The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

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106 Chs

3/5 Holy Relics Aquired.

As Archaon moved, he continually faced resistance because he was the most dangerous creature the Utsusemi Agency had ever encountered. They thought their Utsusemi, Satanael, and plans would allow their revenge against the Shinto Gods and their former clans. 

However, they had not anticipated someone like Romonus, who had tracked down the diluted Divine blood all Principle Clan members shared. Because of that, they were now being sieged by the organizations they had defected from and wronged. 

In the case of Romonus, they had not wronged him directly. They were just a bother and served him more dead than alive. As Archaon moved through the corridors to the next level, the Shadows appeared behind him. 

These Cultivators had been striped of their will because Romonus didn't want to hear them yell their attack names every time. Now, they were a more effective force and, in a way, were smarter and mindless than with minds. 

By then, all the students had been moved and were out of danger. Grigori and Grauzauberer believed they would face more opposition, but Archaon needed no help. 

The Living Armor and the Shadows sent alongside him were causing a massacre. Already, he was on the third floor with plenty of new souls in Ruin Maker and the Curse Shield. Those could become food for his brothers or new Shadows for the Master's army. 

As he moved toward the 4th floor, the Principal Clan exiles gathered to face him. 


Archaon felt that these humans were just pathetic. 

"Honestly, just stop." 

He moved forward and did not bother to dodge as they launched different magical spells at him. Even the occasional curse set to destroy his bones, stop his heart, or something of that nature. 

He swung Ruin Maker, launching a massive slash of Power of Destruction, slaughtering the exiles. 

'Master, how were these ever a threat?' 

'They never were a threat Archaon. You know my memories. Much weaker individuals defeated them, and they had two months to prepare. They are not getting their prep time. We are killing the baby before it can grow to be Hitler.' 

Archaon found that funny because the analogy fit perfectly. 

"In that case, my Armored, I shall ensure that no one even remembers these pests by the time I finish them." 

Romonus smiled as Archaon knew how to get the job done. 

'Make sure you complete my secondary objectives.' 

'Of course, your will is mine.' 

Archaon and his Shadows picked up their pace, but it did not matter what the Utsusemi Agency tried to stop him. He just kept bulldozing through it. Hanezu detonated different magical bombs he had placed on the floors to destroy Archaon. 

Instead, Archaon walked out of the rubble burning in purple-blue Chaos flames. As they were called, the Shadows burst into darkness before reforming with no apparent damage. Archaon pointed forward when he saw more Exiles as he was done. 

The former Asura Rage Sect Cultivators roared like their names and charged forward. With brutal savagery, they tore apart everyone they got their hands on. They tore off heads and ripped people in half, but Romonus had an idea. 

'Archaon collect all of their blood. I can use that in my alchemy.' 

'By your orders, my Armored.' 

Archaon stopped using the POD, and every time he killed someone, he made sure to collect their blood. He would hold his hand out and draw out all of the blood inside the corpses into a bloody orb he held in his right hand. 

This way, Archaon collected not just souls from the dead but also their blood, which contained the diluted blood of five different gods. While they were called the sons of Amaterasu, they were not birthed the usual way. 

Instead, they were birthed mainly by Susanoo, who chewed the beads of Amaterasu's necklace. They were technically the children of the two sibling gods formed through magic because Amaterasu was a maiden goddess. 

Despite that, they were still gods, and their blood could be used in numerous ways. Archaon, though, was a little disappointed that it seemed he would end this entire thing without a challenge. However, it appeared that the universe had come to his aid and given him someone who would not day instantly. 

Just as Archaon and his Shadows were about to move down to the 9th floor, he heard footsteps. Archaon looked at the orb of blood in his left hand and decided not to risk it getting destroyed, so he opened a portal and tossed it through. 

On the other side, Romonus was ready and pulled it toward him. He crystalized the orb as he would have Valerie wake up the Divine Blood in this for his uses. Once he had a Blood Crystal, he got up from his couch. 

He put it inside his new Spatial Ring, which Rahvdall had gifted to him, before he turned to his guests. 

"If you will excuse me, my target has been located." 

Romonus, without waiting for a response, teleported directly to Archaon. The Living Armor instantly formed around Romonus, exposing his face because he did not care to hide his identity anymore. 

Once Romonus was wearing Archaon, they linked their senses together once more. 

'My Armored, I am glad to be again fighting together.' 

Romonus could understand, as he preferred being on the front lines rather than waiting for others to fight for him. Now that he was back in control, he opened his left hand, causing the True Longinus to appear. 

By this point, the formerly Divine Holy Spear seemed to belong to a Demon. It still had the majesty of being the weapon that had pierced Jesus, but it had been corrupted by the strongest Demon to grace this world. 

He rested the spear on his shoulder while waiting for his target to rise up the stairs. When she did, he grinned, causing Agusta Of The Purple Flames to feel like she was nothing. 

"There you are. I am glad to have found you before you could hurry off to Oz. I have two questions. Where is Walburga, and where is Satanael?" 

Instead of answering, she slammed her Staff down. 

"Balance Breaker: Giant Of Flames." 

Behind her, a massive giant of Light Purple Holy Fire formed while holding a giant burning cross. He smiled, as one of his main targets and method of becoming a Demon God was here. 

"You know Agusta, there is a reason I want Incinerate Anthem for myself." 

As he walked forward, Agusta began to form many magic circles behind her, and the giant pointed the Crusifex at him. Waves of Holy Flame, which would have even wounded Sirzechs, surged toward him. 

He did not dodge and began to walk through them as the Holy Fire could not hurt him. He was too durable for that, and Valerie had done what he wanted. He was immune to the effects of Holy Magic. 

He thrust the True Longinus forward and parted the wave of Holy Flames. He even created a giant hole in the Flame Giant's chest. The giant fell to its knees, as the opposing Holy and Demonic Energies were hard to deal with. 

"I already have the main gear, the True Longinus. As is known to all, it contains the Will of God. The following gear is the Cross of Jesus, which God used to create the Incinerate Anthem. 

This means that God's bloodline gave it its power. Sephiroth Graal belongs to someone special to me, so it is unnecessary. Then there is Alphecca Tyrant, the nails that pierced Jesus's body. The last one is the Shroud of Turin.

Once I have all four, I can use them to become a Demon God in my ascension ritual." 

Agusta held her staff out and began to bombard Romonus with lightning, fire, wind, ice, and all the magic she had on hand. They struck him, but none of them could get past the thin layer of aura he had around him. 


Romonus snorted as if anyone was insane—it was her. The giant recovered from the wound he had given it, and he saw it charge toward him as its flames surged like an ocean. He surged his Demonic Mana into Ruin Maker and the True Longinus as he slashed in a cross shape, cutting the giant into four sections. 

"Now that you are out of the way, all that remains is this." 

Using Godspeed, he reached Agusta, cleaving her head from her shoulders with Ruin Maker. 

"You were dangerous to children, not me. Serve." 

From her body, the soul of Agusta rose from her corpse as another mindless Shadow. Her free will was gone because Romonus, as usual, did not leave chances for betrayal. At the same time, he kneeled and set Ruin Maker down. 

He shoved his right hand into the corpse of Agusta, and he ripped out a small burning purple fire.

"Welcome your new host, Anthem." 

Romonus clenched his hand and sent the small flame into his soul. Once it was there, he, Archaon, Ruin Maker, and the Curse Shield began to pressure it as corrupting the Sacred Gear started. 

Romonus' goal was truly evil, as the way he wanted to ascend to Godhood was indeed the way of a Demon. He was going to corrupt the relics of God and use the corruption of each one to gain the Divinities of God. 

That way, no one could challenge him in this world. Even Evie Atolde would not know about Dragon Deus until he wanted them to. 

'2 out of 4, I just need the Nails and Shroud.' 

Archaon was curious. 

'What will you do with the Alphecca Tyrant and the Shroud of Turin?' 

'You will eat Alphecca Tyrant and fuse the Shroud with your cape. The Relics are just part of the ritual, as I will also use the hearts of my original four targets. The descendants of the original Satans and Lilith. With that, our future will be set, and the status as Demon God will be mine.'

Romonus started to advance once more as the attack was nearly over. 


The 9th floor was the last, and Hanezu was done. He fell to his knees as all his years of plotting were for nothing. His organization was crushed in a matter of days, and they still had not completed a single Utsusemi. Walburga jumped up on a desk and began to kick her legs back and forth. 

The young girl moved her head from side to side as she hummed a little tune. Hanezu didn't notice because he didn't even look up when the massive metal door was kicked down. 

When Romonus walked through it, he saw two of his targets. Hanezu, who would have been Tobio's first main villain. He kidnapped his childhood friend and crush, forced a powerful Utsusemi inside of her, and enslaved her to his will. 

As for Walburga, she was one of the main reasons Rizevim could unseal Trihexa. The Incinerate Anthem had the added effect of being able to break through seals, and she used that to burn the seals of God away. 

Rizevim then used one of Valerie's Grails to control the mindless beast, which caused the sealing and deaths of many mythology leaders. Of course, that would not happen now because it was pointless. 

Rizevim was insane, as his goal of invading the ExE world was doomed to fail. Those beings were beyond the Dragon Gods, and Rizevim could not touch them. He had to use Samael, who was one of God's creations. 

Meaning that Romonus would become a Dragon God-level being as well when that happened or beyond them even. 

"I am glad you two did not try to run." 

Hanezu looked up to see who had ruined his decade-long plot. 

"How? How did you find us?" 

Romonus walked toward him and explained. 

"Your Divine Blood, Hanezu." 

Romonus drew upon the powers of Incinerate Anthem and used it to incinerate Hanezu. He didn't destroy or turn his soul into a shadow, as there was no need. He let Hanezu go to Yomi, where the Shinto Gods would have time to punish him for his plot. 

As for Walburga, she was still kicking her feet with a creepy smile. 

"So my Master is dead?" 

He walked toward her until he reached the desk she was sitting on. 

"She is. Tell me, what do you think I should do?" 

Walburga leaned back and thought about it. She laid down on the desk while still kicking her legs back and forth. 

"Kill me, I guess? That is what I would do after torturing you for a few years. Your face looks kinda cute, so I might use you as a sex doll." 

He chuckled as he liked that honesty. Just then, she sat up and held her hands out. 

"Well then, do it quick, I guess." 

Romonus thought about it as he didn't have much to fear from Walburga. Without Incinerate Anthem and without time to join the Khaos Brigade, she was at his mercy. 

"In that case, I will follow my desires." 

He sent Ruin Maker and the True Longinus into his soul. He grabbed her neck before creating a collar from his Demonic Mana around her neck. It had a little bell with her name on it. On the back, it said Romonus, as he owned her now. 

"You look better this way. Now, come on, kitty."

He reached out and placed a hand on her head before forcefully binding her soul to his service. Why kill her when she could cause more Chaos herself? Once Walburga was taken care of, he had a bunch of Utsusemi to take, and Leo. 

The Lion could be useful as a Sacred Gear for Shirone once Azazel and Valerie worked on him more. Just like that, except for Satanael, the Utsusemi Agency was no more. 

(In my first fanfic, my main character, Kurayami(Lightning and Fire Given Form), received Walburga as a gift from his grandfather-in-law, Azrael. She became his crazy maid, and I still like her from then, so she is returning.)