him to look far more intimidating. 

His height also grew his muscle mass, making him an intimidating specimen. Holding onto his arm was Valerie, who was now 25 years old. She had matured in those years and now looks her age. She got taller and, from the look in her eyes, more confident in herself. 

Though she wasn't that tall as she was only 5'11, which was on the taller side for women, but when compared to Romonus, it was small. Sitting in front was Connla, a tall young man with long, dark blue hair and red eyes. Behind his head, held in his arms, was a spear, which he was ready to use to defend his Mistress and Mentor. 

"Boss, what do you know about Azi Dahaka?"

Romonus looked down at the young Irish Demigod. Since his grandfather was Lugh, the Celtic Sun god, he was also a Demigod. 

"He was created by Angra Mainyu, the Evil Persian God, to destroy the gods of Zoroastrianism. He failed, but Azi Dahaka still killed and devoured many of them. He is the Evil Dragon I want. His Mastery of Forbidden Magic is legendary, and he had to be sealed rather than killed since Evil Dragons can resurrect. 

His seal is near. I can sense his evil presence." 

Connla nodded before turning to Valerie. 

"Can you bring him back, Mistress?" 

Valerie nodded with a much more confident look on her face. 

"If this were before, I would have been scared, but not anymore. The Sephiroth Graal is mine, and even resurrecting Azhi Dahaka won't effect me." 

Hearing that, Connla leaned back with a curious look on his face. 

"Mistress, could you also bring back my mentor, Scathach, or my Father? You know my myth, right?" 

Romonus looked down at the Irish Hero. 

"Glad you brought it up because I have also wanted that. Your Father was a warrior of legend, and your mentor was just as if not more skilled. Would you do that, Valerie?" 

She smiled and nodded. 

"Of course, at this point, the fears and side effects of the Sephiroth Graal are no more. I could even bring back the Mothers of Akeno and Shirone." 

Romonus wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a hug. 

"Thank you. Now them, Mephiston, you can land." 

The giant Griffin roared before he swooped down. This was the same Griffin his brother gave him on his 13th birthday. When the Griffin landed, Kharn and Grimladus jumped off their heads as Romonus, Valerie, and Connla jumped off the giant animal. 

They all walked forward, which made Connla hold his spear seriously. 

"So where is it?"

Romonus smirked. 

"Back away and cover your ears." 

Everyone obeyed as Romonus looked down. He took a deep breath before speaking. 


When he uttered the Enuncia word, a gigantic wave of reality-distorting power carved into the desert sand. The sound and power were so extreme that they could be heard for miles. 

When the effect caused by Enuncia was gone, a giant hole was carved in the ground. He waved his hand and cleared away the desert sand to reveal an enormous temple. 

He turned around to gaze at Connla, Valerie, Mephiston, Kharn, and Grimladus, who all had listened. 

"Here it is." 

Connla uncovered his ears before he walked forward. 

"Every time I see it, I wonder if there is anything that language can't do." 

Romonus smirked as he jumped down into the hole. As he did so, the werewolf ears and tail burst into purple lights as he no longer needed them. 

"There isn't." 

Connla, Valerie, and his three familiars jumped down into the hole to follow. They might even find some treasures used to seal Azhi Dahaka, which made this trip worth it.