The King of Faries is now a Demon Lord

Meet Irakiel, the ex Fairy King... now a Demon Lord with a face that could make the devil jealous, and the "totally not boasting, just stating facts" indirect sibling of the Supreme Nirvana Ancestrial Monarchial Absolute God Emperor. Life was a breeze until he pulled off a two-million-year resurrection stunt. Now, in a world where everything has evolved, one thing stayed constant – Irakiel's charm. He insists he's not a narcissist anymore, but hey, he's still HIM, blame Fate, not him! Or so he was blaming Fate until he got this notification.... *Ding!* [Lady Fate is laughing at your luck and sending extremely seductive winks.... with L-lip b-bites?! That's not the end of it!... LADY FATE YOU DARE! Ban!!! EMERGENCY!! We need a thot repellent!] Since then, Irakiel has never fully recovered from his state of shock or so he thinks. Often one can see him sitting against a dichromatic tree and staring at the moon with melancholy, finding comfort in solitude. 'Shouldn't have buttfucked the Moon Goddess.... I feel like she is following me everywhere.' ~ A Great Author named Oink once said, "Keep your enemies close and their wives, closer." ~ [Yandere] [Netori] [Villain MC] [Smut] [Harem] [Wincest] [Oyakadon] [Villain MC] [Lore] [Alpha MC] [Livestreaming] [Action] [Powerful Villains] [Well-Written Fights] [Light Hearted in a Dark World] Netori means stealing other people's lovers not getting your own lover stolen. ~ The Livestreaming does not officially begin until chapter 106. The first mention is in chapter 101. ~ Enjoy :) and have a cookie.

_oinkchan · Fantasy
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205 Chs


Rael's body was slowly regenerating from the damage that the acid had done to it. Although the body was inferior, his species was not so it was still durable enough to not die to the humongous amount of acid that had fallen upon him.

Despite that, Rael was not free from hurt. He was seriously injured and was becoming bored of the battle. Especially since both parties were at the same level, none had suffered a lot. Especially Johgrub. Every time, Rael hurt him, he went back to normal.

'This is insane. How long must I fight? I want to bathe with Ducky. I'm sooo sweaty goddamn.'

Smiling wryly, a monologue was about to brew in Rael's mind but before it could even properly start, he heard a voice from where there was previously a crack in the domain.

"Heyyy guys…."

Rael glanced at the newcomer. A lady garbed in black, her cloak hiding most of her face and body but due to the voice Rael could easily make out it was a she.