It was summer. The sun was hot and bright. In the Wissian town there was a colosseum. In the colosseum a fight is happenning between the two magicians. The crowd is cheering for their respective supporting fighters.

"Lord Aeron, I love you. You will be the champion for sure." A member of the crowd was supporting for Aeron who is using the [Flames Manupulation Magic]. The flames were burning brightly around his body.His body was very strong and powerful. Aeron is 28 years old. He was wearing the sleevless shirt which was exposing his powerful and strong arms. The aura that he produced was majestic and it was very powerful. His eyes were half closed while watching his opponent very fiercely. He has the long hair across his shoulders.

"Lord Boron, you are not going to lose. You are the pride of Heek city" A person sitting amoung the group of people was shouting and supporting Boron who was fighting Aeron. Boron was [Wind Manupulation Magic] user. Baron was wearing only a tight phant while he was topless which was exposing his strong muscles. He has no hair on his head which shows clearly that he is a baìdy while watching fiercely at Aeron. Baron was 39 years old.

Weissan town and Heek city are part of the Falan District. Their are total of 8 towns and 4 cities in Falan District. Every city has one "City Lord" and every Town has one "Town President". These two are responsible to govern their respective cities and towns. But the difference was obvios. Because every city governs two towns under their jurisdiction. The Weissan town comes under Heek city. Thus the resources are high in the Heek city compaired to the weissan town. All the city people always look down on the town people since the ancient days. All the city Lords and Town Presidents are governed by the District Governer. The District Governer is a very powerful person who reached the peak of the power in the entire district.

The winner of the competition will recieve the rewards directly from the hands of the District Governer. If the winner of the competition will display the extraodinary power and talent then the District Governer could take the winner as his disciple with the rescources at free of cost. Along with Weissan and Heek the other town participants also participated in this competition. But all of them were eliminated and final two participants are remained who are none other than Aeron and Boron.

This is the competition which takes once every 10 years at different venue every time periodically. This time the competition was held at Weissan town the local venue for Aeron. The participants from different towns participates in the arena to determine who is the strongest in all the towns.

In the middle of the arena Boron was pissed of with Aeron's power display. In the past it was always thone of the four cities who produced the champions. But this time it was going to be a minor town bumpkin who is emerging as the champion. this was pretty much unacceptable for Boron. If he lost then he will become the laughing stock not only in Heek city but also in the entire district. In desperate Boron used his most powerful spell [Wind Sphere]. He materialised his wind in the form of sphere and threw at Aeron. The air sphere produced multiple spikes around it and was flying towards Aeron with high speed. Aeron didn't panicked at all and he manipulated his flames in the form of chain and caught the wind sphere and threw it back at Baron. The force was too much for Boron to handle and was knocked out of the arena.

The crowd gone pendomonium because their local hero has emerged victorious in the competition. Before this , there was no one from weissan town who had reached the knockout stage. let alone becoming the champion. So the locals were extremely happy.

"Lord Aeron, you are Awesome." said a local spectator.

"Lord Aeron Please Marry me." said the pretty girls at the spectator stand

"Lord Aeron, you are special. Because in the past their was no town who produced the champion of the district arena." said the Young childrens from the spectators stand.

These young childrens are quoated as the future of the wissian town. Their eyes were filled with admiration, because their was no compitator amoung the 8 towns who emerged victorious. Because every time it was always one of the 4 cities participants who always emerged champion in the district level. Thus this victory was special.

In the distant place at the spectators seat their was an old man aged around 70's was spectating the match. The name of this person is Sitaram. Sitaram is the teacher of Aeron and was looking at Aeron with his pair of eyes which were filled with pleased expression. Because the outcome of this final battle has ended up in the favour of Aeron.

Their was a kid of 6 years old who was spectating the match with Sitaram. The name of the kid is Arjun Kumar. Arjun is the grandson of Sitaram. Arjun was very short boy who has the brown eyes and black hair. His eyes always showed the expression of amazement when he see this kind of battle and always respect the strong. But he respected his grandfather even more because Aeron who was the winner of the comptition was actually student of his. without his grandfather the victory for Aeron was difficult.

Arjun said excitedly to Sitaram "Grandpa, look. Bég brother Aeron has become the champion of the competition. He is just 26 years old and yet he is already 12­star magician.that's totally awesome. Because in the past their was no one who reached 12-star magician at 26 years old in the Falan district."

Sitaram looked at excited Arjun and said with the gentle smile "Arjun, if you want to become strong then you need to quickly awaken your "Magic Core" in your body. All other kids who are of your age has already awakened their Magic Core and has started their training in the magic field."

Arjun frowned and said with sad eyes "I always practice very hard. Even harder than the other students and yet i couldn't awaken my Magic Core. What else should i do to awaken my Magic Core. I am even more eager than the others about my Magic Core, and yet i don't know what to do."

Sitaram shook his head and said, "Arjun, Magic Core is something that could be awakened when the person has reached a certain point of Willpower. Willpower is the source of magic which presents in every human. some people awaken at early age, while some people awakens it at old age. The awakening period will depend on the person's willpower. So the more you gain control over your willpower the more powerful you becomes. I will train you later to control ypor willpower, so that you can easily control your willpower and quickly awakens it. Is it okay with you?"

Arjun replied excitedly " Yes, Grandfather. You can count on me."

Sitaram looked at Arjun and said with the satisfied experssion, "Good. But remember one thing. Willpower training is very fierce. You will be seeing hell while you are training. So, be prepaired."

Arjun replied sincerely "Yes. I will train harder and harder. Then i will gain control over my willpower and i will awaken my magic core. Then i'm going to be the powerful magician."

Sitaram replied "Good. But, right now enjoy the occassion. Yours training will begin later."

Arjun replied with smile on his face "Yes, Grandfather."

The atmosphere was so frantic that all the people of Weissan were enjoying the feast. But Arjun was Anticipating that one day he will emerge as the champion just like Aeron in the district arena. Then all the people who looked down on him will admire him just like how the people are admiring Aeron today.

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