1 Intermediation

At first sight, some...no, many men were present at the scene. More than a thousand men were swiftly leaping from one building to another as if they were running from someone. 

In the next instant, dozens were cleaved into pieces by someone. 

The remaining tried to fight back, but it was all for naught.

Attempting to use their weapons was a failed cause, and it didn't work out as they had thought.

In just a few minutes, all the men's bodies were launched into the air and cut into small chunks of meat.

With every passing second, the number of men alive decreased.

Some were robots and sparkled mechanical parts when they were ripped apart, making a 'clink' noise when it hit something.

On the other hand, the person who was killing all these men had his once black hair turn white. To be more exact, more than white, his hair seemed colorless. It was almost as if all the colors were sucked out of it.

His A.I was no longer controlling his system—the female A.I was put into a deep slumber for an unknown period of time.

His system was reacting to his anger, and the burning rage inside his body was fueling his powers.

Oyuoral, the hardest and strongest metal in the world, changed its shape to a mask, fitting over half of his face, shielding his eyes and nose, leaving slits for his eyes.

His left eye was completely blood red, pulsing with every beat. An intricate yet strange mark was tattooed below his red eye. One could say that the amount of power he had accumulated into his left eye affected it so much that it turned blood-red and left that strange mark below it. 

A single glance was enough to tell that his clothes were in tatters, dripping wet with a crimson red liquid; blood. The rust-like stench reeking from his body was unbearable and triggered nausea.

His once-normal human canines changed into sharp animalistic fangs, and his pointy ears became pointier.

Like the devil incarnate itself, medium-sized, sharp, and slightly curved horns were sprouting from his forehead.

They had appeared because of Oyuoris, the liquid from the Oyuoral that he injected into his body. It was also reacting to his system.

Oyuoris has forced its way throughout his body and replaced his blood completely with itself. What was flowing in his blood vessels was now, Oyuoris. 

His hands and legs, too, were mutated. He was fighting barehanded, and his mundane hands took grave injuries due to all the fighting. Instead of repairing his injuries, the Oyuoris formed a hard metal like layer on his hands, covering his palms and turning them into claws.

His legs, too, got converted, making them look like a beast's paws. 

His A.I was in deep slumber and had no access to his system, so all innate healing processes had slowed down.

Even though it was still higher than an average human, it wasn't enough for healing the immense injuries he was receiving.

His insides were a mess, fully torn apart. He was now nothing more than a bloody scramble of organs and cartilages. 

From all the jumping and injuries, his body was no longer functional. 

His bones had shattered into tiny shards. His system didn't strengthen his muscles. Everything except for the outside of his body was similar to a human. Except, it was impossible for a normal human to handle the brunt of jumping and fighting to that extent. 

Since his blood had been drained, and was leaking out his body like a crimson rainfall; his body had turned dark-pale from the Oyuoris.

He had turned into a monster, physically and mentally. A beast who was doing anything he wanted, a demon who was just following the call of his rage. 

And his system was supporting his rage.

He, no, it was destroying every electrical thing which came in its way.

The streetlights, the cameras, the cars, the signals, everything.

Every place he passed by was filled with darkness without even a sign of light.

He was killing every being that came into his sight.

The men he came by were trying to kill him in various ways, but their attempts were futile. 

He swatted one man with his claw. The man somehow managed to stab him with a sword fiercely and tumbled down in shock, falling flat on the road.

The 'monster' took out the sword that was stuck in him, and with a clean-cut, he sliced the men in his way. With a clink, the sword landed on the ground. He jumped down to finish the pesky man who dared to stab him.

The man who had fallen was trying to attack two girls.

He jumped on the man, ripping him into two.

"Run, Sely!" shouted one of the girls.

When the girl yelled, his attention diverted to the girl screaming, and he tried to approach her.

Thump Thump~

Some men jumped behind the girl.

Thump Thump~

Half were behind the other girl.

Thump Thump~

Half in front of them.

Without wasting any second, they attacked him.

He didn't move an inch forward or backward, he simply waved his claws at them, and their bodies were shredded to pieces.

That one move of his had so much impact that the road and the cars parked on it were blown away. 

After having noticed that swords or knives didn't work on him, they started firing gunshots. 

He didn't try to dodge the shots. The pellets hit him in the chest, back, thighs, stomach, like a shower of metal pieces. 

Like an iron knight, the 'monster' slowly walked towards them, grabbing them by their collars and flinging them in the sky.

They couldn't be seen anymore.

He started attacking the remaining men.

After killing every man, he once again tried to approach the first girl.

"El!" the other girl yelled.

He raised his hand against the first girl.

The pendant she was wearing started shaking or somewhat trembling.

It was most likely reacting to his Oyuoral and the Oyuoris in his body.


The other girl picked up a gun from the road and shot his back.

He turned slowly and moved to the second girl.



She fired again, but this time, she aimed for his face. The bullet hit his face, but the mask he was wearing deflected the shot, and the bullet ended up scraping her on the cheek. 

Just a scrape.

The bullet grazed her cheek, leaving a trail of blood.

If the bullet had been aimed a little closer, she would have immediately died on the spot.

Her already wobbly legs gave out. Losing her balance, she fell on the road.


The first girl dashed towards the other girl, trying to push the 'monster' to the side, but the monster didn't budge at all.

She quickly grabbed the other girl's hand and ran off with her.

When they were running, the second girl kept looking back at him.

Ring Ring~

The phone rang.

He looked around to find the source of the sound and found a purse.

The purse had intricate embroidery and a name woven on it, 'Elena'.

He stared blankly at the purse in his hand for a while, only to crush it with his claws.


An old couple walked to the crossover and glanced around to find someone to help them with their car.

The streetlights and the vehicles' headlights around them started blinking.

"What is happening?!" the old lady hugged the old man's arm tightly in fear.

'What is going on?'

That was the only thought repeating in their heads.

They backed off a few steps.


The monster jumped down on the exact same spot the couple was standing on before.

If they hadn't moved, they would have been crushed by him.

He walked towards them. One eye was blood red, pulsing crazily. A white aura, brighter than the moon, flared up and down around him with his every step.

He was walking heavily, with his body tilting a little when he walked.

His curved horns were now glowing brightly in the dark.

He held something in his left hand.

A blood-covered head, with an aghast expression carved on its face. Eyes open in horror, and its cracked lips forming a silent scream, unable to utter a word ever again. Dried tears were visible on its rotten cheeks. 

He was grabbing it by its hair...no, that wasn't right. His claws were pierced into the head.

The old couple started trembling as they hugged each other tightly.

The old lady was shivering violently as she opened her mouth to whisper, "It's a demon!" 

About two months ago…

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