The King's Unbreakable Wife

“I cannot come to you with my problems when you have the weight of the kingdom on your shoulders. I would rather suffer in silence so I do not bother the king-” “Your husband,” Tobias corrected Hazel, placing his hands on her shoulders to comfort her as her eyes filled with tears. It pained him that he had not noticed how much the palace had been slowly breaking her. “I am your husband first. Do not hide your sadness from me,” he said, wiping away a single tear that slipped away with his thumb. … Hazel Wallace never thought she would make it far when she was picked to enter the selection for the next queen. In a surprise turn of events, she finds herself tangled up with the future king, Tobias Castro. Hazel once thought she would be strong enough to survive living in the palace walls. As queen and with Tobias by her side, she had nothing to fear. That was until the crown was placed on her head. Soon she realised the dangers in the palace and how not even the queen was safe from scheming men and women. Each day she spent in the palace, Hazel felt like a piece of her was slowly breaking away. Eventually, Hazel wanted nothing more than to run out of the palace, but after betrayals from people she thought she could trust, Hazel sought to become the person she was before entering the palace and get revenge on those who sought to take away her crown. Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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Hazel thoroughly enjoyed her time with Alessandra and Linda. She was right that the two would get along well. They had more in common than just liking Edgar. She was saddened by the arrival of a maid who pointed out that it was time for dinner so Alessandra and Linda would now have to leave her.

If only they could spend the night here but she didn't want to subject either one to see the true face of the palace.

Linda left the group first to return home in time to not worry Kenneth. She had stayed in the palace longer than she told her father so before he could have men out searching for her, she had to leave quickly. 

Alessandra and Hazel stood to leave a little after Linda. Before they could make it out of the room there was a knock on and after being opened by a maid, it was revealed that Tobias and Edgar had come to see them.