The King's Mandate: Anomalous System

Read "Corrupted System of the Evil Emperor" for better version of this novel. _____ [The old title of the novel was 'My (idiot) Girlfriend Recommended Me a VR Game, So I Tried Playing It.] Daas Ryle, a boy born in a lineage of Royals. He was the only male heir and because of that, there have been many tries to kill him and his family. Losing the girl he loved when he was a kid, he turned into a psycho. He started to find joy and satisfaction in killing and crushing his enemies. His hate burned like hellfire. Having suffered hell in his childhood, he became an emotionless boy who thought studying was his only way to live. "Whoever dares to harm my loved ones shall cease to exist"-- This was his motto. That was when he met 'her,' the girl who changed his life. He slowly started falling in love with her. She was his Salvatore. Daas began changing, becoming a normal high school boy, at least from the outside. Then one day, his girlfriend asked him to play a VR game with her. Little did he know that agreeing to play the game would change his life, how it would affect him in the real world, and how his future would change. How he will learn the dark secrets of the cruel world he lives in. =============== Thanks For Reading :) _____________________ You Must Be Reading This On Webnovel.com _____________________ Support Me - https://www.patreon.com/NoWoRRyMaN. http://paypal.me/NoWoRRyMaN =============== Here are the tags in detail, Virtual-Reality//Game-world// Real-world// Fantasy// Game elements// Fantasy Elements// Strong Love Interests// Mystery// VRMMO// Futuristic setting//Weak to strong// Overpowered MC// Multiple Love interest// Marriage// Prince// Rich Mc// Early Romance// Magic// Caring MC// Ruthless MC// Princess// Handsome male lead// Beautiful female leads// School life// Hidden abilities// Mysterious powers// Kings// System elements// Kingdoms// Royalty// Polygamy// Kings and kingdoms,//Gore// Ecchi// mature. [Much More Tags in the Auxiliary Volume] ============ Disclaimer- I do not own the cover. If you are the image owner and want me to take it down, please contact me. ============

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455 Chs


"Okay, that's enough, Lil Das"


"We will resume your training once you come back after your exams"


"Have you packed your stuff?"

"I have nothing to pack"

"Don't you want to take some things from here"

"I don't"

"Okay then. Go and rest in your room, I will call you once lunch is ready" 


"You are agreeing on everything today. Did something happen?"

"I got to kiss you in the morning"

"Don't bring that up! Go to your room"

 That's right.

After I fell asleep last night while talking with Lily.

I woke up after a while and saw Daulla sleeping next to me.

Lily said she just came and went directly to sleep.

I wasn't having any strange fantasies after seeing her defenseless next to me, but well...you can say I was a little bit...excited.

She clearly knows that I won't do anything to her, and I really wouldn't do something she doesn't like.